winter wrap-up reading list.

if you've been reading this blog for a long time, you may remember that i used to post reading lists for each season. often, i tried to read at least ten books each summer, but i've found that with all the wedding hubbub, as well as moving states away from home, reading has fallen to the wayside. 

for this reason, i've opted to reinstate my seasonal reading list posts. of course, each book i complete will be acknowledged through its very own critique cache post, instead of the wrap-up posts of yesteryear.

beautiful creatures, by kami garcia & margaret stohl
little women, by louisa may alcott
the bad beginning; or orphans!, by lemony snicket
the casual vacancy, by j.k. rowling

i'm actually allowing myself to the end of march to complete these books, so i can get back into the flow of reading regularly & swiftly. this may result in a shorter spring list. we'll see. please do share what you're reading - or planning to read - this year. i'm already on the hunt for books to add to my spring & summer lists.

photo: books & a nook \ nikon


Jen said…
I just started The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. It's been on my shelf for ages! Seems good so far.
Nice pics :)


Coline !

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