the sunday currently, volume 22.

reading articles each morning about random things i'm interested in, recently. i'll brew my cuppa joe, pop my toast in the oven to crisp, & go totally random with google. i really have learned a lot this week, in this way, & it's a little morning ritual i plan to continue. 
writing reply comments through disqus now. for quite a little while, there, i really didn't like diqus, to be honest. now, i get what all the fuss is about. it has made it so much less of a headache for me to reply to my comments, & i love that is inspires discussion on my blog - anyone can reply to any comment. i think that's cool. thank you, disqus.
listening to a brand new alarm tone - hedwig's theme. it makes waking up that much sweeter, really. shout out to jenni for this idea. i'm kind of in love with it. harry potter nerds, unite!
thinking that my diet is about to go through an enormous overhaul. justin & i have been working out nearly every single night, but for some reason, this routine has left me craving sweets like a crazy person. up until this weekend, i had been giving in [unfortunately], but with the birth of our crock pot meal planning fascination, i think things are back on the right track. and i may be going on a sweets cleanse... more coming soon on that. i have a very important wedding coming up soon, folks. this is go time.
smelling our new bath & body works hand soaps. i stock both of our bathrooms, as well as our kitchen, with somewhat-seasonal selections from my favorite store, year-round. i have to say, i am already missing the sickly sweet winter scents, but the current trio - cucumber melon, sea island cotton, & warm vanilla sugar - doesn't leave anything to be desired. i think i could spend my entire life in bath & body works. ridiculous? maybe.
wishing for the courage & drive to make my big dreams come true. 
hoping our crock pot meals will be a success - i think they will.
wearing warm clothes. it snowed yesterday! also, i've been wearing my signature scent - burberry brit - lately. i'm telling you, for me, no scent compares.
loving my lenten promises this year. i've promised to drink at least eight glasses of water per day, to become an early riser [the goal is to be waking at six a.m. by easter], to tackle procrastination by making a to-do list each week & completing it - no excuses, & to attend church every sunday. that last one is both mine & justin's combined lent promise - & the one i'm the most excited about.
wanting to get hired this week! i've got plans, people.
needing to go through & edit my photos from our time in the holy city. the whole time we were there last weekend, this song was in my head. 
feeling like february is flying by a lot faster than january did. the goal? make march go by slowly.
clicking sam's beautiful flower photos. also, these reassuring words, that i found through joelle's five things series. also? this DIY instagram photo album - i want to do my own! and also, one of my new favorites.

photo: a wilmington sky \ nikon


Kate Harvey said…
I recently installed Disqus too and totally agree with everything you wrote. It makes it so much easier to respond to comments and I love that everyone can see the replies. And the commenter is notified. Perfect!

Does your Lenten promise mean that you found a church? I'm happy for you!

You'll have to blog about your crock pot meals. I've been wanting one but am putting it off.

Happy Sunday!
Tina Byland said…
Disqus is where it's at! I've used Disqus since the beginning and I love it. Glad you are making the switch. I think it's kind of awesome!

I'm craving sweets, too. I've needed to cut back bigtime, though, because of the antibiotics I am on..... tmi? no? Ugh... they turn me into a mushroom. (if you know what I mean...)

Get hired??!?!?!?!!?! Do spill the plans! Happy Sunday, by the way!
Maggie Donnelly said…
I'm loving the morning routine! What a great way to relax in the mornings and learn new things. Way to go on working out every night!!! That is awesome, and it's so funny to hear you say that it's making you crave sweets because it makes me crave vitamin water and fruits, lots and lots of fruit!!! YAY for using your crock pot, gotta love how convenient it is and how homey and tasty the meals are.

What beautiful Lenten promises!!! I love all of them, especially the going to church every sunday one.

Such a great Sunday Currently post. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and hopefully we can slow the rest of Febuary down a little bit! =)
Autumn said…
I really like that you have Disqus here, too. I"m finding it difficult to comment on blogspot blogs when I don't have a blogger ID... I'm still trying to decide whether to register with OpenID (or google, I suppose) so I can do more commenting.
Sarah L said…
Hurrah for crock pot meals! They make cooking so easy, which is always a bonus. I hope you get some good meals this week!
I love reading articles too.. I like reading your post :)

siddathornton said…
they really do simplify things - & i love walking into the house in the afternoon & it smelling delicious!
siddathornton said…
i'm really starting to think disqus is one of the most convenient options.
siddathornton said…
haha, i think most anything can make me crave sweets - i don't need much help on that front, haha. this week i'm not going to give in to the cravings. :)
siddathornton said…
facebook is a dangerous trap for me! i do my best to stay off of there, especially when i'm on my laptop. usually, i'll just allow myself a quick look every once in a while, on my phone. in college, i'd spend hours on facebook - it was out of control. all of my friends did, too.
siddathornton said…
i'm really starting to love disqus - i'm kind of excited about it, actually!

i understand with the sweets + the antibiotics... been there. it's hard for me to say no to sweets - it's like my body NEEDS them or something. usually, i'll try to replace a sugar craving with a cup of coffee... but that can get a little caffeine excessive, i'm afraid. ;)

well, justin & i are working on opening my business [YAY], but i want to have a part-time job [or a full-time job], to help with costs, & to get me out of the house daily so i'm not shut up in here all day long. fingers crossed!
siddathornton said…
yes, for some reason, it took me a lot longer to respond to comments when i was having to do it via email. something about the response being connected to the original post is just more aesthetically pleasing to me, too.

we haven't officially found a church yet, unfortunately, but we'll use every-sunday-attendance as a way to try out different ones. as long as i am getting to church, i'll feel better. i hate when it's missing from my life!

i'll definitely blog any great crock pot recipes i come across - i'm excited about it!
Maggie Donnelly said…
Is disqus compatible with a blogspot blog? I'm really liking how this is set up!!! Creates fun conversations and so easy to comment and reply. Also, I just noticed how big yesterdays Sunday Currently was!!! Yay. Stop by today, or tomorrow and join in on some link up fun =)
siddathornton said…
yep, it's compatible with blogspot - that's what mine is, & it works wonderfully.

and a huge YAY for all the link-ups with the sunday currently this week. it makes my day :)
Natalie Palmer said…
I can completely relate to your "wishing" statement. I feel like I go back and forth: sometimes I feel so passionate and excited to do all the legwork to make some of my dreams a reality, and then I'll get a little insecure about my ability to do it. It's such a dumb little mental game. But you can DO IT! :-)
Maya McDonald said…
I love your Sunday Currently Posts, such a great series and a fabulous idea :) I am also having crazy cravings right now...I get home from working out and I literally tear apart the kitchen..... I have to purge all the bad stuff from our fridge!

siddathornton said…
that is exactly, to-a-T what i do to myself. some days, i feel like i can take on the world, & other days, i feel like i can't even leave my house. i think the fact that it's a struggle for me, will make it that much sweeter if i do succeed.

thank you so much for your sweet encouragement - & know that you can do anything you set your mind to, as well! let's change the world ;)
Amy Lynn said…
I love Bath and Body Works soaps! They really are the best smelling ones you can find. I'm terrible about stocking up on them, but my sister-in-law keeps them by every sink in her house too.

I love to drink my coffee while browsing the internet too, but I seem to spend more time on facebook and blogger than anything else! It's such a time suck for me, ha!

Happy Sunday!

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