one more little taste of christmas in wilmington.

now that it seems we're officially in the midst of the after-holidays winter slump, i thought i'd share a few more photos from when my family visited wilmington for christmas. if you can't get over the fact that the holidays are over, just pretend that they aren't, right?

christmas 2012 in wilmington is one i'm sure i'll always remember. it was our first married christmas, my family's first time visiting us, & a time of good food, afternoons lounging & watching movies together, & tons of time exploring this great city. looking back on these photos makes the anticipation for next christmas even greater.

photos: christmas in wilmington \ nikon


Love these. Miss you and your sweet, sarcastic family.
linz marie said…
photos = YESSSSSSSSSS :):):):)
Ashley said…
I'm pretending Christmas isn't over yet, and I'm still searching for signs of winter. ;)

I loved 'visiting' Wilmington with you today.
Shon said…
Sounds like a grand time.

I visited friends on vacation in Wrightsville once and loved it.

You should hop on down to Charleston and meet me for lunch sometime or I guess Myrtle Beach would be half way?? Sounds like fun!
Tina Byland said…
You need to do a whole post on that brewery. I love restaurants and breweries are my faves! :)
Mree said…
Great pictures!!! I just took my Christmas decorations down this past weekend. I miss them already!!
Love it! I can't believe Christmas was over a month ago...but at least you still have pictures to remember it by. I still remember my first married Christmas too. It was definitely a good one :) xoxo

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