friday's fancies #54: new year, new you.

i love this week's friday's fancies theme - new year, new you. i mean, really, who can resist a brand new beginning? {av} suggested we create a look indicative of the type of year we'd like to have, & as i've indicated, i want my 2013 to be bold, creative, polished, & fun. there are many, many things i'd like to achieve this year, & in order to do so, i'm going to have to keep these buzz words clear in my mind. and also, for some reason, i was drawn to a whole lot of pink - not something that usually happens in my wardrobe. but i'm going with it!

friday's fancies #54: new year, new you.

lip balm | nail polish | shoes | blazer | earrings | necklace | skinnies | blush | top | palette

dear christmas tree, i miss you so much! it's kind of ridiculous. i really am surprised that i didn't cry when justin & i dropped you off at the christmas tree graveyard. dear family, i miss you. come back to wilmington? move here? ok, great, thanks. dear laura, i'm so excited that you're engaged! and i'm going to write a blog post about the experience soon. dear heaviest furniture in the universe, you were a B to move, but i'm glad to have you in our apartment now. you are making it that much more homey. dear dad, brian, & ward, thank you for helping us move said furniture for the shreveport leg of our moving adventure. dear justin, i loved all the talks we had on our moving-truck-trek to wilmington. despite my stint of highway anxiety, i really thought the trip was - dare i say it - fun. we have had so much adventure this past year. let's keep it up. dear siddathornton, you're about to get overhauled as far as content & consistency is involved. i love you, i really do, & i'm about to start really showing it. dear resolutions, you are already making my life better. thank you. dear God, thank you for keeping me & my loved ones safe during all the travel we've experienced in the past few months. dear dslr, you're about to go on lots of adventures with me around wilmington. prepare accordingly. dear 2013, i'm going to try my best to make you the absolute best year yet!

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I hope you're settling into the new home! It was fun following your journey via IG :)

Great outfit - you're sure to achieve your 2013 goals in that!
Anonymous said…
that is a seriously awesome blazer!
Gorgeous!! Love the colours, and the jacket, and those shoes.....!! :)
Deidre said…
We moved some heavy furniture this week too! Love your letters, so sweet!
Taylor said…
Love those shoes! I've been obsessed with anything cap toed like that!
Anonymous said…
I love NARS blush! I find the colors are the best on my skin tone! Those shoes are everything!

Anonymous said…
I love NARS blush! I find the colors are the best on my skin tone! Those shoes are everything!

Mree said…
ooh..I love all the pink!!
Happy to hear that your move went well!!
Have a fab weekend!!
Blue Dog Belle said…
LOVE all the pink! Happy New Year girl! Hope it's everything you want and more!

xo, Emily
Wine and Summer said…
I love that entire outfit! The shoes are so cute and the color of the tank is great!
Shut Up. Enjoyed every minute of this, thoroughly.
katrice said…
Great post! I know I know how you feel about your tree only difference is ours isn't down yet. The children refuse to part with it lol.
Oh girl those nude cap toed heels are TO DIE! Need.

Currently Coveting
Jamie said…
That outfit is perfect.
Jamie said…
Wow, that outfit is awesome!! Love all the gold and the pops of pink!

Have a great weekend!

Great goals for 2013 and a great outfit to showcase them!

Shon said…
Love the pops of pink. I am glad that you are on your way to embracing 2013 and your dslr. I am still embracing mine and the many functions.

That blazer is just perfection! I love the color palette of your picks, and those shoes are adorable.
Ashley said…
Love that outfit! Super cute.
Katie Chamel said…
Loving the pops of pink! Oh my gosh, swooning over the necklace.

Ohhhh love the the teal+pink+gold combo... very pretty!
so anthro said…
Love ALL of those keywords, and love the look! So many pretty pieces in here that look so fun and bold together! Adore it!
Happy 2013! xx
Allyssa said…
That's a great outfit! I love how all the colors work together!
Jordan Skiles said…
Yes, yes, yes!! Love it all! And I love that we have similar style resolutions!! ;)

xx, Jordan
LOVE love love this. The Naked palette + mint skinnies + Chanel necklace = perfection! SO adorable.
CoverGirl + Converse
Wendy said…
You seriously have the best taste! You realize you're good enough that you could do wardrobe or be a private shopper, don't you?!

Love this! (Those shoes!!!)

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