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mama said.

it rained almost the entire day yesterday*
Yesterday was just one of those days.

One of those days in which, no matter how many lists I made - in my head, or on paper - I just couldn't bring myself to do, well... anything. 

I find myself at odds with myself [yikes, awkward wording], because at my core, I am two very different people. One of them is a type-A, obsessive compulsive neat freak perfectionist who wants everything to be just so & always in order. The other one enjoys long naps on the couch & procrastinating to the Nth degree. 

How did I end up with these two very different aspects of one personality? Well, if I'm honest, I believe that I've grown to use procrastination as a coping mechanism for the stress that obsessive compulsive thoughts & behaviors cause. If I can't do everything perfectly, maybe I just won't do it at all. That's a thought that drives my day-to-day life at times. And, obviously, that's a problem. I mean, it's not ex…

charleston snapshot: washington square.

As Justin & I roamed the streets of Charleston's Historic District, we stumbled upon an area of lush, inviting greenery. This area was Washington Square, & it almost instantly became one of my favorite parts of the city. Seriously, it is a little piece of serene, tucked-away Heaven, in the midst of an already charm-infused area.
see? heavenly.
washington had a lot of visitors that day.
Want to see more of Charleston? charleston snapshot: glimpses of spring.
As always, more coming soon. Next, I'll be taking you to Waterfront Park.

photos: washington square, charleston, south carolina \ nikon

the sunday currently, volume 23.

Have you ever had one of those days, where you just feel cozy in your clothes? Like, somehow, you've just hit the nail on the head with your outfit, really channeled yourself through what you chose to put on?

Well, that happened for me, earlier this week, & you can view a tiny piece of the outfit in that photo to the left, there. The scarf was a gift from my sister, & it's something I love every single time I wear it.

Beyond that, this past week has just been one in which I've felt incredibly happy. Ask Justin: this, coming from a girl who, around a week ago, could barely pry herself out of bed, nor quit sulking about the fact that she had still not found a job in her new city, was a big deal. 

I don't know: I guess I've just felt like I'm finally on the right track; like I've been sent signs from God, that there's a reason for this struggle. And really, nothing can compare to that reassurance.
reading in far too sporadic a manner. Little Women, no …

friday's letters, to myself.

this is me. messy hair on top of head. ridiculous facial expression. sunglasses. gaudy pearls.
It's always been a kind of unspoken rule around here on this blog, that I'd focus less on myself, & more on things I find inspiration through, photos of things I'm doing with Justin or my family or my friends. That was my comfort level from the beginning, & while I'd include the occasional amateur outfit post like right here, or some other image of myself, I knew that was something I wanted to shy away from a little bit.
But recently, I've felt my blog is falling a little flat. Lacking in voice. I was having a hard time figuring out why, until I picked up ink-&-paper journaling again... Writing exactly what was on my mind, without being conscious of whether or not it was blog content worthy or what I deemed interesting enough. As I fell back into the routine of really knowing myself & my thoughts, I realized something: this is the kind of stuff I like to rea…

charleston snapshot: glimpses of spring.

While we were traipsing around Charleston for our Valentine's Day trip, we saw little visions of Spring popping up all around us. It was so nice to see the colorful scenery & think of the brightest season of the year being right around the corner.

and now, for the window boxes. oh, how i loved the window boxes.
hey justin...
More from our weekend adventure in The Holy City coming soon.

photos: spring scenes in charleston \ nikon

a little wish list: high end beauty products.

bronzer | base | highlighter | bioderma | flushed | polish | MSF | lip pencil | basics | multiple | smudge pot | blush | lipstick

Back at the end of the January, I put together the drug store beauty edition of my little wish list series. Today I'm bringing you the high end version. And apparently, I'm really jonesing for some cheek products.
FACE | Ever since its explosion onto the YouTube beauty scene, I have been wishing for Bioderma. Ever on the hunt for ways to improve my skincare regimen, this product is extremely attractive to me. It's true: I have previously owned the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, & I am really wanting to go back there. The coverage is the perfect mix of wait, you have acne? & wait, you have on foundation?
CHEEKS | Ok, everyone, here is where I go a little crazy in terms of wishing. I have a grand total of six high end cheek products depicted here. And yes, I really do think my makeup collection would benefit from all of them. Here's why.…

valentine's day snapshot.

In the nearly eight years that Justin & I have been together, we have always acknowledged & celebrated Valentine's Day, but never in a huge, over-the-top way. We prefer to keep this holiday understated & simple, & that is exactly how I like it. This year, Valentine's Day was a Thursday, & while Justin was at work, I collected the necessary ingredients & cooked up some candied jalapenos. Lessons learned: remove the jalapeno seeds so they're not scorching hot, & prepare the jalapenos a few days in advance so they can really stew & sweeten up in the syrup. Though this treat wasn't perfectly executed, I think Justin really appreciated it, as he has been requesting this confection for... I don't even know how long. I think he was thrilled I finally got around to it, & I'm not going to lie, I definitely benefitted form eating this spicy, sweet, cream cheese, wheat thins goodness. 
That evening, we dined at Dock Street Oyster Bar - a …

the sunday currently, volume 22.

reading articles each morning about random things i'm interested in, recently. i'll brew my cuppa joe, pop my toast in the oven to crisp, & go totally random with google. i really have learned a lot this week, in this way, & it's a little morning ritual i plan to continue.  writing reply comments through disqus now. for quite a little while, there, i really didn't like diqus, to be honest. now, i get what all the fuss is about. it has made it so much less of a headache for me to reply to my comments, & i love that is inspires discussion on my blog - anyone can reply to any comment. i think that's cool. thank you, disqus. listening to a brand new alarm tone - hedwig's theme. it makes waking up that much sweeter, really. shout out to jenni for this idea. i'm kind of in love with it. harry potter nerds, unite! thinking that my diet is about to go through an enormous overhaul. justin & i have been working out nearly every single night, but for some…

friday's fancies #59: red + pink.

valentine's day may have come & gone, but i am still extremely excited about this little red + pink ensemble. when i sat down to pull this look together, i was really feeling the kate spade vibe. in fact, the lipstick, earrings, sunglasses, necklace, shoes, & bag all have this precious brand name in common. i was going to try & make the whole look with kate in mind, but in the end, this lace peplum top & black pencil skirt won out. i chose the cosmetics route to fulfill the pink component of this look - i have always wanted to try out the makeup from topshop... & that ysl blush? yes please.
since justin & i took our valentine's day trip to charleston last weekend, we will enjoy a low-key saturday & sunday this week, hopefully getting some housework, errands, & church attendance accomplished. we are also planning to go grocery shopping, in order to try out some new crock pot recipes next week. here's to the weekend!
liptsick | earrings | sungla…

because that's what today is about...

happy valentine's day, everyone!

photo: kara, in front of the love wall in downtown wilmington, nc \ nikon

our wedding through the focused linz: the reception.

this week i am sharing some of my favorite photos that lindsey snapped during our wedding weekend.
so, we've now made it to the reception! the reception is supposed to be the most relaxing part of a girl's wedding day, but i would be lying if i said i wasn't stressed also about the proceedings during our reception. if you learn anything through my sharing of our wedding festivities, please let it be the following: calm down. relax. enjoy your wedding. throw caution to the wind. be in the moment. don't worry about when are we supposed to be cutting the cake or is this the right song to be playing while we eat. just enjoy your day. this is the party part. so.... party!

we danced to 'heaven,' by bryan adams

laughing over how awkward it is to dance for what feels like an eternity in front of a whole bunch of people

my dad & i danced to 'my girl,' by the temptations

we even made up a little routine

justin & his mom danced to 'have i told you lately,…