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the sunday currently, volume 28.

justin's new cologne | birthday deliveries | lunch in chapel hill | hello from winston-salem reading the final pages of Little Women, college course schedules, & I think my next book is going to be The Out-Of-Sync Child, which was a recommendation from Tammy. writing in ink-&-paper scribbles, drafting blog posts in my journal, trying to get ahead around here. listening to the movie Lincoln, which I have been wanting to watch since it came out in theaters. I'm beginning to learn that I love movies based in history. thinking that Justin & I spent quite a lot of time on the road Friday & yesterday. We visited Chapel Hill, Winston-Salem, Alex & Ashley in Asheboro, Charlotte, & Hickory. North Carolina is a cool state. smelling like Bath & Body Works' Warm Vanilla Sugar, as well as Paris Amor, lately. Two of my favorites. wishing for simplicity & security. hoping this week will be a good one for eating habits.  wearing comfy clothes.  loving that Justin is…

friday's fancies #64: queen city pastels.

I don't think it's ever been a secret around here, that I love pastels. Need proof? See here & here & here. Bearing this week's Friday's Fancies theme in mind, I created a soft & sweet look, which I'd love to wear as we trek west across North Carolina to The Queen City this weekend. Why the road trip? Just a little impromptu birthday celebration for Justin!
skinnies | top | earrings | watch | bag | lip balm | bow | flats | ring

I need to go ahead & spring for the watch - it's seriously affordable, & I used it in this FF, too.
And that precious navy + white bow? I'd rock it in true Joelle Duff style.

It's been far too long since we were last in Charlotte. While we popped in for brunch there during The Trek to Kinston, we haven't had a proper visit since the summer of 2011, when Justin was doing his preceptorship in Greenville, South Carolina. That was so long ago, I even had a different blog then. I can't wait to be in The Queen C…

a husband's birthday.

Last year, Justin had to wake up obscenely early for work on his birthday. He had to travel from Kinston to Jacksonville, with an extremely long day ahead of him. We were pinching pennies, anticipating our upcoming wedding, so I gifted him with a surprise breakfast: homemade pancakes, with syrup, whipped cream, & strawberries. 
Things are decidedly different this year. We're married now. We are living in Wilmington. He works regular hours, with no travel involved. I have bought a couple of little gifts, that I think he'll really enjoy. And, we'll get to go out for birthday dinner tonight. Maybe I'm biased, but I think this year is better.
In my family, we have a ritual for birthdays. And this morning, Justin was initiated by way of the ritual. I hope this one is his best birthday yet. He sure does deserve it.

Happy Birthday, Justin! 

photo: justin in charleston \ nikon

charleston snapshot: the holy city.

Today's installment of the Charleston Snapshot series will wrap up the coverage of our road trip  to Charleston way back in February. The following photos are among my very favorites from the trek south.

rich carolina colors
needless to say, i love sunburst photos
charleston is inundated with palms
i especially love this one
cobblestones steeped in history
i want to live in a pretty yellow house
though i wouldn't mind residing in this brick beauty
justin is an SAE, so of course, lions always capture our eyes

Want to see more of Charleston? charleston snapshot: glimpses of spring. charleston snapshot: washington square. charleston snapshot: waterfront park.

working hard to make this space mine.

I can say, with absolute certainty, that blogging is one of my favorite things to do.

Since the beginning of the Internet boom, I've been searching for ways to document my life via the Web. The earliest form of blogging I did - & I very loosely consider this blogging - was my daily posting on one of the AOL posting boards - the Alternative Music board. It was pretty cut-throat: snark abounded, snobbery abounded, & signatures with Modest Mouse lyrics abounded [not that there's anything wrong with an abundance of Modest Mouse]. My in-real-life, posting-partner-in-crime friend & I often discussed the board, & we referred to the people who really belonged as Alties
As much as I loved pretending to be one of the Alties, I really found my niche when I opened up a Xanga account. Oh, and a LiveJournal. Yep. I had both, at the same time. For some reason...
Throughout both high school & college, I religiously kept my Xanga account[s] alive, posting about my every day,…

the sunday currently, volume 27.

These photos couldn't be more indicative of my life lately: eyes glued to my phone, coffee after coffee ingested.
Do you ever have to police yourself on how much time you're spending on your phone? Because I do. The other night, I realized I was feeling a bit dizzy, nauseous even. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, until I put my phone down, acted like a normal human being for a while, then felt completely better. I had seriously been staring at my phone so much, it had given me vertigo. This is unacceptable behavior. Obviously. 
In a similar vein, the other morning, I had two very strong cups of coffee, back-to-back. Since I'm one of those people who feel remarkably zombie-like in the morning, sometimes I feel like I should over-compensate by pumping my nervous system full of caffeine. Finished the first cup, felt great, wanted to feel even greater. Finished the second cup, felt even greater. Thirty minutes later, though, when the drug had completely infiltrated my b…

friday's fancies #63: little spring wishes.

top | bag | shorts | earrings | shoes | flowers | jars | necklace | lip balm

Above are the little things I'm wishing for this season. Crisp, preppy clothing, paired with monogrammed accessories,  a beautiful Longchamp bag, some Jack Rogers staples, coral lips, & fresh flowers displayed in opaque mason jars.
Dear Stress, Just... don't. Don't get in the way of my productivity or my happiness. Dear Anxiety, Same goes for you. Dear Coffee, I think I have deduced that only one cup of you per day should be happening. Don't try to pressure me with your deliciousness, into indulging more than I should. Dear Strength & Passion, Stick around, if you please. Dear Antibiotics, I love you for your skin-clearing properties. Dear Justin, I'm getting excited about all that's in store for us in the next couple of years. Dear Book, Let's get written, how about? Dear Sweets Addiction, Oops. What are you doing here? Dear Blogging Community, Thank you for being awesome. I …

charleston snapshot: notable buildings.

And by notable, I mean, the ones I really liked

I delighted in the abundance of color & interesting architecture offered up by the blissfully sleepy streets of Charleston.

Want to see more of Charleston? charleston snapshot: glimpses of spring. charleston snapshot: washington square. charleston snapshot: waterfront park. charleston snapshot: we are definitely tourists.
The next & final installment of the Charleston Snapshot series will go live next Wednesday.  This collection of photo