the sunday currently, volume 39.

Happy Father's Day, to a dad who would do anything for his family. A dad who is always working on a project on the weekend. A dad who grills a mean steak. A dad I know I can always pick up the phone & call. I love you, Dad.

reading Where'd You Go, Bernadette, & absolutely loving it. I finished A Thousand Splendid Suns on Thursday - it was moving, & upsetting, & haunting. It really made me think. No book has ever made me more thankful to be an American.
writing applications that I hope will prove fruitful. Also, book proposals. Yep, you heard that right. And I'm excited. Also, a new blogging project, which I'll share in a couple of weeks.
listening to summermood2013, which, I think, is a compendium of the very best summer songs that two thousand thirteen has to offer. What are you listening to this summer? I have a big love for summery music. I will be sharing SM2013 tomorrow here on siddathornton!
thinking a light-hearted read was a good idea after Splendid Suns. I was going to read Hosseini's third novel immediately after, but it is currently checked out of all the libraries in Wilmington, & like I said, I needed something lighter after the emotion-wrenching experience that was Splendid Suns.
smelling like Burberry Brit a lot lately. It will always be one of my top favorites. It's a warm, comforting, timeless scent.
wishing for a shiny new pair of tennis shoes. Mine have been in commission since 2008. There's no telling how many miles they've clocked.
hoping for a wonderful day for my Dad. He deserves it.
wearing summery dresses outside & then big, bulky sweaters in class. Beach weather outside & Antarctica inside. It's interesting.
loving the snack foods we've filled our house with. And the fact that we had corn dogs for dinner one night this past week.
wanting to live more simply & with more intention.
needing... REALLY NEEDING to make water consumption a bigger part of my life. Like, really.
feeling lucky, blessed, happy, content, & every other good thing. I am grateful for my life.
clicking Tumblr a lot lately. I have a productivity blog over there, where all my to-do lists live.

What are you doing?


Tina Byland said…
Thousand Splendid Suns is hard. So which did you prefer? I am telling you... I totally prefer Kite Runner. The female voice in Thousand Splendid was too hard for me. It made it hard to "enjoy" reading, you know? I want to read his new book, though.
Ashley said…
A Thousand Splendid Suns made me feel the same way. I loved that book... but you definitely need something light-hearted afterwards.

Oh my gosh, corn dogs! I love them so much.

Why is living simply not ever all that simple to do?! Baffles me. ;-)
Allyssa said…
Where'd You Go, Bernadette is on my to-read list. I really need to look into A Thousand Splendid Suns as well. I can't wait to hear about your new blogging project!
I found your blog through Ashley. I felt the exact same way about A Thousand Splendid Suns. I need to go pick up his newest book soon. I am also in the same need to drink more water boat! I am so very terrible at remembering that it is a needed thing. Hope you have a fabulous week!
Anonymous said…
Love your dress! So pretty!
I loved A Thousand Splendid Suns so much (more than his other two books although they were great too)! Went to a Khaled Hosseini book signing on Friday :) I thought Where'd You Go, Bernadette was just OK...
Amy Lynn said…
I hear you on the water! I usually drink a ton, but being on vacation, all I seem to be drinking is beer lol it's catching up to me, that's for sure!

And I'm super excited to see what your new project is! :)
Angela Gardiner said…
I know what you mean about the wearing light summer clothes, but in certain places having to bundle up. I'm about to do that this week as we head to Maryland for 2 weeks. My mother in law BLASTS the A/C and I go outside in 95+ and humidity to get some warm relief.
Kate Harvey said…
I know what you mean about light clothes outside and sweaters inside! Such a weird part of living in a hot area. I find that I'm typically too hot or too cold--so frustrating!!

Glad you've been feeling happy and content :)
Loved, loved, loved Bernadette. I flew through it and was depressed when it was over. Just such a fun, unique, witty, lovely book. Excited to hear what you think!

Joelle Duff said…
Book proposals??? That's so exciting, congratulations Lauren! Can't wait to see what exciting things are in store for you ;) xoxo
Sarah said…
I haven't read A Thousand Splendid Suns, but parts of The Kite Runner absolutely destroyed me. Such beautiful prose, and definitely emotional. Also, I love that photo of you and your dad!! I'm intrigued by your book proposal news! What does this mean? I remember you had mentioned a while back that you were working on a novel...

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