hello, 2013!

yesterday, as the brand-spankin-new year was ushered in enthusiastically, i pulled out my phone & quickly tapped out a list of resolutions. when the list was complete, i realized i had - indeed - dreamed up exactly thirteen extremely specific goals for the coming three-hundred-sixty-something-odd days. i know, it sounds ultimately contrived - thirteen goals for two thousand thirteen? but, really, i am a sucker for things like that. so i went along with it. 

i'm choosing to keep my goals quiet & private this year, if only for the notion that sharing them might jinx them. they are lofty, & personal, & exciting. and i fully intend to reveal them, as they - hopefully - come to fruition. 

until then, i'm sure to be found scribbling away in the may designs planner in the photo above. justin surprised me with it on christmas eve, & it's - dare i say - perfect. there really is something to be said for a beautiful notebook, or planner, or binder, or notepad. and well, this one is right up my alley. thank you, justin.

there was so much excitement & fun over this year's holidays, which i can't wait to share in this space - christmas with my family, whirlwind trips to shreveport, a dear friend's engagement, another road trip to wilmington [this time in a moving truck], etc. not only that, but i am anticipating the writing of a 2012 refection post. i'll admit, it all feels a bit overwhelming, what with all that happened in this past year. but i am going to put something together, & soon - you know, before the new year isn't quite so new anymore.

here's hoping that 2013 proves to be everything good we have all ever dared to hope for. 

photo: maybooks planner from justin \ instagram


Amanda said…
Such a beautiful planner and what a great surprise!
Good luck w/ your goals :)
Manda said…
I'm a sucker for all things "paper"- although I never stick to using planners. Buh.

I've found that if I use the term "resolution" and then share what they are- they never come to fruition.
So, I've just replaced the word with "hopes" for 2013. :)

Best Wishes,
Eat Cake
Tina Byland said…
That planner is gorg. I am glad you made it back safely from your wild moving trip.

I'm with you on parts of the goals for the year staying private and quiet. I went over what is driving my thoughts for the new year here: http://likeordinarylife.com/post/39378600787/2013-importance but I am trying to make a few big changes in my life soon & too many people read this blog space so it could be jeopardized. (ie, my coworkers read my blog but I'm job hunting.... just an example).

I wish you luck with your goals. You are really determined and I bet you'll do great!
Jayme and Mendi said…
Happy New Year to you!!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings
Raquel said…
Happy new year!! I've been hearing all about the maybooks, I might just order one for myself :)
Melissa said…
Love Maybooks! Happy New Year, lovely!

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