friday's fancies #55: all eyes on emerald.

let's talk for a moment about pantone's color of the year choice for 2013: emerald. in short, i love it. as a girl whose skin tone, eye color, & [well, current] hair color is largely flattered by this hue, i'm excited about all there will be to scoop up in this shade this year.

for this week's friday's fancies look, i decided to start with a neutral outfit base - a black t-shirt & some dark denim jeans. i felt all the beautiful emerald elements would really stand out next to these basics, & i like to think that notion was confirmed in the finished look. i tried to pick a favorite out of all of these green beauties, but i just... couldn't. admittedly, the red pop on the nails & lips rather lends itself to the christmas season, but, in essence, i believe it works.

and really, who wants to admit the holidays are behind us? i certainly don't.

friday's fancies #55: all eyes on | nail + lip duo | earrings | jeans | scarf | flats | eyeshadow

i'm definitely living in a fantasy world with some of the above-included items. i'm looking at you, absolutely-ridiculously-priced earrings.

dear job search, i will dominate you. and i will not let you get me down any longer. there is a job out there waiting for me - i just have to put in enough effort to find it. dear wilmington, i have been taking you for granted, sitting in my lonely apartment, for too long. today, i am getting out & getting to know you a little bit better. and maybe even taking some photos along the way. dear zumba, i get to try you tomorrow! i hope you're every bit as fun as i've heard you are. dear eating habits, you've cleared up a lot, & i love you for that. dear say yes to the dress, i have spent a lot of time in the past scoffing at you, & for that, i am sorry. since discovering your presence on netflix instant, you & i have become great friends. i genuinely wish we would have developed our bond sooner. dear kara, thank you for calling me yesterday. i needed that conversation! dear responsibilities, i'll be back soon, promise. dear sleeping habits, let's get it together, alright? dear negativity, your things are out on the doorstep. kindly join them.

friday's fancies \ {long distance loving}
friday's letters \ the sweet season


Holly said…
Loving your outfit combo! Love the glitzy earrings paired with something casual!
dear job search: YES! I love this attitude. you go girl!

p.s. when I went to a bridal thing with Ellie and Rose, Jon's cousin, I told them they had to be totally bitchy so we could reenact Say Yes! they laughed at me :(
Blue Dog Belle said…
Those earrings are AMAZING. Good luck with the job search love!
Amanda said…
This outfit is right up my alley! Like I want to have it in my closet right now. I usually have a hint of red in my hair and being fair skinned emerald has quickly become one of my go to shades!
Mree said…
Love this outfit!! That Phillip Lim top is fantastic. Great piece that would work in so many ways!!
Yesi said…
Yay to my Birthstone being so in this season! Love it!! Good luck on the job search! I know you can definitely do it! & say yes to the dress is an amazing show!!
Shon said…
Lovely combo here. I love the idea of pairing this look with the red polish.

Best to you on securing your job.

Happy Weekend.
Michelle said…
Piss off negativity you will get a job, ok! Promise! I know its hard but keep looking the right one is out there for you :)
Have a fabulous weekend x
I saw some emerald eyeshadow today and it looked amazing!! Not sure if I could pull it off but we'll see :) Have a great weekend!
so anthro said…
Oooh I love the idea of just emerald accessories, I would totally wear this! Have a great weekend, best of luck with the search!!
DJ said…
by Zumba, don't you mean Zimbabwe?? :)
Love those geode earrings, I would happily swoop a pait of those up!

Have a fabulous weekend lady!

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