the sunday currently, volume 117.

christmas season is here


reading - Sarah Morgan: The Civil War Diary of a Southern Woman. I've long been wanting to read this book that my mother picked up during a visit to Destrehan Plantation in August of 1996, & it felt fitting to start it up over Thanksgiving break.   
writing - Christmas lists! Soon it will be time to start up my Christmas shopping, & I want to be prepared. Also writing? In my journal. And in my planner, writing and crossing off to-do lists as we wrap up the rest of this semester. 
listening - to my Christmas playlist on Spotify this morning was just what the doctor ordered. I woke early and was downstairs before 7. I turned on the Christmas tree, brewed a pot of coffee, & got some work done before anyone else woke up. It was a morning well-spent!
thinking - that it's time to get in check with diet & exercise. I have greatly enjoyed my very indulgent Thanksgiving week, but I'm ready to be healthy and get in shape before the end of the year.
smelling - my Christmas tree. We got it yesterday, & every time I come down the stairs, I get a whiff of fresh pine needles. There's nothing quite like that, is there?
wishing - to stay calm for the remainder of the semester. I always get stressed right at the end, as everything wraps up and becomes final. I have never done well with endings, & school is no different.
hoping - to soak in the indulgences of the holiday season. Christmas music, Christmas movies, Christmas spirit. It's so easy to let it sweep by in a blur. It's my goal this year to really take time to enjoy it.
wearing - stretchy pants, stretchy sweater, scarf, vest, and jewelry. And not a stitch of makeup.
loving - visits with family. And, weirdly enough, the first trip up to the library after a break. There's something about getting back into the swing of things that really speaks to me. I think it's my love of routines & schedules & daily life.
wanting - consistent workouts, the drinking of lots of water, & the taking of personal time this week. 
needing - see "wanting" above. 
feeling - happy, blessed, content, relieved, & all the other good emotions right now. I'm very thankful for everything and everyone in my life. 
clicking - to see if there are any good Cyber Monday deals. What are you planning to scoop up? I can think of a few things that are on my list.

What are you doing? Link up & share below.


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