laura's engaged!

on a rainy, early morning - around five-thirty a.m. - justin & i drove over to the airport to take one of the earliest flights out of town. we were bound for shreveport, but our flights only took us as far as dallas. after a quick road trip with landon, jennifer, leigha, & layton, justin's mom picked us up & took us to pick up our moving truck. then, it was right on over to the storage unit, where dad, ward, & brian met us to move the rest of our furniture. thennnn, it was quickly on to our respective houses to get ready for the surprise engagement depicted [somewhat blurily] below.

following the festivities, we ate taco bell, got some sleep, then woke early. after breakfast at another broken egg with ward & rachel, we hit the road in our moving truck for our two-day trip to wilmington, which i'll soon re-cap here.

it was such a whirlwind, quick trip, but seeing one of my best & oldest friends get engaged was worth it! 

photos: laura + jonathan's engagement \ iphone


Wendy said…
How awesome! Congrats to Laura! :)
That's so exciting! Congrats!
Alexa said…
Yay! So fun! Love your photos!
Manda said…
Awe, such a good memory to have!

--Manda from Eat Cake
Jamie said…
Congrats to your friend!
Amy Powell said…
engagements always make me happy, even if I don't know the person. congrats to them!!

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