thoughts on my first-ever wedding shower.

one of the most exciting parts of all the pre-wedding festivities - i think - 
is the gathering of so many of your loved ones. 
it's such a surreal, overwhelming feeling to have
 those people together, all in one place. 

one of the best opportunities for such a phenomenon? a wedding shower, of course!
one of my oldest friends laura, & her mother, put together an amazing kitchen shower for me the first weekend of june. not only did they open up their gorgeous home to me, but they decorated it just so, with yellow detailing, sunflowers, & antique tea cups. i couldn't have dreamed of more. 

i'll close with some advice for future brides:

- have someone make a bouquet out of all your gift ribbons, like this one mrs. wendy made for me.
- prepare for the awkwardness of opening gifts in front of a room full of people.
- embrace the awkwardness, & feel free to squeal in excitement over dish towels.
- have someone help you make sure not to break any ribbons while opening gifts
(i'm sure i don't have to tell you why... but click here to find out).
- get those thank you notes written! it's easier to write them while it's still fresh in your memory
(and you'll feel a huge sense of accomplishment & happiness when you pop them in the mail).
- take an obnoxious amount of photos. you can seriously never have enough.
- smile. laugh. relax. enjoy the company of your loved ones. take in the day. have fun!

photos: kitchen shower at the b residence \ courtesy of mom & laura
to see more photos from this gathering, click here.


Ashley said…
Such a sweet post-- your shower looks adorable :) What an exciting time!
Emily grapes said…
Awww, this is too sweet. It looks like you had a great time and fully embraced the awkwardness of it all. haha
Love the yellow dress!
Emily at Amazing Grapes
Morgan said…
Gorgeous! Such a pretty shower! I would love for you to stop by my blog today and check out our new bridal headpieces! One would be stunning on you for you amazing day!
You look STUNNING! And the shower is picture perfect :) What a lovely time!
Miss Lindsay said…
Love the sunflowers and your yellow dress! The ribbon bouquet looks great.
Chris said…
Beautiful shower for a beautiful bride to be! Looks like you had so much fun and yes, it's totally awkward to open presents in front of people!

What an adorable party! And you look so fabulous! Loving the yellow. The kitchen theme is the cutest.
Betsy said…
I didn't know about the bow thing! too cute :) and hello from your newest follower!
trishie said…
I love the ribbon bouquet, looks great!
Style Events said…
What a darling shower! Such great memories that will last a lifetime!
Syndal said…
aw so so pretty!
Shane said…
Such a gorgeous table setting!

xo Shane

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