our moving-truck-trek to wilmington.

the morning after seeing laura & jonathan get engaged, justin & i shoved off from shreveport in a big old moving truck, bound for wilmington. we had left some stuff in storage in our hometown these last few months, & it was time to retrieve it all. it was a long trip, but we enjoyed stopping at some good restaurants [& a new one for me in south carolina - fatz - that was delicious... especially the poppyseed rolls]. we also got to spend a lot of quality time together, & it really gave us a lot of time to talk about pretty much everything. i'm so glad justin was able to get some time off work so that we could take this trip!

just ask justin - i was ecstatic when we came over the bridge & saw wilmington from the other side of the river. after hours upon hours on the road, we had finally arrived home.

photos: the trek to wilmington \ instagram


Elias Madden said…
Hi there! How was your new house? House was the move? Congratulations on your move to Wilmington! I hope that it is a great neighborhood with friendly neighbors. :)


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