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love lists: october.

today, for the october love list, i decided to switch things up a bit. in anticipation of joelle's awesome link up- write it down & link it up - which begins next week, i thought i'd scribble my october favorites down in an ink-&-paper situation. i do hope it's legible. and i will be practicing for the link up next week.

happy halloween!

photo: love lists: october \ iphone

how the military restores my faith in mankind.

something i love about blogging is how involved justin has become with it. he will often make suggestions & offer constructive criticism on what i write about & how i deliver it. one thing he is always reminding me is that i need to write more about events, about news. one of his favorite posts actually comes from my old blog, pickle's progress. it's about the tornadoes that happened in the new york area a little over two years ago. [you can read it here].
so, when he suggested i write a little bit about the current weather situation on the east coast - & more specifically, about the old guard- i knew i couldn't pass it up.

whenever it is stormy weather outside, i always find myself focusing on the cozy aspect of the situation.
'ooooh, it's raining pretty hard outside - all i want to do is lie in my bed all day.'
it's what almost everyone says, &, i'm willing to bet, what nearly everyone thinks. but can you imagine having to do your job - ou…

a hudson-tison engagement party.

one of my dearest & sweetest friends, lindsey, had a lovely  engagement soiree thrown for her & her fiance, justin, this past saturday. there was a chill in the air as hors d'oeurves were passed from person to person. tea lights glowed from nearly every angle - from the tables, from mason jars strung from tree branches. guests gathered around mini-bonfires & melted marshmallows for s'mores. and as i traipsed around, stealing photos of unsuspecting subjects, i knew this was the beginning of something great.
here's to a hudson-tison wedding season filled with many more festivities just like this one - i can't adequately express my gratitude for being able to be a part of these events, for these pre-wedding moments.

photos: party details, me + katie \ instagram

our engagement anniversary.

today marks one year since justin & i got engaged at louisiana tech university homecoming.
in the time since then, we have moved to kinston, north carolina, i've moved back to shreveport, louisiana, he moved to wilmington, north carolina, we got married, we honeymooned in boston, massachusetts & portland, maine, & this coming weekend, i'll be joining him in wilmington.
it's been one whirlwind of a year!
it's so strange to me, to think that the photo at the left over there only happened one year ago. it feels like ages ago, probably because of everything we've crammed into the space & time between then & now. 
but i have to say: we're happy. and we'll be even happier when we're finally in the same place again, with no extra stress from a big event coming up.
we'll get to just... live. go to church on sunday mornings, watch our t.v. lineup, try new restaurants... cross things off our wilmington bucket list for this year.

a few notable en…

the sunday currently, volume 6.

readingthe happiness project. words can't describe how tired i am of having to respond that way week after week. it's my goal to finish it this week & begin something new. writingitineraries for the weeks ahead. there's a lot to be done, i'm telling you. lots of errands to run, lots of things to get wrapped up. i leave for wilmington in less than a week now! listeningto 'hang loose,' by alabama shakes. and thinking about how ridiculous it is that i still haven't finished the 'cuba' playlist for my dear friend kris. thinkingthe jam-packed week i just experienced, filled with things like dracula book club, rising at 6:00 a.m. every day & working until 5:30 p.m., etc., will make me appreciate the upcoming relaxing week. it also helped me get in lots of shreveport activities before i leave for the coast. it also served as a great source of blogging inspiration, with posts to come soon.  smellinglike i was in a smoky bar last night. my hair has that …

friday's fancies #45: let's party.

dress | earrings | lip gloss | lotion | clutch | tights | shoes

happy, happy friday!

join the party: celebrate {av}'s 100th week of friday's fancies by linking up!

the art of writing a thank you note.

when getting married, you are more than likely going to receive some gifts.

as it happens, our family & loved ones have spoiled us silly & thrown three showers for us. view them here, here, & here. showers translate into gifts, which - in my opinion - should translate into thank you notes. yes, of course, i always tell gift-givers thank you in person, but i feel that a thank you note conveys extra thought & extra gratitude. and i absolutely never want my gratitude to get lost in translation. 

luckily for me, i actually enjoy - and dare i say it, look forward to - writing thank you notes. chalk it up to my love of all things handwriting & penmanship related. chalk it up to my love of the act of writing, of stringing words together. either way, i love indulging in the art of writing thank you notes.

and here's a little trick i've picked up over the years: if you approach writing the notes as simply writing a letter to a loved one in which you mention a gift the…

wedding + honeymoon: the details.

i've found that it's easier for me to write about simple moments - i'm not especially good at covering the big stuff, because i get so overwhelemed about not leaving any details out of the mix. so, in order to kick off the coverage of my wedding here on siddathornton, [kind of like the list of little moments i didn't want to forget about my engagement], i figured i'd pen a little collection of unforgettables from my wedding & honeymoon...

piling into a truck full of flowers on the way to white castle. the intimidating rack of tuxes we were faced with cramming into the already-full truck. a wal-mart trip for teasing combs & wine glasses. family billiards on thursday night. watching bridesmaids, chugging a glass of airborne, & heart-to-heart-ing with anna claire. frank sinatra in the dressing room. words of encouragement from my dad as the gate opened & we walked. seeing justin's big smile from the nottoway porch as my dad & i walked down the aisle. ke…

how i feel about the blogging community.

i've worried in the past that i'm becoming one of those people who are addicted to their phones and/or social media. there are times when i feel that pull - that compulsion - to look at my phone & consult instagram, twitter, email, or even facebook. at some points in my life, it's gotten a little bit out of hand. in order to combat this issue, i have instituted social media bans on myself before, with what i'd call satisfactory results. so i thought i was making progress, staying in control.

during the weeks of my wedding & honeymoon, in the few days i was free of the pull of all things internet-related, i realized that what i was feeling wasn't a compulsion for social media, but a genuine missing of the community of which i've been lucky enough to become a part. when i did get on twitter & instagram & saw words of congratulations from tina... & then melissa... & then eliza... & then joelle - and then so many more of you - i realized …

the sunday currently, i'm married edition. [volume 5].

i can't even begin to tell you how happy i am to be posting a sunday currently post today! as you will be able to read later this week [and, i'm sure, for a couple of weeks to come], i have had such a whirlwind, lovely couple of weeks of wedding festivities. but now, justin is jetting toward north carolina, & i am sitting in the kitchen in pajamas, coffee by my side, inspired & ready to write a post [or two]. if you're anxious for wedding coverage, please head over to lindsey's blog. she took some gorgeous photos at nottoway, & i think you'll enjoy browsing them. as you'll also be able to read later this week, my little wedding-&-honeymoon-induced blogging break has really shed some light on my passion for this community. so just know, i am so happy to be here, writing, reading, & sharing with you all. happy sunday!

readingthe happiness project, by gretchen rubin. i know, i know... i've been reading this particular pick for weeks upon wee…

it's wedding day!

photo: us, in wilmington \ instagram

i am marrying this person tomorrow.

the grown-up version, that is.

photo: justin during christmas time \ the christy archives

leaving for nottoway.

today, my mom, dad, sister, & i are packing up the truck with things like a huge box of flowers from our florist, an entire sound system, a wedding gown, & twelve black tuxes.
then we're going to pile in & drive south until we get to the exit.
then we're going to drive through a cute little town called plaquemine. and after those nearly-20 beautiful miles, we're going to turn left at the sign that lets us know we've arrived.
and then, we'll finally, finally be at nottoway... for the WEDDING! we plan to sip wine & sit on the porch of our cottage this evening, after a guided tour through the house & indulging in the delectable bread pudding.
and tomorrow, i'll rise early to go for a run on the levee, overlooking the mississippi, before all the festivities begin to unfold.
justin will be traveling from north carolina to our hometown today, so as we get settled in to white castle, i'll be wishing him safe travels & trying to contain my excite…

the weekend before wedding weekend.

the weekend before wedding weekend had just begun. my last day at work came to a close & i drove home. i met rachel for a quick afternoon run, & then it was time to go. the three of us jumped into the truck & headed west. we made it to the twisting, turning, water-lined drive. and then, there were some of our oldest friends. dad maneuvered the boat out onto the water. and then we saw the sun sinking behind the horizon. and as planes flew in over the water, i hurriedly clicked this out: now that the sun is going down the twinkle lights are coming out across the water. and really, the evening was as simple as that. photo: cross lake at sunset \ instagram

the sunday currently, volume 4.

reading nothing. yikes. i haven't even finished the happiness project. my nook has needed charging all week, & i just haven't done it. i guess my reading has really been pushed to the wayside, due to all the little last minute wedding planning details i've been grappling with. the good news is, a week from today, justin & i will be headed toward our east coast honeymoon, not a care in the wedding-planning world. so, long story short, my reading will soon return to its normal tempo. [as will the critique cache posts]. writing a to-do list i so aptly titled almost done. i know it sounds silly, but seeing that heading at the top of the paper really helps alleviate some of the stress i'm feeling. and the even better news? most items on the list are very simple - they just need to be done. listening to the sound of cars outside, coupled with a few bird chirps. also, my dad working on some construction in the house. on a music front, anna claire & i listened to wha…

friday's fancies #44: grape escape.

scarf | polish | top | jeans | bag | shadow | earrings | shoes | glasses something about the turn of the season from blazing hot summers, to crisp, cool falls, always leaves me jonesing for rich plum hues. and with this week's friday's fancies theme - a monochromatic look - i was able to run with that notion. i love the idea of all the items being a slight variation of the same shade - it gives the look an interesting dimension. share your delightfully monotonous looks here. stress-melting clothes | the sunday currently | bayou state shower | tenth month | 'whipped cream' & reese's

'whipped cream' & reese's.

i've just gotten out of swimming lessons, & my body has that overly-tired, overly-hungry, but good feeling. my feet are squeaking, wet against the squishy plastic of my flip flops. i know that if i didn't have my shoes on, the black pavement would be burning my skin, & it would be un-ignorable. still, the shoes stab me between the big toe & the second one, & i can't wait until we get to the car.

we get to the car. when i open the passenger side door, immediately i am overwhelmed by the smell of worn leather. the good kind of worn, that lets you know many people have sat in this car, maybe for a road trip or maybe just for a short ride home after swimming lessons.

he turns the key in the ignition, & the engine roars to life. he looks over at me & smiles, asks me if i want a reese's peanut butter cup as he grabs one for himself. i always say yes.

we take off down the road, toward the future i guess, as 'whipped cream' starts to play through t…

the tenth month.

she trudged up the steps after her daily run, spent. she gazed down the street & realized, this is the month i'll be getting married. ten days & counting. photo: october colors \ instagram

a bayou state shower.

my coworkers sure do know how to spoil a girl... last wednesday, the lovely staff members of  bayou state therapy,* as well as the other offices in the building, pitched in to produce an absolute feast, as well as a wedding shower for justin & me. there were red velvet cupcakes. there was rotel dip. there were sandwiches, pasta salad,  cocktail weenies covered in bbq sauce, potato salad, & even some oreos. it was delicious.
and after we all had our fill to eat, we gathered in the pt gym for some good old fashioned  gift-opening. justin & i have been so very blessed to receive so many great, useful items.
i truly can't say thank you enough, but i will do my best by sharing these silly images with you. i sure do get a kick out of them, & i think you will too... ... yep. that's me.
a heart-felt thank you to everyone involved.

photos: via mom \ iphone
*i have absolutely loved working for my dad this summer/leading up to the wedding this month. next week, i will discuss this…