Sunday, May 5, 2013

the sunday currently, volume 33.

Greetings from the road back to Shreveport! By the time you're reading this, I'll either be on the road or about to be, headed back from Lindsey's bachelorette festivities in The Big Easy. That's New Orleans, folks.

By now, I'm sure we've all enjoyed delicious Southern Louisiana food, drinks, laughs, & music at Jazz Fest to our hearts' content. And now we're trekking it back north to the mother ship. And when I get there, I'm willing to bet I'll be ready to laze around & recover, preparing for a week of solid productivity!

reading two books, because I couldn't wait to start The Kite Runner, even though I'm still very slowly chugging along at Little Women. All in good time, folks. All in good time.
writing a lot of emails lately, getting things in order to return to school.
listening to a LOT of Mates of State recently. And the Mates of State Pandora station? Pure gold.
thinking that I'm getting really excited about all the upcoming events. Now that we're past Lindsey's bachelorette party, that means her wedding is RIGHT around the corner. And there's Kelsey's graduation. And Mother's Day. And a little trek to Dallas is probably happening soon. And, after all the festivities, I'll finally get to see Justin again, back in Wilmington.
smelling tons of perfumes lately, searching for a new signature scent. I'm always on the lookout - or smellout? - for a new favorite. I'm going to have to dive back into Warm & Cozy from Victoria's Secret soon. I've been thinking about that scent a lot lately.
wishing Justin could be in Shreveport with me. It's so strange to be away from him for so long, after being in the same place for almost half a year.
hoping my diet & exercise regimen can bounce back fast after the onslaught of delicious food I've been experiencing down South.
wearing my grandpa's watch lately. It's very special to me.
loving my family & friends for being so excited that I'm home. I've been having such a great time, & there are still more people I want to see before I head back to Wilmington. Also loving Justin for the frequent phone calls & texts, so we don't feel quite so far apart.
wanting a tall glass of water & a nap, I'm sure.
needing to get home quickly today, so that I can see my sister! She's back in town from college for the summer, & I'm so excited to hang out with her this week.
feeling like the idea to darken my hair up a little bit was a good one - I wanted my hair to be a little richer & warmer, & that's exactly what happened.
clicking PostSecret when I get home. I've forgotten to read the secrets for the past couple of weeks, & I hate that! I'll also be clicking though all of my favorite blogs this evening. I need to catch up!

photo: my sweet little lindsey, at our coffee date at rhino this past week \ instagram


Alyssa said...

I have serious hair envy right now. Hope you had a great bachelorette weekend!!!

Kate Harvey said...

How sweet that you wear your grandpa's watch. I bet it's not only a sentimental thing for you, but quite a fashion statement! I love the look of men's watches on delicate female wrists.

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Sarah said...

It's nice to have so many fun things going on! It feels like that always happens with spring, like all of a sudden the parties and festivities have sprung back to life. I'm sure your bachelorette weekend was amazing, though water and a nap sound pretty good, too. :)

Ashley said...

I've got two books going right now too. I'm having a hard time choosing just one.

Oh.... Mates of State! I don't have enough of their music. I should tune into that Pandora station and find some new music to enjoy. :)

Unknown said...

What are you going back to school to study?
Glad you were able to spend time visiting with friends - so important

Amy Lynn said...

Good luck with the scent search! I had a perfume from Avon that I wore almost exclusively for a few years, and I always got so many compliments on it! Then they discontinued it! :(

And how exciting about your hair! I've been wanting to go a little darker too (to get rid of the growing out highlights I've got going on) and I just haven't done it yet.

Glad you're having such a great time on your trip! :)

April said...

There was a PostSecret the other day that was literally something I had tweeted like a week before. Made me feel good that other people felt the same way. haha (It was the "I wish I could text my dog while I'm at work to tell her I miss her.")

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