on the nature of dreams.

dreams don't have to be one-note, one-path progressions. they can come in layers, in different colors... they can come from what seems like two separate universes.

your dreams don't have to make sense. their lack of sense is not a tragedy, but otherwise, quite the opposite.

the only tragedy is if the duality of their nature becomes squelched. if you happen to think if i do the one, then i can't do the other. that's the only path you should fear.

can you think of anything better than being a person who chases every path they dream up, whether they all head in the same direction or not? because i cannot.

to me, it seems like the ultimate accomplishment, wherever exactly it is that i end up. in the middle of one path, at the end of another.

   this is what it's like to try.

photo: a dreary, post-holiday wilmington winter sky \ instagram


"A dream is a wish your heart makes..." -- Cinderella ♥

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