Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a little wish list: drug store beauty products.

a little wish list: drug store beauty products.

with the amount of youtube beauty videos i watch from day to day, i have quite a formidable products wish list forming in my iphone notes. today, i thought i'd share a few of the drug store selections i'm currently eyeing. if i'm lucky enough to scoop some of these products up over the next few months, i'll go ahead & review them here on the blog for anyone who may be interested, complete with pretty detail photos taken with our new camera [i know... i'm obsessed]!

FACE | the revlon colorstay foundation for combo/oily skin has topped my list of favorite drug store foundations since i first applied it. and since the whipped creme makeup variety has gotten stellar reviews from my go-to youtube beauty gurus, of course i want to try it & compare with the original. as for the rimmel clean finish matte foundation, this is also one i will want to try due to my love for its counterpart: the original clean finish 100% poreless foundation. since my skin leans toward the oily side in the warmer months, i'll be purchasing the matte variety to tame the glow of my summer time skin. i'm not crazed with my current concealer routine, & through the recommendation of emilynoel83, the revlon photoready stick concealer currently tops my drugstore concealer wish list. glowing recommendations urge me to pick up the rimmel stay matte powder. i will more than likely choose the translucent selection. rounding out the face category is a bronzer by hard candy, in the shade tiki. this shade isn't being shown online, but i know i have seen it in my local wal-mart. and i don't plan to use this as a bronzer - i plan to use it as a cheekbone highlight. 

EYES | due to my overflowing eye shadow stash, i only felt the need to wish for one item in this category. another emily recommendation, the hard candy baked eye shadow duo in high maintenance is one i plan to scoop up immediately, especially since it's showing as unavailable online [i know i've seen it in my local wal-mart, though].

LIPS | here is where the bulk of my wishing lies right now. notice a trend? all three of my lip wishes fall into the nude category, something i never would have dared to think a year ago. i used to think this genre of lip products gave off a rather lifeless appearance, but i have since learned it's all in how it's applied. i'm looking forward to testing my technique on these shades. the one i'm wishing for most, you ask? the neutrogena moisture smooth color stick in warm caramel.

NAILS | both of these selections were inspired by photos. my friend, anna claire, is currently loving essie's fiji, & due to how beautiful it looked on her, i am jonesing for it to be part of my collection. and sand tropez? it's long been on my list, but a photo i saw over the weekend catapulted it to the top of my list.

love wish lists? be on the lookout - i have more coming up in the next few weeks. there will be a high end beauty edition, as well as a fashion edition, for my little wish list series.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

the sunday currently, volume 19.

reading little women, by louisa may alcott. and instead of reading from my nook, i'm reading a real-life book, one that my parents gave me for christmas in 1997. i love it.
writing a lot of different things, really. things i can't wait to share here in this space, & things i am hoping will make an impact. also, huge, huge lists, especially for this blog. i have been brainstorming a lot of posts, & there are a few in particular that i am especially excited about - those are coming in february.
listening to the blast of the heater. it has been ridiculously cold here, cold enough to make me realize i could never live anywhere colder. hello, this is the louisiana in me speaking.
thinking that the show nip/tuck is pretty much insane. justin & i have been watching it lately, & we're almost finished with season two. i like it, & i crave watching it, but when we are watching it, we end up looking at each other like, did that really just happen?
smelling a fresh pot of caramel drizzle coffee. there is nothing quite like that, is there?
wishing for the most productive of weeks. trust me, people, i need a good week.
hoping i can attend alt summit next year. i've been wanting to go since jess of irocksowhat went [if i'm not mistaken, i believe that was in 2011]. i really want to go to the one in new york. anyone else?
wearing a green sweat band to hold my obscenely-long hair out of my face. a parker college of chiropractic sweatshirt that justin got for me on his trip to tour the campus, back in our senior year of college. and black workout pants. as usual, i'm a vision.
loving the tasks that have been set before me... & it's not often that i feel that way about them. i just feel like i have a lot of goals & projects set up for myself that i'm actually excited about. that is a really good feeling. also loving? my faithful sunday currently troupe. i truly love reading all of your currentlies [i wait until monday so i can read them all at once]. thank you all so much for linking up - it makes me happy!
wanting atlanta bread for lunch... again. i have a problem. also wanting? to go on more adventures during the week.
needing to wash my makeup brushes... REALLY badly. that is something i always let go. it really does make a difference though, especially concerning the state of your skin. getting on that later today.
feeling quite under the weather on this fine sunday morning. i've just felt gross this weekend. my body has just been aching - & i think it has a lot to do with the cold, wet weather.
clicking this post from laura of little things & curiosities. her blog has long been a favorite of mine, & this post is an excellent example of why i keep coming back for more.

photo: my mornings as of late \ instagram

Friday, January 25, 2013

friday's fancies #56: black + white.

due to the recent re-discovery of my black, stretchy, skinny jeans, i was excited to pull together a look for this week's friday's fancies theme, black & white. and ever since my new year, new you post, i've been obsessed with pops of pink & gold. not only do the anchor earrings play into that love, but i also have been drawn to all things nautical recently. 

you may [or may not] have noticed my absence from friday's fancies & friday's letters last week - every once in a while, i like to depart from my usual routine & put up either a wishes for this weekend or weekender post in place of the regulars. for me, it just keep things interesting, & ultimately, reaffirms my love of these two link-ups. so, a big thank you goes out to both alison & ashley for hosting what i consider two of the best link-ups in the blogging community.

friday's fancies #56: black + white.top | skinnies | nail polish | earrings | bag | boots | scarf

dear beautiful creatures, as i was telling lindsey yesterday, you started off extremely slowly, & i was bored until i got up into page 200 & beyond... but now, wow. i am hooked, & i am hoping to read your last few pages today, so i can start little women. dear overflowing email inboxes, the conquest of you began yesterday, & it will end today with your contents equalling zero once again. dear pitch perfect, why are you in my head 24/7? i mean, not that i'm complaining, but i'm beginning to think you're going to be the only movie i want to watch, ever. dear rebel wilson, why are you so funny? and furthermore, dear anna kendrick & brittany snow, why are y'all so awesome & beautiful, with pretty singing voices, too? thanks to you both, i'm pretty sure titanium will never be out of my head. it's pretty much playing in a continuous loop. dear justin, thank you for talking me off of the ledge that is my constant instinct to give up on careers. you're right - i get discouraged way too easily. dear wanna see it all, thank you for the shout-out on my battleship north carolina photo post. that really did make my day. dear job rejection emails, enough already! how about you move over & make way for your much sweeter cousin, the interview request phone call? dear self, stop giving up & jumping ship on every idea you have. instead, why not try having a little faith?

friday's fancies \ {long distance loving}
friday's letters \ the sweet season

Thursday, January 24, 2013

on the nature of dreams.

dreams don't have to be one-note, one-path progressions. they can come in layers, in different colors... they can come from what seems like two separate universes.

your dreams don't have to make sense. their lack of sense is not a tragedy, but otherwise, quite the opposite.

the only tragedy is if the duality of their nature becomes squelched. if you happen to think if i do the one, then i can't do the other. that's the only path you should fear.

can you think of anything better than being a person who chases every path they dream up, whether they all head in the same direction or not? because i cannot.

to me, it seems like the ultimate accomplishment, wherever exactly it is that i end up. in the middle of one path, at the end of another.

   this is what it's like to try.

photo: a dreary, post-holiday wilmington winter sky \ instagram

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

one more little taste of christmas in wilmington.

now that it seems we're officially in the midst of the after-holidays winter slump, i thought i'd share a few more photos from when my family visited wilmington for christmas. if you can't get over the fact that the holidays are over, just pretend that they aren't, right?

christmas 2012 in wilmington is one i'm sure i'll always remember. it was our first married christmas, my family's first time visiting us, & a time of good food, afternoons lounging & watching movies together, & tons of time exploring this great city. looking back on these photos makes the anticipation for next christmas even greater.

photos: christmas in wilmington \ nikon

Sunday, January 20, 2013

the sunday currently, volume 18.

we're having a great, delicious-food-filled weekend. yesterday, we started the day out with brunch at the george [which is probably one of our favorite places in wilmington]. i had the belgian waffles with warm berry sauce. and the coffee? starbucks caliber, for sure. 

after an afternoon of beach time & shopping, we had ice cream at cold stone, dinner at fat tony's [barbecue pizza addiction], & finally, a monster creation of amazingness from orange leaf.

today, we are heading back up to the mayfaire for lunch at atlanta bread, then we're myrtle beach bound. i haven't been to south carolina in over a year, so i'm ready! i hope julianne & shannon are enjoying their visit. i think they are! 

reading beautiful creatures, still. i just recently saw the preview for the movie for the first time, & i got really excited. as it played, i turned to justin & said, 'yep, that's what i'm reading right now.' not sure where the feeling of pride came from, but it was definitely there. his positive reaction let me know we'll probably be seeing it in theaters.
writing a book this year, no doubt about it. justin & i have been discussing this a lot recently, & i feel the pull & drive to do it now more than i ever have before.
listening to a lot of churchill lately. also, the black keys. slowly emerging from my listening rut. slowly remembering & feeling the reasons i used to listen to music in the first place [which i love].
thinking that the pull to follow our dreams becomes stronger when we watch the show underemployed. i find it refreshing when a tv show can do something deep like that.
smelling the tall mug of cafe mocha i have sitting right next to me, waiting to be devoured.
wishing that the above-mentioned show - underemployed - had gotten better ratings & a better following. according to justin's research, the jury is still out on whether or not the show will be renewed. i sure do hope that it is.
hoping julianne & shannon are enjoying their time in wilmington! i love having them here.
wearing pajama pants & a sweatshirt... what else is new? also, hair. on top. of head.
loving verdana. yep, as in, the font. it's just so clean & crisp. it's been one of my favorites for quite a while now, but for some reason, i feel the need to proclaim my love. so, there it is.
wanting more than ever to be an early riser. i've written a couple posts about this before, but what i read here on friday really reminded me of what i'm seeking in the desire to rise early. those who know me in real life may be laughing as they read this, considering my undying love of sleeping in as late as possible, but i am serious about wanting this. i'll keep you updated as i [hopefully] progress.
needing a vat of coffee. and lunch at atlanta bread. and a continuous loop of pitch perfect playing in my house. oh right, i already have that. and LOVE it.
feeling sore, sore, sore. i've been working out a lot, but not stretching at all. this is a mistake.
clicking the sunday secrets. favorites? this one + this one.

photo: us at wrightsville beach \ instagram

Friday, January 18, 2013


this weekend, justin's sister & her husband are coming to visit wilimington. i can't wait to show them around, eat at some new restaurants, & just enjoy having company. i love when family visits!

here are some things i've taken interest in over the past few days - perhaps you'd like to peruse them, too?

-- i was doing a bit of google searching & came across this blog which offers up advice on how to DIY your blog design. i've been meaning to spruce things up around here lately, & i think i may have found the golden ticket right here. i can't wait to see where this takes me over the next couple of weeks.

-- in a similar vein, this blog seems to be an endless fountain of knowledge, advice, & guidance. not to mention, i'm just oddly drawn to read more about her life. i find her interesting & inspiring!

-- a friend told me about pottermore when it was first released, but only just recently have i really gotten into it. if you're a harry potter nerd like i am, you'll enjoy this. promise.

-- i love monogram necklaces, & i have been on a hunt for the perfect one since before justin & i got married in october. i still want one of those frilly, fancy gold ones, but i also want one of these, in tortoise. i think they are so unique & edgy. it was love at first sight. i learned of them here.

-- here is a gorgeous makeup look for a date night out. tanya burr is my favorite youtube beauty guru at the moment. i've been watching her videos non-stop since before christmas.

-- another of my favorite beauty gurus is currently showcasing her emily awards series. see the face edition here; see the eyes edition here. i consider emily an expert - she has the BEST beauty advice & recommendations.

-- i read a post about modern dating [or how couples are glued to their cell phones during dinner dates] here... & truthfully, it really opened my eyes to how disrespectful it is to retreat to your cell phone in the presence of someone else. i've pledged to myself to change this behavior.

happy friday! here's to a fun weekend with the in-laws.
i hope i'll see you all back here on sunday for another edition of the sunday currently.

photo: walking through wilmington \ nikon

Thursday, January 17, 2013

love lists: december.

there's really nothing like the month of december, is there? 
twinkle lights everywhere, christmas tree smell around every corner, 
& that beautiful holiday spirit in the air. 
beyond those lovelies, here are the things i was smitten with 
in the twelfth & final month of two thousand twelve.

1. candles; especially bath & body works white barn no. 2 chestnut & clove. also, the candle kara ended up gifting me - woodwick's pumpkin butter. what's unique about the woodwick candle is... well, the wick. the wooden nature of it causes it to crackle & pop like a real fire when lit. so not only does it smell amazing, but its sounds are soothing. and in searching for the link for the white barn candle, i've noticed it's on sale - $5 for the jumbo 3-wick candle, instead of its usual $20. i'm going to have to scoop some up!

2. my maybooks planner, given to me for christmas by justin. because when your planner is this pretty, you're more apt to use it, right? i was seriously impressed with the quality of my planner - the cover has such an interesting texture. i'll definitely be ordering more from may designs in the future. some notebooks are calling my name.

3. urban decay all-nighter makeup setting spray. i'll just go ahead & tell you - i haven't been very pleased with my makeup lately, & that is the precise reason there's not a lot of it on this favorites list. BUT, after i've applied all of my face products - foundation, powder, bronzer, blush - i spritz this setting spray on my face, & it improves the overall look. maybe my face is dried out due to the winter air? i don't know - i'm just glad i've had this to combat the blah i've been feeling toward my makeup looks.

4. bath & body works warm vanilla sugar fine fragrance mist. is it just me, or does bath & body works change their packaging, like, every other day? i hope they keep this look for a while, because i like it. and remember when this stuff was called body splash back in the day? anyway, i've been loving this scent as of late - especially right after a shower!

5. reading; & my nook, in general. i'm so glad the reading bug finally bit me again. i'm really enjoying beautiful creatures right now, & i can't wait for the movie! also, i'm especially excited about reading little women next. of course, you'll be able to read all my thoughts - & favorite quotes - in my critique cache posts.

6. the hobbit. i know. i won't stop talking about this book. but seriously, it was that good.

7. our keurig. it was used nearly every day in december, especially after my dad introduced me to the caramel vanilla cream k-cups. i've always loved the sound of brewing coffee, & now i also love the unique sound of a keurig brew.

8. lola, by marc jacobs. this is my perfectly sweet winter scent, & i love it.

9. bath & body works paris amour fine fragrance mist. i know, enough with the scents already, right? i love sweet scents in the colder months. and this one, well, i love it. i have a mini, & it lives in my purse. i'm one of those people who sprays scents all day long.

10. youtube beauty guru, allthatglitters21's vlogmas videos on her second channel, ellesglittergossip. i have a youtube addiction that cannot be helped. elle's videos always inspire me. she's so upbeat.

what did you love in the month of december? 
i am always on the lookout for new things to pick up 
& try, both beauty related & otherwise.

also, there will be even more links to some of my current 
favorite beauty gurus in my weekender post tomorrow. 
i hope you'll let me know some of your favorites, too!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

wilmington snapshot: battleship north carolina.

while my parents & sister were in town for christmas, we got to explore a lot of wilmington. on a day when justin unfortunately had to work, we went to tour one of the big attractions here: the battleship north carolina. not only did i finally get to see wilmington from that side of the river, but i also got to try out our brand new nikon.

i can't wait to go back with justin - it was really fun to explore!

photos: battleship north carolina \ nikon

the sunday currently, volume 125.

reading a mish-mash of things right now. I don't usually like to read more than one book at a time, but I am in a reading rut... and I...