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waiting to have time.

I haven't been feeling like myself lately. 
Maybe it's the end of this semester that has taken so much of my mental & emotional energy, that I feel like I'm just treading water, waiting to have time to be myself again. Maybe I'm "saving myself up," so that when we go home for the holidays, I'll be able to be open & light & chipper & be able to share more of myself. Maybe I just don't have the energy right now.
But then again, maybe none of that is true. Maybe it's about being too hard on myself, of thinking I haven't been enough lately. Enough of myself. 
I think we all often go through these moments, these high & low tides, these ups & downs, these times of abundance & meagerness. But it never really dulls the ache of not feeling genuinely yourself, does it? I don't think it does.
I feel the most myself when I can see pieces of me in everything I do, everything I produce, everything I put out there into the wo…

the sunday currently, volume 62.

i had been looking forward to a pancake breakfast all week - this selection from sawmill restaurant surely did deliver this morning
Well, friends, I've - yet again - changed my blog design, this time back to a sort of bare-bones approach, because every time I came to this space, I found myself getting annoyed at the design. Annoyed? Isn't that a little dramatic? Yes. It is. But I was feeling it, & I didn't like it. Thus, I basically decided to strip siddathornton of all color and/or stand-out fonts & just leave it like this until I've constructed a design I like. 
As far as the designing of my own blog, I have already made strides in certain techniques, & I'm starting to get excited about what I may be able to do here. I'm not going to put any time constraints on the rolling out of the new design, because frankly, right now, time is not something I have a lot of. However, this semester will soon be coming to a close, & I will hopefully have a con…

friday's fancies #73: black friday brunch + blogging.

A week from today, Black Friday will be upon us. For many, that means it's time to shop-til-they-drop. I've always found it fascinating the way some families make a day of the whole thing: rising at 3 a.m., guzzling coffee, mapping out their assault on the stores, refueling mid-day, & then jumping back into the craziness. As I've written before [here & here, to be exact], my family has never really been one to take part in these festivities. In fact, the only time I've been Black Friday shopping was the first Thanksgiving Holiday that I spent with Justin's family in Dallas, when we were still in college.
I'm not entirely sure what this year's Black Friday holds in store for us. We have family coming to stay with us for Thanksgiving, so there is a chance we'll get up & face the Wilmington crowds, but as of now, plans are still in their formative stages. One thing, I do know: there will be brunch, & there will be blogging. Thus, I've …

savannah snapshot: the mulberry inn.

Recently, I was going through the collection of photos I've accumulated on my laptop from this year, & I realized there were still quite a few Savannah photos I hadn't yet shared. That's why today I am sharing some snaps of The Mulberry Inn - the beautiful historic hotel we stayed in during our July 2013 visit to the charming city of Savannah, Georgia.
The southern charm, coziness & comfort is - I hope - oozing from these photos. I hope to return one day, that's for sure.
Want to see more of Savannah? savannah snapshot: signs around town. savannah snapshot: flags + flowers. savannah snapshot: gryphon tea room.
photos taken in july of 2013 at the mulberry inn in savannah, georgia

the sunday currently, volume 61.

good morning, from the back corner table at starbucks
Good morning! It's currently 10:35 a.m. on Sunday morning, & I am sitting in the back corner at my favorite Starbucks, hopefully about to really get some work done. I have been to this Starbucks every day this week - to work on things - & I'm starting to think people may be wondering if I live here. It's such an atmosphere though: cool air that smells like coffee, the hum & whir of the espresso machines, conversations swirling all around me. It's definitely my element.
You may be noticing yet another blog design change. Y'all, I am being completely indecisive about this space's appearance as of late. The good news? I'm feeling more blog-inspired this week. I've been trying to trace the root of my complete blogging dry spell over the past couple of weeks, & I think the truth is that it comes down to self-doubt, lack of direction, & a yearning for perfection. All things I can fairly…

i've decided...

+ that things don't always have to be perfect to be good.

+ that the back corner table at starbucks is the best place to tuck into & get work done.

+ that when you arrive at an impasse, the best thing to do is sit back & reflect for a while.

+ that the best drink to order at starbucks is a tall blonde roast to which you will add one packet of sugar in the raw.

+ that simplicity is a beautiful thing, but some days require piled-on jewelry & bright lipstick.

photo taken on a chilly day in wilmington, north carolina

the sunday currently, volume 60.

i certainly do hope this is how your day is beginning
Have you ever had a blogging idendity crisis? Felt like you weren't sure down which avenue you wanted to continue - in blogging terms? Wondered if your blog should be a niche blog, or one that covers everything under the sun? Well, that's kind of what I've been going through here on siddathornton. I came back strong after my September blogging break, only to burn out - FAST. 
This blog is something that used to bring me such profound joy. It was a part of my life, just as much as it catalogued my life. It was part of my experience, & I have fantastic memories, focusing purely on the putting together of posts. 
But I have to be honest in saying that that is not how this space has made me feel as of late.
I'm not giving up, because I know the joy that blogging can bring. So, I'm going to soldier on through this time of uncertainty & weather the storm through to the other side. Things may not look the best …

around here lately.

Since I just arrived home from my travels yesterday evening, I scheduled a post last week, to share with you a few snapshots from my life lately. Of course, these images won't include any of the ones I captured during my weekend in New York, but those are soon to come. In the meantime...
my new coffee mug, a C for Christy, & also, from Charleston loving NYX's B52 lipstick lately & my plaid shirt from j.crew java dog has the cutest splash covers & coffee collars 
 weekend coffee with justin... oh, & there may be a coffee theme for this post lunch on a tuesday with anatomy & physiology at port city java a fall-time navy manicure, whose photo was taken in ethics class
out for the crohn's walk with justin's office beautiful  blue water & sky at wrightsville beach a sunday afternoon run in my favorite park
more of beautiful wrightsville beach a little snippet of school style blue skies & buildings
Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all have a lovely week ah…