the sunday currently, volume 17.

reading beautiful creatures, by kami garcia & margaret stohl. i'm excited about this book in part because my old book club in shreveport just read it, & in part because there is a movie coming out soon. i have to admit, though, that the other night i was majorly missing the hobbit. i really enjoyed that book. and it seems as if les liasons dangereuses has been put on hold indefinitely, making way for my winter reading list selections.
writing lots of emails, reaching out to people here in hopes of finding a cool job. i had a bit of a meltdown this week, but i know it's just because i'm restless & want to feel as if i have a purpose. i am pressing on & have faith something will come along.
listening rut, party of one! i am in a major music rut. please leave me suggestions, if there is anything you're really loving at the moment. music used to be a very big part of my life, & i find i don't even have the energy to really listen to anything anymore. i think it's for lack of finding things i love right now. and i want that to change, in a big way.
thinking about all of the different avenues i'd like to go down through my career. i want to be a renaissance woman, but that doesn't necessarily make direction an easy thing to come by. i am really working on it. i want to create my own place in the career world, my own personal niche.
smelling out job leads. i am on a mission, ladies & gentlemen [as if you couldn't already tell].
wishing for peace, in my life & the world at large. a lofty wish, indeed, but sometimes things like that just need to be said out loud.
hoping to really click with our new camera [pun alert]. i love the notion of taking beautiful photographs. i'm really enjoying looking up articles to help me better understand the features of our d3000. suggestions & tips are always welcome!
wearing one of my softest & most favorite t-shirts: it is cornflower blue* in color, & a v-neck. i love it. also, my new polo pajama pants, that i got for christmas. such a great [sleepy-time] outfit! also wearing? some extreme soreness. my first experience with zumba was a success.
loving that my sister-in-law & brother-in-law are coming to visit us in wilmington next week. i love having visitors - it pushes me to explore more of the city. and i just like having family in town!
wanting to update my wardrobe. part of the reason i want a job is so that i can feel justified in buying some business attire. i really want some blazers - i never really was into them before, but now i think they're chic & cute.
needing to stop being so hard on myself. half the battle with me & this job search are the impossible standards i seem to have ingrained in my mind. i need to relax a bit more & go with the flow. 
feeling happy that we saw the gangster squad last night. i really loved it, & justin thought it was pretty good. he is a tougher critic to please than i am. i love mobster movies, & i also love emma stone.
clicking a post about letting positivity in & pushing negativity out. i am definitely a person who can get wrapped up in all the negative going on in the world & let it bring me down. this post reminded me that that is not the only option.

a post about being a doer. i need reminders to get out there & do what i want often - & this post provided that for me this week.

also, thinking a lot about alison's post on getting real this year. sometimes, i pressure myself about getting on a blogging schedule, & at times, i feel my content is not exactly where i want it to be. reading her post really freed me; i am only going to publish posts that i am in love with from now on. there is no schedule - no hard & fast rules - you have to follow as a blogger. for me, this is about expression, connecting with other readers, & about creating a space i'm proud of - one that provides a comfort to both me & my readers. so that's what i'm going to focus on, from here on out.

*using a color description like that reminds me of the huge boxes of crayola crayons. you know, the ones that have gold, silver, bronze... &, of course, cornflower.

photo: winter tree tops at hugh macrae \ nikon


Kaitlyn said…
Hi Lauren! I just started playing along with the Sunday Currently. Eliza over at Case Study was my inspiration and she told me you started the whole idea! I submitted my link here, but just in case, my blog is and I'm Kaitlyn. So glad to meet other bloggy friends! xo!
Ashley said…
I've been wanting some new music lately too. (not necessarily new but at least new to me) I shared a song I like on my Sunday Currently post today.

I'm also really enjoying music by Imagine Dragons, Matt Wertz, The Weepies, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Just to name a few randoms. :)

I'm off to read some of the posts you mentioned... I could use some inspiration right now too. Happy Sunday!
Sarah said…
I totally hear you about wanting to understand a fun new camera! I've also been browsing photography articles to try to understand the mechanics behind a good photograph. It's fun to learn something new!
Allyssa said…
I didn't know Beautiful Creatures was a book! I wanted to see the movie, but I guess now I'll have to make sure I read the book first!
Ashley said…
I really want to see Gangster Squad! I'm so glad you liked it! That's next on my list :) Love playing along with this link-up of yours... Happy Sunday, girlie. xox
Kate Harvey said…
How did you like Zumba?!?! It's my favorite way to exercise, I go 3 times a week!

This week is my first Sunday Currently post and it was so much fun! Thanks for starting the trend :)
If you ever have a camera question, I'm happy to talk it out with you!! :) And ditto on the music thing.
We should probably discuss this music issue with imannaclaire.
Shon said…
Beautifully spoken. Thank you for the gentle reminder to just be. I pray that you receive all that you hope for.

Enjoy this time that you have to ponder and meditate on lovely things.

Great post! Good luck on the job front - it will happen!

Aaah! I usually remember to do the Sunday Currently...on Monday! haha. I do enjoy it. :) Thanks for the link, lady. I really enjoy your blog and your comments. Keep shooting for the moon! Even if you miss, you land among the stars, right?
Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

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