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this november.

the days are getting shorter, the nights longer. there is a crisp freshness carried in the air, the leaves blowing behind it. trees stand guard in red, yellow, orange. it's been years since november has felt this distinctly fall. and i love it.

the sunday currently, volume 122: wednesday edition.

Good morning from the C residence, and happy Wednesday! Obviously, I have missed posting editions of The Sunday Currently for the past couple of weeks, so I thought I would go ahead and post one on Wednesday, rather than wait until Sunday again. Make sense? Good. 
readingBig Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty. Actually, I haven't been reading it, because my iPad is not upstairs by my bed. I need to find where it is and put it back, because I miss reading. I really, really miss reading Shannon Miller's book, so much so, that I may re-read it after I finish the current book.  writing in my large, black, squared Moleskine, and loving every minute of it. Also writing in? My Filofax. I realized how much I missed that beloved planner, so I ordered some inserts, and it is back in commission.  listening to Luke's singing cow. It has long been a tradition that he visits with his singing cow during morning swings. Also listening to Glide videos.  thinking that I can't wait for OPI'…

the sunday currently, volume 121.

rainy day last week
Good morning & happy Sunday, everyone! Welcome to the reinstatement of The Sunday Currently! I've recently had a bit of a revelation where blogging is concerned, & I am so happy to be back here with you, sharing the normal details of my Sundays. Back in grad school, & right after having my son, I felt like I was too busy to pen one of these posts each week. That makes me very sad, because I feel as if these posts are a kind of living time capsule. When I go back & read past TSC posts, I respond in one of two ways, usually: 
1. Ohhhh, I remember that. 2. Cool! I don't remember doing that.
While I greatly enjoy the experience of the former, it is the latter that inspires me to write these posts and keep up with this practice. The capturing of small memories that may have been lost, the window into a moment in time... that is the impetus for these posts & the reason I have decided to bring them back. I can make time for this, and I will. 

on loyalty.

It's a funny thing, isn't it, to think of being loyal to a blog. To a place on the internet. 
This blog - siddathornton - & I have been through a lot together. 120 volumes of The Sunday Currently. Many hastily tapped out confessions. Many caffeine-enhanced ramblings. Many days spent tucked into the very back corner of the new Starbucks on Oleander Drive in Wilmington, shivering in the cold, coffee-scented air while I switched between writing in my many journals & planners, applying for OT school, and blogging, always blogging. Mornings at Port City Java, when things felt so new. Afternoons at Port City Java, when I ate chocolate chip muffins, burrowed into a fuzzy, cream colored scarf and tried to write a business plan. Travels to & from Shreveport. A cataloguing of the weddings of my friends, and then, our wedding. 
These things are all the moving parts of the things that I hold most dear: my relationships. 
So, I guess it's not really a funny thing at all, l…

hello again.

I miss this space.

I created a new blog, have written on it spottily over the last few months, and still, I am drawn back here.

That means something, right?

There's something about blogging that makes me value and celebrate and experience joyfully all that goes on in my life. Why should I stop?

It's kind of like exercising. Every time I start, I can't believe how amazing it feels and why I ever stopped doing it. But, it takes time and effort, and when those commodities are running low, I feel forced to cut "non-essentials," and that is how I get to the point of not blogging, and, similarly, not exercising.

Since becoming a mother, I have read a lot about continuing "self care" and everything associated with that. I'd be lying if I said that this isn't something I've struggled with. However, a quote that really resonates with me is the following: "You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first."  A quick Google se…