friday's letters, to myself.

this is me. messy hair on top of head. ridiculous facial expression. sunglasses. gaudy pearls.

It's always been a kind of unspoken rule around here on this blog, that I'd focus less on myself, & more on things I find inspiration through, photos of things I'm doing with Justin or my family or my friends. That was my comfort level from the beginning, & while I'd include the occasional amateur outfit post like right here, or some other image of myself, I knew that was something I wanted to shy away from a little bit.

But recently, I've felt my blog is falling a little flat. Lacking in voice. I was having a hard time figuring out why, until I picked up ink-&-paper journaling again... Writing exactly what was on my mind, without being conscious of whether or not it was blog content worthy or what I deemed interesting enough. As I fell back into the routine of really knowing myself & my thoughts, I realized something: this is the kind of stuff I like to read on other blogs. And yesterday, when I found myself reading this post, I knew it was time for me to change things around over here a little bit, for what I think will be the better. 

Don't worry - there will still be what I'm sure you may consider a surplus of wish list [MAKEUP!] compilations, Friday's Fancies posts, & other such content here. But it will be alongside more of my thoughts, more of my daily life... more of me. Yikes - that sounds way self-involved. That's not the way I mean it, promise.

In keeping with this theme, I've deemed today's Friday's Letters to be of the Dear Lauren... variety.

Dear Lauren, Enjoy consuming sweets for the next few days, because come March, you're not eating them, unless it's cheat day, which only happens once per week. Same goes for April. This is a small price to pay for looking your absolute best at Lindsey's wedding in May. Dear Lauren, Good call choosing the Southern Pecan coffee at Harris Teeter. Dear Lauren, Feel free to watch Clueless at least once per week for the foreseeable future. It's just good for the soul, you know? Dear Lauren, Get excited for wearing brights in a few days! Spring is right around the corner. Time to pick out all the bold nail polishes from the back of your bathroom cabinet! Dear Lauren, Thank goodness you haven't been so depressed this week. Good job moving forward more with the business & devising a plan. Let's do even better next week.

Happy weekend! I hope I'll see y'all back here on Sunday for another edition of The Sunday Currently.

photo: christmas day downtown \ nikon

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siddathornton said…
ahhh, thank you so much, ma'am :) i hope you had a great birthday week weekend!
Joelle Duff said…
You are adorable Lauren. Also, I'm excited to read more about YOU! Because I heart you ;) Have a fab weekend! xoxo
Nikell said…
Great letter to yourself. Clueless was my movie back in the day (^_^)
siddathornton said…
i absolutely love it - it's deliciously sensationalized & a total guilty pleasure of mine.
girl, we read Siddathornton for YOU! love the letters to yourself - I might steal this idea :) I love how proactive you're being about everything... positive thinking really does work!
siddathornton said…
thank you for the encouragement, betsy! the nature of blogging is funny in that it feels ever-changing - i always just feel like i'm trying to keep up, which i find is equal parts stress-inducing & exhilarating.

the letters to myself this week felt good - definitely steal the idea... it was fun! :)

and yes, positive thinking, from now on.

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