thoughts on blog every day in may.

Well, folks, it's official: May is over. With the influx of the month that is June, comes the end of Blog Every Day In May. And that means I can now reflect on the experience without worrying if my post has gone up for the day, which is the mental state in which I found myself for most of the fifth month of the year.

When I saw that Jenni was hosting a challenge, complete with writing prompts, I was pumped. And rightly so: the challenge gave me the opportunity for a re-set. For a change in my blogging rhythm. And for that, I am grateful. 

And I think it was worth the stress. It felt a bit like being in school, having an assignment due every day. And it pushed me to just write - without having a contrived theme, without having to have the perfect photo to accompany the text. That made me realize that those kinds of posts are what I've been missing from the blogging experience lately. 

So, I leave this challenge in the past with the following thoughts:

- I blogged almost every day in May: I missed one. Only one, though.
- I'm going to include more free-writing posts on my blog. I'm going to take an idea, & just let the words form themselves through my fingertips.
- People who blog every single day, all the time, have extreme dedication.

Farewell, Blog Every Day In May. It's been real.

This morning, Justin is picking up an extra shift in the hospital. Then, we are headed to the beach for the day! Happy June. Happy Summer.


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