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february, captured #4.

photos:  iphone
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jackson bound.

today i am headed to jackson, mississippi, & there are quite a few things i plan to do on this excursion.
first off, i plan to jam in my car to a pretty badass mix tape cd. 
secondly, i plan to stop in my college town - both on the way there & on the way back - because i feel like this is the last time i'll be going there for a long while... & i need to soak it up, remember all the feelings i felt in that charming little place, & remind myself that that town is one of the big reasons i am who i am today.
thirdly, i plan to eat some chili. 
fourthly, i plan to see my sister. and where she has been living for the past few weeks. and sit in her room & pretend to be her for a little while. you know, still in college. still having fun every single day. i also plan to remind her to never take college for granted. i am one of those people who miss college. a lot.
fifthly, i plan to finally visit the very-much-discussed coffee shop, cups
i also plan to take a lot of…

friday's fancies #22: oscars.

friday's fancies #22: oscars. by siddathornton featuring an empire dress

in a perfect world, i'd be attending a fancy oscars viewing party with my friends.
in a perfect world, i'd be wearing this ann louise roswald dress. i love the color.
in a perfect world, i'd be rocking a smoky eye, featuring nars lhasa eye shadow.
in a perfect world, i'd be pulling these gucci heels on over a fresh pedicure.

if you're wondering why it's nars' lhasa eye shadow in particular that i'm craving for my smoky eye look, it's all due to fleurdeforce's nars products video. as a fellow nars lover, i really enjoyed hearing about her favorite products, as well as products she doesn't like. even if you don't love nars, check her out!
since i left my job, i have barely been blogging at all, & to be honest, i've really been missing it. i hate it when people apologize for not blogging - after all, blogging is a choice, not a responsibility - but i just t…

february, captured #3.

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friday's fancies #21 + GIVEAWAY WINNER.

friday's fancies #21: let's fly away! by siddathornton featuring navy blue flat sandals

since justin & i are going to the virgin islands for our honeymoon, i thought i'd create a look i'd like to wear for dinner on the beach. as always, i'm linking up with {av} over on {long distance loving} - the theme this week is let's fly away! if i were you, i'd go check out all the other inspired looks this week.
i'd also like to go ahead & announce the winner of the my memories giveaway!

it's melissa from 53blonde! congratulations! you have won a copy of the my memories scrapbooking software, which i used to create this post, this post, & this post!  i will be emailing you shortly. 
thank you to everyone who entered the my memories giveaway - i appreciate your support!
and don't forget: even if you didn't win the giveaway, use STMMMS98555 for $10 off your purchase of the my memories suite scrapbook software, as well as a $10 coupon to the 

currents: one sentence per line.

reading absolutely nothing. i need a good book. i'm going to do research today & go pick one up soon.
writing up the plans for a couple of blog series. i'm excited about what's in store! i'm about to start enfusing even more of myself on here. more of my actual writing.  i hate it when my passion for writing starts to fade. i feel like part of myself is missing.
listening to 'we are young,' by fun. my anthem.
thinking about what i want to read & write. and about all the things i need to do on this second-to-last day of work in the neurosurgery department.
smelling my birthday perfume, my house or yours gina. i doused myself before walking out the door. because sometimes perfume just makes everything better (so does lipstick).
wishing for an end to misunderstandings.
hoping i don't let anything fall through. i am balancing a lot of projects right now, & i hope none of them come crashing down right onto my head, like it sometimes feels they will.
wearing m…

february, captured #2.

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starbucks sunday: currents + giveaway.

today's drink of choice = tall nonfat caramel macchiato

reading if you have to cry go outside, by kelly cutrone. i am really enjoying it - i think she's inspiring, entertaining, & funny. our book club meets in a couple of weeks & i'm excited to discuss it with everyone. being in a book club is such an awesome way to be introduced to books i never would have read otherwise - i'm a big fan.

writing final to-do lists: my last day at my current job is this thursday! i'm feeling a huge rush of emotions: excitement, sadness, a small touch of anxiety, & lots of hope for the future.
listening to my mom talk to mollie jean, abilene, & hun bun about having 'a little bitta chicken.' we are talk-to-our-dogs people.
thinking you should enter my givewaway! seriously, guys! i never thought hosting a giveaway would be so hard, but no one has entered mine yet. it would mean a lot to me if you'd enter. the software is really great, & since not a lot of pe…

my memories: a gift for one of my readers.

a couple weeks ago, i was contacted by my memories, a company that provides digital scrapbooking software. and don't worry... i know what y'all may be thinking as i say this:
scrapbooking... that is sooooo... 1998...
but you can do so much more than scrapbook with the my memories suite, such as the following: i'm kinda in love with the fun photo templates (there are so. many.), as well as all the fun shapes & text manipulation available. the options feel limitless, & that definitely inspires my creativity! and let's face it, sometimes i need a little bit of help in the creativity department. especially if i haven't had my coffee.
but flowery, involved designs are only a tiny spectrum of what this scrapbook software allows you to create. for bloggers with a more classic, simple taste, there are design options like the following:
as a blogger on an i'm-getting-married-in-a-few-months budget, i was floored when i saw the price of this suite. i'm not go…

friday's fancies #20: red & pink.

friday's fancies #20: red & pink. by siddathornton featuring a silk chiffon dress

happy valentine's day!
i want to give one of my readers a valentine: check out my my memories giveaway!

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my experience: wedding diet & exercise.

lots of women want to lose weight for their wedding, & i have to admit, i'm definitely one of those. ever since this ring hit my finger, i've had diets on the mind. and while i've had my share of 'ok, my diet starts tomorrow' diatribes, i feel like i've finally settled on the one.
my dad experienced excellent results with sugar busters - so that is what i have decided to do. granted, i am only on day two... so i better not get ahead of myself. but i am feeling a lot better, & i'm feeling like i'm going to make progress.
basically, sugar busters places a lot of emphasis on cutting carbs - something we all know results in weight loss. this is definitely going to be a challenge for me - i LOVE pasta, bread, potatos, etc. but something i've  been telling myself, is that if i can make this sacrifice for a little while, it will be so much better when i am finally able to indulge.
and let's not forget the exercise... i have a love/hate relat…