mama said.

it rained almost the entire day yesterday*

Yesterday was just one of those days.

One of those days in which, no matter how many lists I made - in my head, or on paper - I just couldn't bring myself to do, well... anything. 

I find myself at odds with myself [yikes, awkward wording], because at my core, I am two very different people. One of them is a type-A, obsessive compulsive neat freak perfectionist who wants everything to be just so & always in order. The other one enjoys long naps on the couch & procrastinating to the Nth degree. 

How did I end up with these two very different aspects of one personality? Well, if I'm honest, I believe that I've grown to use procrastination as a coping mechanism for the stress that obsessive compulsive thoughts & behaviors cause. If I can't do everything perfectly, maybe I just won't do it at all. That's a thought that drives my day-to-day life at times. And, obviously, that's a problem. I mean, it's not exactly conducive to getting things done that need to be done [like the enormous pile of clean laundry in our guest bedroom that is wrinkling up as we speak].

I realize that neither extreme I turn to is correct, or positive, or productive. It is my hope that eventually I will stumble across an effective method for balance & productivity. Until then, it's back to the drawing board...

Tell me, how do you amp up your productivity, even on days when it feels impossible to do absolutely anything right?

photo: rainy panes \ nikon

*so yeah, there was that, too.


Rose said…
I am the same way! I know how you feel. There are days where I HAVE to get stuff done and it all has to be perfect and just like I envisioned in my head. And then there are days where even though I *should* be getting stuff done, I decided it's better to just lounge around the house. And I have a giant pile of laundry that needs to be put away too lol its 6 loads to be precise. Mine is folded though because I can not stand the thought of wrinkled clothes.

Jess said…
Love the picture you chose to depict the day! Unfortunately, being currently unemployed, I have days like this all the time, but I`m trying to learn how to pull myself out of it.
Joelle Duff said…
I could have written this. I am the exact same way. I want everything to be perfect, absolutely, 100% perfect, but there are times I just can't find the energy to even start! Or, I get so self conscious, thinking that I'll never be able to get it the way that I want it to be, that I stress over it more than I work on it. It's a terrible habit, but it's definitely something that a lot of people go through. My husband gets really mad about me because of it too, I just can't figure out how to get motivated most of the time. I hope you have a better day today, and I hope that not every day is like this for you!
Jac Shull said…
That's a very good question. Today I'm searching hardcore for some motivation. This rain {for 2 days} is killing me. When you find the answer to motivation magic - please pass it along!
I am definitely guilty of procrastinating to the point of telling myself that it is simply too late to get started on a project or do anything productive. Then I end up feeling worse when I just sit there drowning in nothing-ness. So I've found it helpful to pick one small thing that I can feel good about, even if it's just taking a shower and putting on clean clothes! Sometimes changing my scenery helps me change my mindset, like going to Starbucks to read a book or going for a quick run. By the time I've done that, I'm usually feeling more motivated and tell myself that I can *practice* getting other stuff done, even if it's not perfect or complete. It can be hard, but I always feel better about doing something small than doing nothing at all.
Sarah said…
I have two different girls inside of me too! They don't have the same probs as yours usually, but they're both definitely there. One thing I catch myself doing on days when I feel like I haven't done one doggone productive thing is telling someone else about my day. Usually, I feel completely lazy and unaccomplished but I've done *this*, *this*, and *this* with my blog, and *this* with emails, and *this* with cleaning up the place, and *this* with catching up with family or friends, and *this* for who knows what. Our every day, ordinary tasks don't seem like accomplishments to us because we do them everyday. But they really are something to brag about! I bet if you looked back over yesterday, there were lots of things you DID do and you did them well. That usually helps me, anyway. Hope you're feeling back in sorts today. :)
Amy Lynn said…
This is me to a T! I constantly let things go most of the time, and I am so stinkin' lazy it's not even funny! But when I finally want something done, I do it right, and perfectly. Cleaning wise, anyways. I won't let my husband do the dishes when the sink is over flowing, because he doesn't know how exactly the dishes are put away. When my parents come to town, I hardly enjoy it because I'm running around cleaning like crazy! Then I'll crash and I'll be fluffing the same load of laundry for a week. I have the same dream of someday finding that happy medium, so let me know if you find it? I can usually tell when that switch goes from lazy to productive, but I honestly have no idea what does it!

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