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see you in october!

I'm taking a break from blogging in the month of September. For more information on why, click here & here. Hopefully this little break will help me get all my blogging thoughts together, as well as affording me some time to read & interact with you all on your blogs. Oh yeah, & get my you-know-what together in school, too.
Not to worry, The Sunday Currently isn't going anywhere.  Meet me here each Sunday at noon eastern to share what you're up to. 
If you'd care to follow along with my life while I'm away, a good way to find me is  on Twitter & Instagram, as I'll be updating regularly from those social media platforms. 
Beyond those avenues, I'll see you in October! I'll miss y'all. I hope you'll miss me too!

august 2013 love list.

As I prepare for my month-long blogging sabbatical, which will start in September & end in October, I wanted to leave you with a little post, the likes of which have been a recurring theme in my posts of yesteryear. If you read the title of the blog post, you guessed it: it's a love list! And I wanted to put one up for August, so that I could let you all know that when I'm back to hardcore blogging in October, the love lists will be back for good!
I blogged about how I was having trouble coming up with a love list for each month, but when it comes down to it, that was just laziness. There are plenty of things to love each month, & I will be sharing them towards the end of each month for the foreseeable future. 
And it's not just the rebirth of the love lists that has me excited: I've also decided to return to doing videos for these monthly favorites. I think I may have a little bit better of a filming situation now [read: no more videos on my macbook, where eve…

a surge of DIY inspiration | Mom's Nurses' Week project.

Back in May, my mom shared with me a DIY she had created for Nurses' Week. In her role as Director, she put a lot of effort into the coordination of this yearly event. She put together the following creation for all of the managers she oversees, to thank them for all of their hard work throughout the year.

frames from Michaels on sale, $5 [search for similar frames here]
stickers from Michaels, $3-$4 [search the wide sticker selection here]
extra graphic details from Michaels, $4 [search for similar items here]
paper, regular from printer

Each one she made cost under $10, so the total project rung in around $60. I think that's a great price for such a cute, hand-made gift! These would be perfect for nursing school graduates, any of your nursing friends who may be reaching a milestone, or just to communicate thanks or encouragement within the workplace.

Speaking of DIYs, I've been getting really inspired lately, while browsing Pinterest. Here are a few projects I'd l…

thoughts on blogging every day.

When I committed to blogging every day in August, for Blaugust, I was excited. I had blogged every day in May alongside Jenni, & although it was a little bit stressful from time to time, it was a good experience. It produced feelings of productivity & pride in my work, & it pushed my limits of cranking out some writing each day. I liked the challenge, a lot.
So, naturally, I thought Blaugust would go the same way. But, y'all, it just hasn't. I spent the first half of this month absolutely loving blogging every day. I was putting out quality content, I was loving the results, & I felt proud of myself at the end of each day.
Then, I started school. And, you know, that threw a bit of a wrench into my plans. Suddenly I'd look at the clock, & it would be nine p.m., & I hadn't put up a post for the day.
Uhhhhhhhh..... I'd stammer, to myself. What should I put up? A single photo? A list of some sort?
All of these were cop-outs. All of these were…

getting through monday.

a photo i took last week before one of my classes
This morning, I rose at 6:30. My alarm went off at 6:15, but my eyelids refused to stay open, even though I was trying to read emails. The longer I laid there, the more I told myself I had to get up. And at 6:30, I popped right out of bed to get on with the day. 
Even with the morning I've had since the moment I got out of bed [a wheat bagel with strawberry cream cheese, a cup of coffee in my favorite mug, the viewing of my favorite vlog channel, a couple of workout videos, blog-reading]... Mondays are still a little bit hard. Especially after being wrapped up in the comfort of home for the past couple of days,  I think it's necessary to supplement Mondays with a spot of good reading. 
And in the spirit of that notion, here are some things I think are 'a spot of good reading' worthy:
+ Megan shared a bit about being homesick this weekend. As someone who is no stranger to this particular emotion, I found this post comforting…

the sunday currently, volume 49.

favorite breakfast lately
C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y  .  .  .
R E A D I N GElementary Statistics, today. That whole I'm not reading for pleasure until my classes are over thing? Yeah. That means I'm currently reading a math book. Prayers, please. Math is not my forte. W R I T I N G TSC posts each week in September, & that's it. Read more about why here. L I S T E N I N G to Justin tell me about the goings-on on le Facebook as I type out this post.  T H I N K I N G that I really do need to get my stress levels under control. I've been letting my worries get away from me, & they've been manifesting themselves as a pretty nasty case of stress. This week, it is my intention to slow down, relax, & just do the best I can. Freaking out about every little thing isn't getting me anywhere. S M E L L I N G the fresh pot of French Vanilla coffee that's waiting on me for when I complete this post. I woke up late this morning - at eleven - & jumped out of bed to…

i've decided...

+ i'm in control of this semester. it's not in control of me. and i will do everything in my power to succeed. even taking september off of blogging.

+ afternoon coffee must be used in moderation. sometimes all it does is produce evening anxiety. 

+ there's a balance between being self-sufficient & leaning on family & friends. swinging too far in either direction is detrimental. 

+ there is such a thing as being too organized. 

+ sometimes all you really need is a hot shower. 

Tell me: what have you decided?

photo: evening view \ iphone

september: embarking on a cleanse of sorts.

a tiny snippet of the geeky school lists i've been scribbling out lately
I'll admit this is a somewhat awkwardly-timed post, & I'll also admit that I had other plans for my post today, but those plans just haven't panned out on my end.
I'm going to admit something to you, & it's something I'm not happy about. I let school overwhelm me so much yesterday evening, that I spent the night-time-part of my birthday close to tears, in a heap of frustration, & just generally in a state of unhappiness. And I wasn't pleasant to be around. I know I wasn't.
Twenty-seven was such a great birthday. There was a pouring out of love & gifts coming at me from all directions, & I was beyond grateful for it all. The fact that I let school dampen my spirits & manifest itself in a negative way, in my thoughts, actions, mood, treatment of others, etc. kind of sickens me. I went to bed last night, after brainstorming schedules & plans of action, vow…

me, at twenty-seven.

this is what the first day of twenty-seven looked like me for me
Yes, I'm doing that thing where I basically missed a day of posting here [gasp, Blaugust] but have decided to do some retrograde posting & pretend like it happened in real time. I've decided this is ok, because honestly, I was so exhausted by last night that this is absolutely the post I had decided to put up, until I decided that lying in bed reading BuzzFeed was more important. 
Sometimes, you just... can't. 
And yet, Blaugust still soldiers on.

things i've learned at twenty-six.

here's what i looked like today, my last day of being twenty-six, while i was writing this post
Tomorrow is my twenty-seventh birthday, so I thought today I would share with you a few - admittedly heavy - things I've learned in my twenty-sixth year, that I consider important.
+ We live in a scary world. And sometimes, the events that happen in this world will make you want to fold in on yourself, never leave your house, & become a hermit. BUT this is not the answer. Rather than locking yourself indoors like you'd like to, go out & live your life each day. Worrying about things that are out of your control is futile. I've decided the best thing for me to do is pray to God for the safety of myself & my loved ones. Hand over your problems & worries to God, as they say. This affords extreme comfort in the face of these scary situations.
+ We also live in a beautiful world. People are out there helping others each day. Some are researchers, slaving away in lab…

how i organize the apps i use on my iphone.

Recently I've revamped the organization of the apps I use on my phone. I'm really happy with the system I have in place now, so I thought I would share it with everyone, in case any of you are struggling with pages & pages of disorganized apps [a phenomenon that has the ability to drive me completely crazy].

This is what my phone's home screen looks like. The home screen is the screen that pops up as soon as I've unlocked my phone. This page houses my essential apps; the bottom row contains my most heavily used apps, & the ones up top are used frequently as well.
I use the phone's stock Calendar app for basic needs, such as checking the date. This one is pretty obvious. I don't really program my appointments in my phone - I find that it's much more beneficial for me to keep an ink-&-paper planner in which I write down all such information. But, you know, sometimes you just need to check the date, or what day of the week a certain date will fall…

a new beginning.

F A L L     S E M E S T E R     S T A R T S     T O D A Y

the sunday currently, volume 48.

Well, we are now guest-less at the Christy Residence - we dropped my mother-in-law off at the airport bright & early this morning. We had a great visit, & I'm sad that she is now back in Louisiana. Who wants to come visit next? 
C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y  .  .  .
R E A D I N GRise & Shine, by Anna Quindlen again. I had dropped it off at the library to take a break, but on Friday [the day I usually go to the library], I decided to pick it back up & power through it. According to my Summer Reading List, I've still got to finish Little Women, as well as reading And the Mountains Echoed, by Khaled Hosseini, & Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls, by David Sedaris. All by September 22. I need to get on this. I'm also excited to put together my Fall Reading List. I've already been considering some titles, & of course, I'll share the list here as soon as it is completed. W R I T I N G blog posts at the last minute lately. The Sunday Currently always …

a fall preview.

It's not even September yet, & I'm already dreaming of fall. The other day, I noticed that an autumn color scheme was emerging on my Instagram feed, & it made me extremely happy. Here are some of those very images.

wardrobe reconstruction: stripes 01.

late summer stripes
top | shorts | flats
Stripes. One of the most classic wardrobe components you'll come across. When deciding the parameters of my personal style, I knew stripes needed to be a key element. I've always loved stripes; they can be nautical, a bold statement, or an understated traditional basic, like in the top shown above. If you visit my stripes-themed Pinterest board - found here - you'll see I've already collected a lot of inspiration when it comes to this wardrobe staple. Be it tops, dresses, shorts, skirts, flats, or bags... gimme those stripes.
Want to read more about my wardrobe reconstruction? It's all here, & there's much, much more to come!
this week's posts: a song, a book, a quote, a look beach reading the sunday currently little joys: a fulfilling monday schedule so far... two candles drugstore living: recent buys
link-up: friday's fancies \ {long distance loving}

drugstore living: recent buys.

Today I'm sharing a little mini-haul with you. These items have been picked up over the course of a couple weeks, from both CVS & Wal-Mart. My all-time favorite drugstore is Walgreens, but I have to admit that the CVS ExtraCare Rewards Program is both rewarding & easy to use. I haven't gotten as acquainted with Walgreens' program, though, so I will check that out & report back to you.
As you can see, this haul includes a leave-in conditioner from Aussie, a shampoo & conditioner from L'Oreal, a nail polish from the Revlon Colorstay line, a Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm, & a package of cotton rounds. Only one of these things is a re-purchase - all of the other items are new-to-me, & I'm extremely excited to be trying them out. Let's start with discussing the re-purchase, since I know the most about it...
Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner | I'm about to begin my third bottle of this stuff, so I think that is saying something ri…

two candles.

Happy Second Birthday, to my creative outlet,  my space to record the big events in my life,  my vehicle to connect to others, near & far. 
And here's to many, many more.
Want to know more about siddathornton? Click here.

so far...

these cupcakes have nothing to do with this post. but, i mean, YUM.
That thing where I committed to writing a blog post every day of August, to celebrate my birthday month. Because, honestly, YES, it is stressful to put content up on my blog every single day. I don't always schedule the posts ahead of time, I don't always feel inspired to write. But it still makes me feel so productive, so accomplished to get something done each day. And so, here we are. 
I thought today - since it is kind of one of those un-inspired days - I'd do a little round-up of the posts I've written so far for Blaugust. I love a lot of the posts I've put up so far, so I thought, why not? Here they are...
[August 1 a birthday month overhaul.This is where I talk about my August goals, which I'm actually doing pretty well with, if I do say so myself. [August 2 weekender.I love the shorts in this outfit set, & if they'd like to magically appear in my closet, I'd be…

little joys: a fulfilling monday schedule.

It's been one of those Mondays in which I derived great joy from the freshly-vacuumed carpet's lined pattern. 
I have these days from time to time, though not often enough - the ones where I'm just filled with joy over completing menial tasks. Over the mini hustle & bustle of my own life. Over my taking control over the most minute details. You know, that kind of day. 
While I was showering [obviously where most people do their best thinking], I had the thought to share the sequence of my highly simple, yet highly fulfilling day. I highly doubt anything ground-breaking may be gleaned from reading this post - consider that your warning.
I rose around ten this morning, which is later than I had originally wanted, but early enough to still feel productive. I looked around at our freshly-cleaned house & decided: I'm actually going to make our bed this morning. After that, I loaded all of the things we planned to donate to Goodwill into my car & set off fo…