the sunday currently, volume 24.

Today's edition of The Sunday Currently is coming to you from the sub-zero temperatures of Pinehurst, North Carolina. Ok, so maybe its not that cold, but almost. Justin is here to attend a Gastroenterology Conference. I'm simply here to tag along & explore a brand new part of the state. Wanna know a secret? I actually wish I could go to the conference too. I am a nerd like that, which I bet you didn't know.
reading large gulps of Little Women. Can you read in gulps? I think you can, when you're on a road trip.
writing, writing writing.
listening to Lindsey's new playlist. I've been needing some Lindsey Music in my life lately, & I guess it was just my lucky day when she posted her new list the other day.
thinking that sometimes, it's time to switch things up & part your hair on the opposite side of your head. If you're like me, this may just make you feel like a brand new person.
smelling the flowers in Harris Teeter [pictured above] was the highlight of my week.
wishing I would get my act together & drink plenty of water every day. I've been feeling dehydrated lately.
hoping I can keep up with my brand new resolution to empty my phone of photos each week & load them onto my computer instead. Folks, earlier this week I had nearly 3,000 photos & videos on my phone. Ahem, & I had the nerve to wonder why it was running so slow. I hope that emptying it each week will help me reign in my obvious compulsion toward hoarding every image I come across in life.
wearing fluffy scarves & layers. It's so much colder here than in Wilmington!
loving the blogging community lately. Well, I really always do, but I guess I especially do right now. There is a lot of encouragement bouncing around out there at the moment, & I feel like this post encompasses my viewpoint.
wanting to try out some new makeup looks this week. According to me, Spring has started, & it's time to break out the brights!
needing to go shopping for a hippie scarf to wear in my hair for Jazz Fest. 
feeling pretty excited to try out foiling my hair in the coming weeks. True, I did put red highlights into my hair in November - but this time around, I'm going to do lowlights on my whole head. Fingers crossed for a good outcome, people. If the lowlights turn out, I plan to put some red in there again - a few weeks later - after my hair recovers from the initial abuse.
clicking this post on dating + marriage from TJ. I've been scouring the comments for suggestions, because [as you may gather from my answer to this question that Eliza asked me] Justin & I love dinner-&-a-movie dates, especially ones that occur on the couch, in the comfort of our own home. Also, Eliza's new shop! Go check'er out!

photo: sunflowers at harris teeter \ instagram


Amy Lynn said…
I feel the same way about parting my hair! For years I did it on the same side, but last year I started switching it up a bit :) Good luck with your hair, that sounds adorable! I love getting my hair done, it's the best!
Those sunflowers are causing some serious swooning action over here! Since winter was such a flop, I am so ready for springtime to properly arrive. Give me sunshine, flowers, and frolicking! Props to you for transferring your phone photos-- I should probably do that, too, but I keep thinking that I will somehow need them on my phone for something. I'm sure it will be okay. :)
Kate Harvey said…
Oh I love parting my hair on the other side, or down the middle. It really does give you a different look I think, which is fun because nothing is actually changed!

Also, my link was submitted with a strange title, so I re-submitted it. Ah!
April said…
I can always tell when I haven't been drinking enough water. I have to have at least 8 big glasses a day, and usually drink more.
AMG413 said…
I've been kind of obsessed lately w/ trying new lotions and makeup. I just got some BB cream and have worn it it! Always look to wear a little less and change colors around when spring rolls around!

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