next week: our wedding through the focused linz.

next week, i am absolutely thrilled to share with everyone some photos that my dear friend, lindsey, snapped during our wedding weekend, along with details from the festivities.

i talked a little bit about lindsey & how we got to know one another here, but that post doesn't really do our friendship justice. lindsey is just one of those extraordinary friends who always makes me laugh, always makes me want to go on an adventure, & always makes me want the most out of my life. i miss working with/living in the same city as this girl every day, & i hope that sentiment is communicated through my many random text messages, comprised mostly of weirdness & 'you have to listen to this' music suggestions. i think it is.

not only is lindsey one of the friendliest, most fun, well-dressed people i've ever met, she also has many talents, one of them being photography. and while she captured our celebration in both this post & this post, i still wanted to share some of my favorites over here in my little corner of the internet. not to mention, she also has a little wedding of her own coming up, & to say i can't wait for all the festivities is the understatement of the century.

i'll soon be sharing more when i post the photos from our photographer, shana burke. those posts will be coming in the next couple of months. it's harder than i thought it would be, to write about my wedding day. so much anticipation & emotion went into that day, it's difficult to find adequate words to describe it, but i'm going to try. the accompanying honeymoon posts have proven difficult to put into words as well, but they are coming along. i can't wait to share!

photo: a favorite from the day \ iphone


Rachel said…
I cannot wait to see the moments she captured of your day in photograph! There is nothing like a best friend even if they live states away! Random text are the best! I am looking forward to your posts!:)

Rachel ~ Topaz n Pearls
Ashley said…
I love friends like that. It's nice to have people in your life who bring out the good!

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