charleston snapshot: notable buildings.

And by notable, I mean, the ones I really liked

I delighted in the abundance of color & interesting architecture offered up by the blissfully sleepy streets of Charleston.

Want to see more of Charleston?

The next & final installment of the Charleston Snapshot series will go live next Wednesday. 
This collection of photos will be my favorites from the trip. Be sure to come back & see them!

photos: buildings in charleston, south carolina \ nikon


Mree said…
Gorgeous photos!!! I'm in love with that red brick home!!!
Jess said…
Great architecture indeed. Traveling is so fun because you get to enjoy all those little details that are hard to notice or appreciate in your hometown :)

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Rachel said…
Stunning! I love old architecture! I want to visit Charleston now!
Ashley Jane said…
Ummmm... I think I need to get to Charleston, stat! I love all the beautiful architectural shots you took. Those buildings are all so different and interesting. I love me some good architecture. :)

I would love to see more of this gorgeous country. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos... colored shutters make me happy.

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