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posting schedule: summer 2014.

Well, folks, I did it! I blogged every single day in June, & it feels great! To read more about my thoughts on June Blogs, check out my post from Saturday. As I mentioned in that post, I felt like I needed to create & commit to a blogging schedule. And as you may have guessed from the graphic above, that is exactly what I did. For a more detailed look at this new blogging schedule, read on!
SUNDAY - As most of you know, Sunday is the day that I reserve for the weekly link-up that I host: The Sunday Currently. With the new blogging schedule, this day will remain the same: there will continue to be a new edition of The Sunday Currently every single Sunday, at 12 noon. Come link up if you'd care to share what you've had going on recently. MONDAY - Monday will play host to two different genres of posts: those of a goal-oriented nature, or those of a personal nature. What kind of posts can you expect to see in the "Goals" category? The Nectar Collective's Weekl…

the sunday currently, volume 93.

scenes from yesterday: a trip to the aquarium & a beautiful, rainy, relaxing carolina afternoon
The rain has been coming down intermittently for the past couple of days, & I really do love it. It's been a long time since we've gotten this much rain in Wilmington, & when I'm able to stay indoors & watch movies from the comfort of my couch, it really is one of my favorite things. 
Since my MIL arrived in town on Tuesday, we've been keeping busy. And today, I am off early to take care of some errands, as well as to have my beloved Sunday biscuit. I do believe we intend to spend an afternoon downtown, eating lunch & perusing the shops. 
C U R R E N T L Y . . .
R E A D I N GEmma,by Jane Austen, though I have read very little this week. My MIL & I have been keeping busy, & Justin is off for a four-day weekend, so we have been exploring Wilmington. I'm looking forward to getting back into reading again, starting today. W R I T I N G  about my June Bl…

thoughts on blogging every day in june.

At the end of May, I declared that I would be blogging every day in June. And of course, I wondered if it was going to pan out like my experience of blogging every day in May, or my experience of blogging every day in August. I was scared of burning out, I was scared I wouldn't actually meet the goal of blogging all thirty days [which, with today being the 28th, I still haven't - yet], I was scared it was going to make me kind of hate blogging, like my Blaugust experience did.

Because when you commit to blogging every day in a given month, I think two outcomes are possible, the first being that you are ultra-inspired, that your blogging rhythm is reset, that you come out the other end feeling fresh & inspired. The second, well, I'm sure you can guess: you're completely burnt out, you feel stretched too thin, & then you go on a blogging hiatus.

I am so happy to report that I am coming out of the June Blogs experience a happier, more inspired blogger. I have gen…

a few things.

old postcards in a castle street antique shop
Well, today has been a day mainly consisting of antiquing. We started out with lunch at Atlanta Bread, which is a place I've grown to really adore over the past couple of years here in Wilmington. After a quick lap around the Mayfaire Town Center, we trekked over to The Ivy Cottage, which is - hands down - our favorite antique shop in town. The selection, the reasonable pricing, the complimentary coffee... add in that it was raining & thundering as we explored, & you have a little glimpse into my perfect kind of day. Then, it was on to Castle Street, where we browsed a shop we had never been in before. Now we've come home for a little breather before we head out for dinner this evening. All in all, a lovely day.
I just wanted to pop in on this gloomy, rainy Friday afternoon to share a few things with all of you. 
- I've been obsessed with crochet lately, & I'm currently working on a single-crochet scarf made out of…

on my nails: pastel beach hues.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors. I love its bright, cheery quality. I like the way it infuses "sunshine" into anything it touches. But sometimes, I feel like nothing really compares with the pastels that can be found at the beach. The teals found in both the water & the sky; the sandstone, putty, vanilla creams that are found in the sand; the stark white of the cresting waves; the gray infused throughout. Beach colors come in washed-out, faded glory. And I can't think of anything I'd rather have on my fingernails [or toenails, for that matter].
Not long ago, Julep contacted me & prompted me to share with my readers, what my ultimate nail polish color would be. And as you can see, I was a bit indecisive. When I read their email, though, the beach immediately popped into my mind, & I knew I would want to draw colors out of one of the multitudes of beach photos I've taken since moving to the East Coast. And, as you can see above, that is exactly wha…

jackson snapshot: graduation.

Last week, we got to re-experience the joy that was Baccalaureate. Now, we're moving onward & upward to GRADUATION! Graduation was held bright & early on Saturday morning, at Christ United Methodist Church, which is quite a beautiful venue.

the crowd building before the graduation service started. of course we had to take some selfies. and here's a goofy one for you. you're welcome.

of course this is a bit pixellated, but i had to get a candid!

i love both of these photos very much.

post-graduation photos

we did a campus walk-through, as well as class re-enactment, as well.
Want to see more from Graduation Weekend? the journey there friday day time baccalaureate
Next Wednesday, I'll be sharing one of my very favorite parts of graduation weekend - a post-graduation trip to Fondren with my mom & Kara, as well as a happy hour well-spent in the lodge of the Cabot. I'm looking forward to sharing that.
<a href="" target="…

early rising: the joyful truth.

Well, I finally did it: I got up when my alarm went off bright & early at 6:15 this morning. It's now 7:34, & I've already read my daily Bible plan, had a cup of coffee, watched some YouTube, & started on my daily water consumption. Oh, & did a tiny bit of journaling. Today is off to a good start, & I credit that entirely to dragging myself out of bed immediately.
If you would have told me four years ago, that I would be rising at 6:15 a.m. by choice, I would have laughed in your face. Back then, I got up for work at the last minute almost every single morning, rushed getting ready, & generally felt disheveled & haphazard. I wasn't happy with that aspect of my life, but I had no desire to change it, because to me, getting up really early in the morning was the worst thing ever. 
If you would have told me eight years ago, that I would be out of bed at 6:15 a.m. just because I wanted to, & despite having no job, I would have definitely laughe…

weekly wishes three.

Good morning! I am up bright & early this morning, with a to-do list nearly a mile long. Our first visitor [Justin's mom!] arrives tomorrow, so the apartment has a couple of finishing touches needed, like a good vacuum. Also, we have a moving company coming to give us an estimate later this morning, for our move to Greenville [which I'm soon going to share more about!]. Those things things will probably keep me pretty busy, but I also need to get a workout in there somewhere... Let's kick everything off with another installment of Weekly Wishes.
1. Get caught up with Bible reading. Well, I have finally gotten caught back up, & I am vowing to never fall quite so far behind ever again. Reading the Bible has become such a peaceful, relaxing part of my day, & I look forward to having the entire thing read by next March.   2. Sort & store all of our photos. This did not happen. I don't know why I have such a block against this particular…

the sunday currently, volume 92.

summer is blooming around here; the crepe myrtles have begun making appearances.
Good morning! And Happy Summer! I'm coming to you with a somewhat hastily-written edition of The Sunday Currently this morning. Justin & I went to see Edge of Tomorrow last night [which I actually ended up liking a lot more than I thought I would], & we didn't get in until late. Lately, I've been drafting my posts on Saturday afternoons, but alas, I didn't get to do that this week. My apologies for a bit of a truncated version this week. 
As soon as I am finished with this post, Justin & I are heading out for breakfast - hopefully at Dixie Grill, since we had Jimbo's yesterday morning. Here's to a happy weekend!
C U R R E N T L Y . . .
R E A D I N GEmma,by Jane Austen, which I'm excited about, as I have never read it before.  W R I T I N G  a ridiculous amount of ridiculously long to-do lists lately. We have a move coming up, which I plan to write a little more about soon…

spring 2014 empties.

Happy Summer! Today marks the Summer Solstice, which is the official beginning of the Summer season. To celebrate, I thought I would share with you all the products that I have gone through in the Spring season. I'm a little surprised at how few products I used up, but I suppose that's a good thing. Read on to see what I've been using! 1. Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream in Honey Sweetheart - As you can see in the photo, I actually went through two tubes of this body cream. This is my favorite moisturizer formulation from Bath & Body Works - it is thick, creamy, & rich. I applied it every time I got out of the shower, & the scent often lingered through the night & into the next day. I don't think this scent family is available at Bath & Body Works anymore [they always discontinue my favorite scents], but it can be found on Amazon. 2. Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist in French Lavender & Honey - I discovered this scent…


Well, I have to say: this has been a really great week. Despite not getting everything crossed off my to-do list just yet, I've been humming along at a nice clip. I've just been happy. I've felt like I could take on the world. I've reverted back into my blogging rhythm of the glory days. I'm excited to share & I'm excited to be inspired by what others share. And once this post is up, I'll be headed out to conquer my to-do list for the day, which I know will make me feel amazing. So, here's to Friday productivity. 
This weekend has been dubbed "relaxation weekend" for us here at the C Residence. We plan to do some laundry, watch some movies, vacuum the floors, & hit some golf balls. I'm certain that you could also go ahead & throw in some breakfasts out as well, because that is always on the docket around these parts. Since we will have visitors from this coming Tuesday, until after the Fourth of July, we need to take this time…

cozy thursday: last week of spring.

cozy thursday: last week of spring by siddathornton featuring blue home accessories
In case you didn't know, this Saturday, June 21, is the Summer Solstice, which means we are currently wrapping up the very last week of Spring 2014. I wanted to celebrate that fact by pulling together a festive, floral look I'd happily don while running around town doing errands, or meeting some girlfriends in the early evening for a couple of outdoor drinks. 
When I saw this embroidered striped cotton top from Suno, I had to actively prevent myself from wielding my credit card & having it overnighted to my doorstep. I love the soft, feminine detailing, as well as the conservative cut [and it has an exposed zipper on the back, which I love]. It just looks like a breathable, airy top that I could wear basically 24/7. As for bottoms, I went with classic, vibrant denim skinnies from Rag & Bone. They are no-nonsense, & they are perfect for layering with such a show-stealing top. For the…

jackson snapshot: baccalaureate.

Last Wednesday, I offered you a little peek into a Friday that Justin & I spent in Jackson with Kara. Why were we in Jackson, you ask? Well, it was Kara's graduation weekend, of course! If you'd like to be caught up to speed on the events of Friday day time, which of course included scary panda cupcakes & traipsing through a monsoon, then by all means, see its corresponding post. Because now, we're soldiering on to one of the weekend's main events: Baccalaureate.

mom & i sat next to each other - we misbehaved, as usual. doesn't justin's bag match his outfit perfectly? me with my parents.

us with the graduate. i really, really love this photo of us. dinner at babalu - one of my favorites in jackson.

candids at the dinner table. kara's celebration with cake in the lobby of the cabot. looking at this cake is making my mouth water - it was beyond delicious.

after our little party in the hotel lobby,  everyone else went to bed while i traipsed  out to fenian…

a snippet about self-discovery.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
I was grumbly, I was irritable, I was looking on the not-so-bright side of pretty much everything. And I didn't necessarily take it out on my husband, but I made him a spectator of my negativity. 
Then, I had coffee. 
Woosh. It's like a magical drug to me. It takes me from the darkness into the light. It makes me see the positive side of things, the way out of sticky situations. It gives me hope & vitality & promise.
But, you know, maybe it wasn't the coffee. Maybe it was the fact that I was at my park, exercising. Because we all know the exercise --> endorphins thing. I almost always feel quite amazing after a workout, & especially after my 5-milers in my favorite park.
But, you know, maybe it wasn't the exercise. 
Maybe it was actually getting up off the couch, getting my day started, putting together a mental cache of things that need to - & will be - done. I've said it so many times, to mys…