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hello out there.

Blogs are funny things, aren't they? 
Remember when I told you in January that siddathornton was being revamped, and that I would see you in a month? Well, obviously, as it is now April twenty-first, I did not see you in a month, and siddathornton was not revamped. 
Recently, I read a post by Betsy about blogging. In one of the opening paragraphs she talks about how she considered not coming back to her blog, about how it was strange that she felt blasé about possibly not returning to the space... how she didn't feel the need to blog anymore.
I have been feeling all of those things, especially with grad school (and everything that comes along with it) on my plate. Suddenly, I had all of these assignments, all of these new friends, and all of these things to do, none of which took into consideration my house that desperately needs cleaning. Suddenly, my life was very full and I wanted for and needed nothing. My life was full, and blogging was the thing I chose to prune in that …