Wednesday, December 30, 2015

joyful shreveport.

Well, our Christmas vacation in Shreveport was over in a flash. 

We ate lots of delicious food, spent lots of time with family, went shopping, and saw a couple of our friends. As always happens on these visits, we didn't get to see everyone that we would have hoped to have seen, but that always seems to be the way of it when we're in for less than a week.

This trip was a joyful one, however, filled with memories I know we will never want to forget. And while I'm glad to be settling back into my home routine, I am already missing Shreveport and all that place means to me.

You may have noticed, too, that I didn't blog one bit while there either - I know, slacker. Sometimes you just have to "unplug," right? I am happy to be blogging again, happy to be home, happy to be settling in to see what twenty-sixteen will bring.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

on calling somewhere home.

happy first-day-of-winter

I've thought a lot about starting a new blog in the last year. Many times, I feel somewhat self-conscious over the blog name "siddathornton," because I feel like it is a made-up word that isn't exactly natural. In addition, over the last couple of years, I have fallen completely in love with camellias, and I have come up with a few blog names that follow that theme, that I actually really like. 

Every time I try to "make the switch," though, I hesitate. 

This blog has been my home for four-and-a-half years so far. There are some very fond memories that are attached to this blog. And I don't want to let go of them. In fact, some of my most favorite blogs over the years have "re-branded" themselves - some more than once - and I always feel a little bit sad when they make that choice. 

Call me a sentimentalist, but I find something very comforting about consistency, even loyalty, when it comes to our blogger-homes. I've come to identify with the name "siddathornton," and I like to think that it has become a part of me. 

For that reason, I feel - at this moment - that I will never (hopefully) change the name under which I blog. Sure, this space has been quite the fluid representation of myself, but it has always retained the same essence. For now, that is what I cling to, what I call home here on the vast internet. 

As far as hosting, however, I am singing a different tune. I am seeking something other than Blogger, and I would love any suggestions you have for me. WordPress? Weebly? Squarespace? What should I do?

Monday, December 21, 2015

home for the holidays.

before the trimmings

There's nothing quite like the time leading up to when we get to travel home to be with family for the holidays. There's a spark in the air, an energy. Everything looks brighter and more festive. 

In the time we've lived over here in North Carolina, I've grown very fond of travel. There's something magical about starting out in one place and ending up in another. Add to that the little details - the wool carry-on bag that I've grown to love even more than when we picked it up in a shop on a sleepy Saturday; the buzz of the airport, with hundreds - or is it thousands? I've never been good with numbers - of people, all going to different, interesting places; watching the planes take off and land in a peaceful, amazing little dance... There is so much about travel to love. 

There's also something so renewing about this time of year. Of course, there is the New Year right around the corner, getting ready to usher in twenty sixteen. But there's just something special about feeling like everything is a little celebration. Nothing is too small to indulge in, nothing is too mundane to be exciting. What a truly wonderful time of year. 

And when we arrive in our beloved hometown, I'm hoping for lots of things, but especially long talks sitting on the cold, comforting wood floors of the Ontario House; the click-click-click of my DSLR and phone cameras, paving the way for memories made and kept; endless cups of coffee enjoyed; long, long talks about the future and where that may take us; but most of all, just love. Love of family - is there anything more fulfilling in this world?

Here's to the holiday season.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

the sunday currently, volume 119.

o christmas tree

reading - Sarah Morgan: The Civil War Diary of a Southern Woman. I haven't been reading it lately, with the hectic end to the semester, but I am starting it back up today. I'm so excited to be reading for pleasure again.
writing - a lot of pre-travel to-do lists in my planner. Excited to visit my hometown next week. Also writing? In my ink & paper journal  almost daily this past week. Couldn't be happier about that, and couldn't be more excited for the traveler's notebook that I'm getting for Christmas, which I will share more about next week.
listening - to another episode of The Sopranos, my new television obsession.
thinking - that coffee that I brew at home is the best coffee.
smelling - our Christmas tree every time I come down the stairs. It is the most perfect, most festive thing ever.
wishing - for safe travels & a wonderful visit home next week.
hoping - for the same. 
wearing - my ECU OT sweatshirt almost constantly. It's so cozy, but it already has a stain on it. I'm going to have to wash it!
loving - days off spent at home. 
wanting - a big mug of hot coffee.
needing - the same. 
feeling - content and happy.
clicking - nothing at the moment. Any suggestions?

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Friday, December 4, 2015

let's carve a pumpkin.

On a chilly weekend in late October, Carina had a pumpkin carving party. We all gathered in her back yard on a blanket, pumpkins in hand, carving tools at the ready, & created some of the most festive jack-o'-lanterns you ever did see. We ate soup, decorated cookies, chatted around a bonfire, & just generally enjoyed each other's company. And I know that this is one of the memories from being in grad school that I will hold close to me for years to come. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

music & mornings.

[Editor's Note: the following post was scribbled in a statistics notebook in between learning about p values & matched pairs.]

This morning, I would have classified myself as particularly slow-moving. Then, I slowly sipped coffees (eventually totaling to four cups) & slowly came to life.

I took Tahoe outside, & on the way down the sidewalk, I listened to Ours, by Taylor Swift. 

Halfway down the sidewalk, I changed the song over to Peaches, by In The Valley Below, & I remembered a couple of semesters ago & realized how far I have come, but I also felt a weird sort of kinship with myself that comforted me greatly. 

Almost back to the house & time for a new song. I chose Get It by Matt & Kim, because it always pumps me up. And after walking in the misty, soul-sucking rain, I just needed to be pumped up. 

Into the kitchen, making the second pot of coffee, & I chose San Francisco, by the Mowgli's. A song that never fails to make me feel warm & remind me that the world is inherently good, all in one swoop. 

i've been in love with love
and the idea of something
binding us together
you know that love is strong enough

And then, I was dancing in the kitchen while putting away the water pitcher. Thinking of the day ahead, filled with a friend's birthday, & lunch together, & presents, & the holiday season.

The world is inherently good.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

the sunday currently, volume 117.

christmas season is here


reading - Sarah Morgan: The Civil War Diary of a Southern Woman. I've long been wanting to read this book that my mother picked up during a visit to Destrehan Plantation in August of 1996, & it felt fitting to start it up over Thanksgiving break.   
writing - Christmas lists! Soon it will be time to start up my Christmas shopping, & I want to be prepared. Also writing? In my journal. And in my planner, writing and crossing off to-do lists as we wrap up the rest of this semester. 
listening - to my Christmas playlist on Spotify this morning was just what the doctor ordered. I woke early and was downstairs before 7. I turned on the Christmas tree, brewed a pot of coffee, & got some work done before anyone else woke up. It was a morning well-spent!
thinking - that it's time to get in check with diet & exercise. I have greatly enjoyed my very indulgent Thanksgiving week, but I'm ready to be healthy and get in shape before the end of the year.
smelling - my Christmas tree. We got it yesterday, & every time I come down the stairs, I get a whiff of fresh pine needles. There's nothing quite like that, is there?
wishing - to stay calm for the remainder of the semester. I always get stressed right at the end, as everything wraps up and becomes final. I have never done well with endings, & school is no different.
hoping - to soak in the indulgences of the holiday season. Christmas music, Christmas movies, Christmas spirit. It's so easy to let it sweep by in a blur. It's my goal this year to really take time to enjoy it.
wearing - stretchy pants, stretchy sweater, scarf, vest, and jewelry. And not a stitch of makeup.
loving - visits with family. And, weirdly enough, the first trip up to the library after a break. There's something about getting back into the swing of things that really speaks to me. I think it's my love of routines & schedules & daily life.
wanting - consistent workouts, the drinking of lots of water, & the taking of personal time this week. 
needing - see "wanting" above. 
feeling - happy, blessed, content, relieved, & all the other good emotions right now. I'm very thankful for everything and everyone in my life. 
clicking - to see if there are any good Cyber Monday deals. What are you planning to scoop up? I can think of a few things that are on my list.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

the sunday currently, volume 116.

cloudy thursday
fresh market hand cream
first 2015 peppermint mocha

Hello, good morning. I am coming to you from a windy-rainy Greenville today. I just ate a bowl of berry oatmeal, & I am sipping on a brown sugar latte from the local coffee shop. Justin & I are planning to clean today, in anticipation of our Thanksgiving guests, who are set to arrive on Tuesday. I will also be chipping away at some upcoming assignments, so that Thanksgiving break can be just that - a break. I am so excited that the holidays are upon us. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years truly combine to form my favorite time of year. 


reading nothing, & I am sad about it. I never finished Go Set A Watchman, & I don't think I'm going to. I'm going to bring Jessica's copy back to her tomorrow, in fact, because I have had it since the summer, & I don't want to hold onto it any longer. Someone else may want to borrow it from her! I am missing my passion for reading lately. I hope to rekindle it over Christmas break. Or, perhaps over Thanksgiving break? I am interested in starting a series that I can become enveloped within - any suggestions? 
writing in a journal again, & wondering why I ever stopped. Much like working out, it's one of those things that so very easy to fall out of the habit of doing. But when you start back up, it's like magic. I am hoping to get a Traveler's Notebook from Chic Sparrow for Christmas. I've been hemming and hawing over it long enough. That, plus the Moleskines I plan to fill it with, plus the thoughts & lists & writing that I plan to fill those with, makes me so excited.
listening to Justin choosing a movie for us to watch as we clean the house today. He mentioned Harry Potter a few minutes ago. How wonderful a Sunday would that make?
thinking that red nails are going to happen either later tonight or early tomorrow morning. Thanksgiving feels like dark red to me. I need to check out my stash & see what I have. I love painting my nails!
smelling a pumpkin candle burning. I need to get all the pumpkin in that I can this week, because it will officially be Christmas season on Friday, which means fir & balsam, apples & cinnamon, citrus & sage for candles. Christmas candles are my favorite candles, but I love the delicious scent of pumpkin as well.
wishing for productivity & staying on top of things Monday & Tuesday. I need to stay focused so that I can get ahead & get everything done. It can & will be done! 
hoping that my parents have so much fun visiting my sister in Nashville later this week. I think they're going to really love it. I'm excited to visit in April, but I hope I can make it over there before that. 
wearing Justin's pajama pants & Justin's pajama shirt. Sometimes it's just more fun to wear boy clothes. Especially when it's cold outside. Also wearing boots. It's rainy today, as I mentioned above. Perfect Thanksgiving weather. Well, at least the cold is. 
loving Courier today, can you tell? Also loving productivity & the holiday season & Christmas decorations & vitamins & new hand cream, & just, everything good.
wanting a glass of ice water. My new OT sweatshirt to arrive soon. My November Birchbox to ship (I just re-upped my subscription earlier this week). 
needing a day of extreme, enjoyable productivity. To up my water intake. A good workout this afternoon. Focus. Determination. Calm. 
feeling cozy & grateful. And excited for the holidays. And ready to start sharing more on my blog over Thanksgiving & Christmas breaks. [I've been writing blog posts in notebooks - they just need to  be typed out here.] Relieved that my second statistics test is over with. Nervous to see my grade on it. Excited to make an appointment. 
clicking Birchbox every day lately to see when they're going to ship my November box. I'm not even annoyed - just excited to start this subscription up again! 

What are you doing as we gear up for Thanksgiving week? Link up & share below. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

the sunday currently, volume 115.

Not a lot of photos have been snapped lately. Not a lot of words read or written. That doesn't mean, however, that there isn't heart behind these words. Though they are few, they are still written with love and intention. And with wishes for world peace. And for Christmas break to be upon us. And for more time with loved ones. And for more journaling and introspection and reading and writing and listening and thinking. Even though I know that these posts exist as a sort of timeline of my life, it still stings when I can't put my thoughts into words. I know it's all cyclical, I know that soon I'll be writing again, but it never stops me from freaking out in this moment, in my literary dry spells. I did scribble out a bit of writing in my statistics notebook the other day... maybe soon, those words will appear here. 

reading Afternoons & Coffeespoons and feeling inspired.
writing... a thing that I miss. I haven't journaled in months. 
listening to the tap, tap, tap of keyboards in the library. I'm writing this post on Saturday night.
thinking that I really need to get started on my work.
smelling Burberry Brit and peppermint iced coffee.
wishing for peace.
hoping for peace.
wearing a cozy shirt, a warm vest, and a scarf. November is here.
loving my family and friends.
wanting to be inspired, to write, to read, and to listen to music. And to work out consistently.
needing to focus as I round out this semester.
feeling overwhelmed with sadness for Paris. And hoping that one day, the world will see peace.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

the sunday currently, volume 114.

CURRENTLY... getting everything done. The last time I did a TSC post like this, was on this day. And, to add insult to injury, this post is going up late. I'm hoping that this next week is a little less stressful and chaotic, which will lead to a carefully and thoughtfully-penned 115th edition of The Sunday Currently. I am happy to see however, that many of you have linked your posts up with last week's edition. I will open up the ability to link up on this post, but feel free to add your links to either one.

Have a great week!

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

the sunday currently, volume 113.

jack o'lanterns from a friday party

Another quick edition today. There is much to be done.

reading school-related materials.
writing lists in my planner.
listening to the television talk about sports.
thinking that Christmas Break will feel great this year.
smelling a large coffee from Buzz.
wishing there were more hours in the day.
hoping I can focus all day today.
wearing pajamas.
loving family and friends.
wanting to drink my coffee and read a book.
needing to go on a run in a couple hours.
feeling overwhelmed.
clicking Google Drive.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

the sunday currently, volume 112.

starbucks line selfie
the best fall candle
this bat looks like libby

Good morning & happy Sunday! I am excited this morning, because Justin is coming home! He has been away in our hometown since Thursday. One of our friends got married this weekend, and he was one of the groomsmen. I wish I could have been there! I am so glad he's coming back today. I'm tired of holding down the fort alone, and I miss him!

Other than that, today will be a day of studying, running/working out, and finishing up housework. I'm glad I've been productive this week, because it means I was able to get my house back in order and prepare for the school week ahead. 

Also: my apologies - everyone who linked up with last week's edition of The Sunday Currently did not get tweeted last week. I'll be back on schedule with Tuesday Tweets this week! 

On this productivity Sunday, I am currently...

reading power points, chapters in text books, and quiz questions. I have a test Monday morning! It shouldn't be too bad, but I like to be as prepared as possible. I feel pretty comfortable with the material, so we'll see how it goes. Ready to have it out of the way.
writing notes for the test. I bought some legal pads to make a study guide of sorts. Organizing material is one of the most important parts of studying for me. It helps me get even more familiar with the material than if I were to just read it. 
listening to a lot of Houndmouth lately. They have been my jam. You should check them out if you haven't heard them before. I mentioned them in my TSC post from a couple weeks ago. The album I've been listening to is their newest one, Little Neon Limelight.
thinking that I really wish I could have gone into town for the wedding yesterday, but with a test on Monday and the projects we currently have going on, it was best for me to stay put. I miss Shreveport, and I would have loved to see my parents.
smelling the Heritage Pumpkin candle that I got on Friday at Target. Love! This is one of my favorite candle scents ever. Kelsey got it for me as a gift for Christmas one year, and I've been hooked ever since.
wishing for patience, calmness, and motivation this week. Taking one day at a time is the key to not getting overwhelmed, I've found. Everything will get done, I've just got to put in the work and time.
hoping that the rest of this semester goes well. And also, that Thanksgiving this year will be as fun as it was last year!
wearing real clothes during the day, even if I don't have a reason to get dressed up, always makes me feel better. I need to remember that on my slow, lazy, tired mornings.
loving the nail polish Rebekah let me borrow. It's a sparkly reddish-orange - so perfect for October, especially Halloween week! Also loving the Halloween stickers I picked up yesterday at Harris Teeter - can't wait to decorate my new Lilly Pulitzer planner with them a little bit! I'm not a big decorator, but a few little stickers here and there can be fun and festive. Also loving? My new phone. I've been carrying around a phone with a cracked screen since June - it was nice to upgrade. 
wanting coffee, coffee, coffee! Let's get this day started! I'm ready to get things done. Also wanting? To decorate more for Christmas this year. I believe I talked a little bit about the fall decorations that I picked up a couple weeks ago in the dollar store. They are making me so happy! Hoping to continue this newfound nesting routine through the winter. 
needing a visit with my family. I am really missing them lately. I don't want to wait until Christmas!
feeling homesick, as you may have guessed from this week's needing. I also keep feeling little twinges of stress, but I will not let that overwhelm me. I'm keeping my cool, keeping things in perspective, and just doing the very best that I can. 
clicking the entire How Jen Does It playlist lately! I am slowly but surely making my way through all of her videos. Her videos have really been inspiring me to get my house together and stay on my routines. Thanks, Jen!

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Monday, October 19, 2015

which matter most.

the things which matter most 
should never be at the mercy
of the things which matter least 
- johann wolfgang von goethe

I stumbled across this quote this morning, at a time when I really needed it. I am very easily wrapped up in stress and worry, but sometimes it's ok to let it be true that the little things don't matter. Not in the sense that I don't believe in joy in the little things in life, but rather that sometimes in the grand scheme of a big change, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That's what I'm counting on.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

the sunday currently, volume 111.

flowers from our chapel hill airbnb

This morning I'm popping in for a quick edition of The Sunday Currently. I have a lot of school work  to do today, and I need to get started soon!

reading statistics notes, out of a book for my therapeutic use class, and lots of other things today I'm sure.
writing in my new agenda when it comes this week. I couldn't be more excited. 
listening to ESPN. It's football season!
thinking that I'm going to start parting my hair on the other side again. Just feels like it's time to change that up again.
smelling the cheesy biscuit that is my breakfast. Delicious. Oh, and I still have some coffee left to enjoy as well.
wishing I would have had more time in Chapel Hill this past week to explore some of the restaurants and shops that D suggested to me.
hoping I get a lot of work done today. 
wearing a warm, colorful scarf today. It's cold!
loving that my schedule is getting somewhat back to normal this week.
wanting a huge glass of water.
needing to get into the groove.
feeling motivated and calm. And happy to be back home after a week in Chapel Hill.
clicking nothing. It's school work time.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015

the sunday currently, volume 110.

morning fog from earlier this week

Good morning & happy Sunday! Hopefully by the time you are reading this blog post, I will have already gotten out of bed, gone on a run, and eaten breakfast. Later today, I am off to Chapel Hill, and there is much to do before then! 

On this travel day Sunday, I am currently...

reading lots of emails. For the longest time, I didn't think I was getting any comments through the write me gadget you see on the right hand side of this blog. I was wrong, though. They were coming in through the "social" tab on my gmail, which I never really think to check. Thank you all for your messages about The Sunday Currently! I am sorry it took me a while to respond to your questions and comments, but I am so happy that you took the time to write. Please, never hesitate to contact me.
writing assignments and other such documents. I really miss journaling, but unfortunately I haven't made much time to do that recently. Maybe in the coming weeks I will shift my focus back to it. I am happy, though, that I've been making time to write on this blog. The renewal of this space has brought me such comfort and joy, and I'm so excited to continue blogging through the holiday season, one of my favorite times to share.
listening to alt nation. I switch back and forth between what my "main" radio station is at any given moment, but lately this one has taken the cake. I'm really enjoying the stuff they've been playing lately. 
thinking that it's so important to keep stress in check. I got really stressed out last week, and I don't like that. I need to keep perspective and just keep pushing through my tasks. Everything is going to turn out fine - I just have to keep a positive attitude and remember to take time out to breathe and reflect.
smelling the wonderful new brown sugar candle I got while fall decoration shopping this past Thursday. I popped into Dollar Tree right around the corner from school during a break, and got in a quick, fun, 12-dollar shopping spree. I believe in retail therapy.
wishing that I would have gotten up early enough to go running yesterday. I guess I needed to sleep in. I'm excited, though, that we went to AT&T yesterday, because we ordered our new phones! I dropped and cracked the screen of my phone back in June, and I decided to wait for our upgrade to replace it. I'm so excited that our brand new phones are on their way to us and that we will have them soon!
hoping for a week filled with learning! I'll share more later, but I am excited. Also hoping that I get plenty of sleep this week. I haven't been going to bed very early lately, and I need to fix that. Sleep is so important to your overall health - much more than I ever realized. 
wearing khakis, polos, and tennis shoes all week. A uniform of sorts. 
loving that Justin and I had an early third anniversary dinner over at On The Square in historic downtown Tarboro Friday night. We had such a great time celebrating! I'll be sharing more about our anniversary date night later this week.
wanting to keep the productivity running high this week, and beyond. Lately, I've been watching a lot of How Jen Does It on Youtube. She is so inspiring! I've already learned a lot from her, and I plan to create some routines based on the tips that she has shared in her videos. If you're looking for inspiration on organization, routine, cooking, and home-making in general, I highly recommend her channel!
needing to take time to relax this week, even though I want to tackle all of my to-dos with energy, creativity, and passion. Much like sleep, being kind to ourselves is extremely important. Sometimes, I am too hard on myself. Carrying on in that fashion does nothing good for me or my productivity. I need to remember that now, and for the rest of this busy semester!
feeling content. I am so happy to be where I am in life right now, even though I have been getting stressed. I have so much to be thankful for: a supportive husband and family and friends, a comfortable home, being part of a program that is intellectually stimulating and part of a field that I believe is doing so much good in this world, and so much more. I am thankful.
clicking through all the videos on How Jen Does It's Youtube channel. Also, of course, Pretty Neat Living. They are my current favorites! Do you have any blog suggestions for me to check out? I have fallen off the map a bit with blog-reading, I'm sad to say. I do apologize that I haven't been commenting on all of your TSC links. I'm hoping to get into a better routine with that soon. 

Happy Sunday! Here's to a week full of learning and new, wonderful experiences. 

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Friday, October 9, 2015

this morning.

Good morning! Today I am coming to you from my old white laptop, and I have to say, it is bringing back some memories. When I started OT school, I had to get a new computer, because this one was lagging when I tried to perform certain required-by-school functions. We still kept this one, though, and Justin uses it mainly now. I guess the sentimental thing about this laptop is that it is the one I was using back in 2013 when I was on a blogging frenzy. And in 2012. And in 2011. This laptop has been to many, many coffee shops and libraries. It has accompanied me on many a blogging adventure, through link-ups and projects and pouring out my feelings. It's been lots of places with me. 

This morning I decided to take it easy and have some coffee while catching up on my favorite YouTube channels. My all-time favorite is, of course, Pretty Neat Living [blog & YouTube], whom I used to write about a lot when she was still posting under the Organized Jen moniker. It felt nice to just kick back on my couch and watch some videos, while enjoying the Fall decor that I bought yesterday, as well as a new brown sugar candle. Life feels really good in these little moments. 

I will be away during our anniversary this week, so tonight Justin and I are trying a new restaurant in celebration. I will share more about that next week - I'm excited! I can't believe that we will have been married three years this coming Tuesday, nor that we have been together for 10 years now. As I said before, life feels good in these moments. 

We had a big exam yesterday, and even though that was cause for a lot of stress, I enjoyed the time spent poring over notes and books with my friends as we studied. I don't deal well with stress at all, so it's beneficial for me to view the time leading up to something stress-inducing as a time to really get to know my fellow classmates and to revel in the experience of grad school together. Today, though, I am feeling a lot of relief now that the test is behind us, and I'm looking forward to using today to catch up on some things that need doing. 

I have been feeling, again, finally, what it feels like to have a running obsession, and I like it. It has taken me a long time [over a year] to really get back into the groove with running, but now I love it again. I've found that getting back into running after you've stopped is one of the hardest things to tackle. This gives me inspiration to keep up with it from here on out. I don't want to have to go through the struggle of building back up my endurance from square one again. I also don't want to stop feeling the feeling of completing a good run. So, therefore, I must keep running. And I will.

On that note, I am headed out for a quick run before I get on with the day's errands and to-dos. Here's to a productive, relaxing, satisfying day. Happy Friday!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

sidda snaps | a postcard from shreveport.

lately, missing home. 
lately, curing that homesickness by poring over january photos of the ontario house.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

the sunday currently, volume 109.

a photo of the ontario house from january
because i am missing the ontario house right now

Good morning! It's been a relatively productive weekend over here at the C Residence, and for me, that means that a lot of statistics studying has happened (with more to come later today). This week will be a busy one, but I'm ready for it! I'm just taking one day at a time, and little by little, the semester is going right on by. Here's to a productive week!

On this school work Sunday, I am currently...

reading formulas, word problems, and study guides (oh my?) for my statistics test that's coming up this week. It feels good to be tackling it little by little, and not getting too discouraged. It helps a lot to have classmates to bounce ideas off of. I still haven't finished reading Go Set A Watchman, but this week, I was thinking about re-instating reading before bed - a book, that is. Lately, I read Reddit every night before bed, but maybe even switching between reading a book and reading Reddit every other night would be better. I miss reading books. I have the time to read a little bit every night, but I've become completely addicted to perusing the Ask Reddit threads, & it's a hard habit to break. I think a compromise is the best answer in this scenario. 
writing a huge answer to reading, apparently. Get a load of that thing! 
listening to football games. It's so calming and grounding for me. It actually reminds me of spending the night at my grandparents' house. We would take baths before bed, and when we still had that glorious post-bath, squeaky-clean feeling, we would lay on the couch and fall asleep to whistles blown and crowds yelling. That has to be one of my favorite, most simple childhood memories.
thinking about the fleeting quality of this life we are living. I try not to think too hard on this too often, because it certainly is heavy, but it also makes me cherish life more. I am thankful.
smelling not much of anything. In addition to some pretty wicked allergies this year, I've also fallen sick over the last week, like a large proportion (ha - there's the statistics talking) of my classmates. With Hurricane Joaquin, the weather has been weird, bringing on sickness and lethargy. BUT I am feeling much better today, thanks to medicine, hydration, and rest. I'm on the mend, I think.
wishing I had a little more time (and motivation) to decorate my house for Halloween. I love Halloween and the decorations that go along with it. Maybe next year?
hoping I can keep my cool this week and not feel too stressed out. That is something I'm always working on - managing my stress levels. I have to say - I've improved a lot since last year, but there is definitely still room to get better. And, by the way, I think blogging helps me in that regard, by keeping everything in perspective. 
wearing boots! With the crazy weather and slightly cooler temperatures, I've felt justified in donning one of my very favorite fall fashion staples. There's nothing more cozy than wearing boots, jeans, and a pullover sweater. It makes everything that much better!
loving all of the people I've met on this OT school journey thus far. I'm glad we still have some time left together in our program, because they truly are good people that I am honored to know.
wanting to focus on enjoying school this week. It's all about the journey, right?
needing to drink more water this week. I would love to see some statistics on how many times in TSC's history that I have answered this question in this way.
feeling happy. Thankful. Comfortable. Cozy. Calm. Collected. Grateful. Warm.
clicking nothing lately. Hoping to read some blogs later this week!

Happy, happy Sunday! I wish you all a relaxing, productive, rewarding week ahead. 

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*one of my favorite posts

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

the last day of september.

Fall in North Carolina - it's something I've really grown to love over the past few years. Since we're bidding September adieu today, I thought I would share a couple of photos that I took this past Saturday, just around the house. I love the colors in these photos - pink, green, black, red-orange, purple. They feel like Fall; they feel like September 2015. Like rain and falling leaves and maybe being a little bit over-emotional, especially right here at the end. If you couldn't tell, the sentimentalist in me is currently out in full force.

Things aren't always going to be perfect, but the important thing is to just live the best way we know how and make memories along the way. And the excitement of all of the year-end festivities always feels so fresh and new and sparkly. Isn't it funny how the year can re-invent itself right before we transition over into a new one? If that isn't inspiration to turn over a new leaf - even before the season of resolutions and changes and novelty - well, then I don't know what is. 

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Monday, September 28, 2015

a companion and a friend.

on her bed in the living room of the ontario house

I lost a friend in July. I haven't written anything about it yet, because I just didn't have the words. To be completely honest, I still don't think I do, but I knew I wanted to write about her, and to remember her.

Her name was Mollie Jean, but that wasn't what we always called her. She had nicknames upon nicknames, but a few of my favorites were MaiJean, Ween, MahJee, Bibi, Johnny Bear, Jonathan Ellington Bear, and MoWee, just to name a few. When she was a puppy, she often clacked her teeth and would "stamp" anything you put in front of her (especially paper). Dad would say, stamp this for me, and she would.

She came to live with us when I was fifteen. She had a home before ours, but that one didn't work out, so then she became a part of our family. Right after we got her, I was lying on the floor on a rug in the living room, and she jumped up on my back, curled up into a ball, and stayed there until I deigned to wake her and get up. 

She had an attitude. You could always tell what she was thinking by looking at her extremely-expressive face. She sometimes bullied our bigger dog, Riley. She wanted everyone to know that the was the pack leader. We sometimes joked that she knew English, and that we were lucky she couldn't speak her mind. We joked, but sometimes I think it was real.

She ate ceiling tile once. We were doing some remodeling work in the Ontario House, and somehow she got ahold of some of the debris. We found her hunched over in her kennel (which she would never enter willingly) one night and knew she had to go to the vet. Luckily, she came out of that event unscathed, but probably a little bit embarrassed. 

Her favorite show was Gilmore Girls. She would lay in bed all day with me while I was on break from college, and watch it. 

She was always there.

When I traveled home to Shreveport in August, before the fall semester of my second year of grad school started, it felt so weird when she wasn't waiting for me to come home. Mom would always tell her when I was coming home, and she would always sit and wait on her perch on the first few steps of the staircase. It felt weird when she didn't stand guard on the edge of the front porch while we sat outside. It felt weird to not hear her crowing bark throughout the day, as mailmen or neighbors or strangers walked by on the sidewalk. It just felt weird that she wasn't there.

I'll always miss her. She was a companion and a friend, and that kind of unconditional love only comes around once in a while. Here's to Mollie Jean.

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

the sunday currently, volume 108.

fall leaves on a gloomy saturday in greenville

Good morning! Today, we are hoping for the accomplishment of a few things: grocery shopping, finishing up some chores around the house, and running a 5k! Though it's been raining all weekend, we are excited to get out and participate. 

On this race-day Sunday, I am currently...

reading for school later on today. I'm determined to get caught up and stay caught up this week. All it's going to take is a little motivation, a lot of discipline, and virtually no procrastination. I can do this.
writing lots of blog posts lately. Did you notice? I wrote one on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday of this last week. As I tweeted last week, blogging makes me feel like myself again. I can't tell you how good it feels to be back. I think last year I was so consumed with starting school and getting my bearings, I found it hard to make time for writing and blogging. Luckily, I feel a little more settled in this fall, so I am able to take a little more time for the normal, everyday things that I love.
listening to my Fall 2015 playlist, as well as Houndmouth's new album, Little Neon Limelight. My playlist has lots of old familiar favorites on it, with an infusion of a few new things, which I've found is my usual playlist-making style. The Houndmouth album is that kind of haunting southern-ish rock that I have really been drawn to during this season. By the way, I'm not a music writer, and I've never claimed to be. Take my descriptions with a touch of forgiveness. 
thinking about everything that needs to get done this week. There's a lot, but it's all do-able. So do it I will. I've spent a lot of this semester worrying that I'm not getting enough done from day to day, which has resulted in the return of stress dreams. It's time to take a step back, be productive, and remind myself that I'm doing the best I can.
smelling the pumpkin candle I've been burning lately has been such a treat. It feels good to be deep in the throes of the fall season, doesn't it? The weather this weekend has been a bit gloomy, yes, but it has afforded that perfect fall backdrop to all of the goings-on. 
wishing for an effortlessly productive nature. 
hoping to watch more episodes of Gotham this week.
wearing gray nail polish, tons of scarves, relaxed fit jeans, and t-shirts. And hoping to add my first-ever pair of converse to this equation soon. Should I get black or navy? Or gray? Help me out.
loving crossing things off of my to-do list lately. And loving my Filofax to house all of those lists. I do think I will be going with the Erin Condren Life Planner for 2016, but I'll be enjoying my day-per-page planning until then.
wanting endless cups of hot coffee and lattes lately, with the rainy, windy weather. There's no better combination. Also, coffee cake. cinnamon swirl coffee cake, to be exact.
needing a trip home. I can't even express the extent of my homesickness lately. Watching LSU football yesterday struck a particular nerve, leaving me yearning for my hometown, for Baton Rouge, for New Orleans, for Dallas, and for all the people contained within those places.
feeling, well, homesick, as I just described to you in needing. But also feeling a little under the weather, a little worse for wear, a little disillusioned, burned-out, and heavy with emotion. I know that this will get better. Especially if I stick to positivity and productivity for the week to come. 
clicking my DSLR lately. With the rebirth of blogging, naturally the rebirth of taking photos was to follow. I feel such joy over these recent developments. I am giddy with comfort and joy.

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope that you are having a great weekend.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

warm & cozy.

warm & cozy

warm & cozy by siddathornton

It's been quite a long time since I shared an outfit post on siddathornton. To be exact, it was on July 4, 2014. Back then, I was attempting to use affiliate links on my blog, but rest assured that I have since decided that this blog isn't something that I plan to monetize. This is just me, sharing things that I love, with you. Let's keep it that way.

All of that aside, I shouldn't be blogging right now. I came up to school in the hopes of working on both a project and statistics homework. But, I find myself in a kind of melancholy I haven't felt in a long time. And, as I look out of my study room window, I see grey skies, incessant drizzle, and hear the whir and sputter of various pipes and smoke stacks. To say the least, it's more the type of day that you may like to sit and read, or perhaps think about life, or perhaps write a blog post containing some cozy fall things [instead of doing school work]. Obviously, I have chosen the latter. 

Lately, I have been loving relaxed fit jeans. I got some on our summer vacation to Charlotte/Wyoming/Shreveport, from Forever21, and I haven't looked back since. I love them. They are so comfortable, so cozy, that I knew I wanted them represented in this outfit board. Since the gel nails that I wore for over two weeks recently came off, I've been obsessed with what nail polish color I would paint next. I think this Essie shade perfectly straddles the border between September and October. I haven't owned boots like the ones pictured above since I was a child, but I think that is territory I'd be happy to trod on. The shirt above looks like a shirt that I have in three colors. I don't think I'll ever have enough of them. Leaf earrings felt like a good idea, and really, you cannot go wrong with a big, cozy, plaid scarf in the fall, can you? And finally, all fall outfit boards feel just a little bit more complete with a coordinating mug. What else would I drink my pumpkin spice latte out of? A good question indeed. 

I couldn't do an outfit post like this without thinking of Friday's Fancies, which I miss!
What are you dreaming of donning in the fall? Please share. I'd love to know.
See my other fall-themed posts from years past here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.  

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

things to remember today.

At the end of all of this schooling, I will be an occupational therapist!
Waking up early feels good eventually.
Productivity feels good eventually.
Procrastination never results in anything good. 
Music is inspiration.
Writing is inspiration.
Coffee is inspiration.
Blogging is inspiration.
We're all in this together.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

sidda listens | fall 2015 playlist.

HOME | edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
40 DAY DREAM | edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
SKINNY LOVE | bon iver
FOR EMMA | bon iver
FLUME | bon iver
MOUNTAIN SOUND | of monsters and men
TONGUE TIED | grouplove
T-SHIRT WEATHER | circa waves
AUSTRALIA | the shins
TROUBLE | coldplay
THE GREAT SALT LAKE | band of horses
YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE | new radicals
LINGER | the cranberries
DON'T YOU (FORGET ABOUT ME) | simple minds
TOES | glass animals 
COFFEE | sylvan esso
DRAG | day wave
MY TYPE | saint motel
COLD COLD MAN | saint motel
SEDONA | houndmouth
GET IT | matt and kim
PEACHES | in the valley below

Another season, another playlist. Listen here on Spotify. 
Also: what are you listening to this fall? I'd love to know.

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reading a mish-mash of things right now. I don't usually like to read more than one book at a time, but I am in a reading rut... and I...