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friday's fancies #28: date night + shreveport bound.

justin is back again this week for friday's fancies!
and girls, honestly, i don't think we'll be seeing a fancies outfit designed by me alone for quite some time. justin is in absolute love with putting together the outfits with me, it's true. but what he's even more in love with, is reading what y'all have to say about what he puts together. for this week's theme, date night, justin thought a movie in the park would be fun. i'll be honest, at first i was a little worried that it would come out looking like our picnic ensemble from last week, but i think we're in the clear! be sure to check out the other looks on {long distance loving}.
friday's fancies #28: a movie in the park. by siddathornton featuring slimming pants

today, after some little errands this morning, justin & i are booking it over to raleigh to catch a flight to our hometown, where we'll be spending the weekend. having been in kinston for nearly two months now, i'm ex…

mid-week currents: sales, travels, & stress.

reading may's instyle.  though i am saving most of it for my flights on friday. 
writing the chronicle of my career. you can see the first installment here.
listening to a mix of artists  some of my dearest friends suggested. they include james morrison, ed sheeran,  jj grey and mofro, lionel richie, walk the moon (really love tightrope), a silent film, & james vincent mcmorrow  (really love if i had a boat & breaking hearts).
thinking about everything i need to do today. it's quite a list, i'll tell ya that much.  but my run is going to come first. exercise has been my priority as of late.
smelling my coconut oil infused hair. i've been using coconut oil as a moisturizer  in both my hair & skin about once a week, for about a month now. a shout out goes to nikki phillippi on youtube for that recommendation. thank you! [watch this video]
wishing for safe travels in a couple days as we head to our hometown. so excited to see everyone!
hoping everything …

the ugly truth about my career.

as i am highly dramatic & tend to ramble, this story shall be split into parts. sorry, i'm not sorry.
i am not one of those people who knew what they wanted to do with their life by the time they hit fifth grade.  but, i did know people like that - they went on to become doctors, teachers, architects, part of the military...
and i think some small part of me envied them then.
but i know a large part of me envies them now. 
as a freshman in college, i began working my way toward a career in graphic design. that is, until my drawing teacher told me i couldn't draw. in hindsight, i realize that teacher was just being honest with me - telling me what in truth i already knew:  that i wasn't going to be making a living by drawing.  but, in the moment, it felt both devastating & humiliating.  [it's hard enough to enter a classroom full of your peers,  put your work on display for all to see, then listen as they & the teacher critique it. it's even harder when t…

a couple of photos for your monday.

something i love today: when justin cooks dinner.

photos: iphone

a lovely little weekend.

i'm not going to lie: i've been extremely spoiled this weekend.
i've had starbucks three days in a row. and today, we got it for free. but don't worry -  i have nearly cried tears of thankfulness at these pops through that beloved, caffeine-laden drive through. the privilege of this situation is not lost on me.

other delicacies we've enjoyed on this road trip weekend include strawberry banana smoothies from cafe brava,

authentic japanese fare at genki,

& the most delicious mexican lunch at azteca.
and don't even get me started on the caramel popcorn & cherry coke we enjoyed while seeing 21 jump street at the carmike theater.
or the home cooked buffet we experienced at mccall's, complete with steaming fruit cobblers & soft-serve ice cream.
but food wasn't the only main event; there was also shopping. pfgs, button-ups, & sweaters for justin. neon, dresses, feather & arrow earrings, & spring time sandals for me.
and all of those lo…

a little golf date.

back when we were still in college, as well as when we were still living in shreveport,
a favorite pastime of justin's was to hit the course for a round of golf.
when he wasn't going to meet up with his friends, i would often accompany him.
now, don't be fooled: my golfing skills could definitely use some work.
mostly, my involvement out on the course includes
indulging in my current read, cheering on the good shots, & encouraging on the not-so-good ones.
i'm happy to say that nothing has changed.
last sunday, for the first time since our move to kinston, we hit the course
at falling creek country club for an afternoon of sunshine, reading, and, well.. of course, golf.

not only did justin get to brush up on his skills in preparation  for the sae golf tournament he'll be playing in next weekend,  but we also got to spend some quality time together [and i got to read harry potter].  it was the perfect little lazy sunday afternoon, & i can't wait to go ba…

friday's fancies #27: justin's take on picnic duds.

let the records show that for this week's friday's fancies, justin asked me if he could put together my outfit for me. i'm kind of loving his fancies enthusiasm, & i have to say, he has great taste! budgets aside, i would gladly don this preppy look if i were attending a lazy sunday afternoon picnic. 
and that watch? yes please. 
now we just need to hit the mall for a little shopping spree...
friday's fancies #27: justin's take on picnic duds. by siddathornton featuring Ray-Ban sunglasses

link-up: friday's fancies on {long distance loving}

make something.

so often, i find myself in a state of limbo. wanting to do something, thinking of doing something, dreaming of doing something. but, almost just as often, i stop myself. worrying about the tiniest of details. worrying that what i create, what i write, what i try... won't be perfect. so, then what happens? nothing is created. nothing is written. nothing is tried. and, i find:  that state of limbo is worse than failure. so, this is a project i challenge myself with: create. write. try. without fear.

starbucks sunday: easter currents.

on this easter sunday, justin & i saw our visitors - his mom & sister - off, as they are heading back to shreveport today. 
then, we hopped in the car & drove down to new bern for brunch at baker's kitchen, which i've read numerous rave reviews about. while we didn't get to sample their main event item - the french toast - we were equally pleased with our pancakes, eggs over easy, &, in justin's case, a giant belgian waffle. we sipped coffee, discussed life, & just generally enjoyed each other's company. it was quite a perfect easter brunch! 
both before & afterwards, we explored downtown new bern, which is a gorgeous, serene, water-surrounded little town. the church steeples rise high into the sky as the weeping willows fall down onto the brick sidewalks. it's a perfectly peaceful place, one i'd like to return to soon. we also saw some little corgi puppies for sale in the window of one of the shops. i wish we could have played with…

another night.

i am wearing a white dress
and a flower necklace.
i walk over the threshold,
& emotions overflow.
i see the ribbons,
i see the smiles,
i see the surprise.
but most of all, i see you.
all of you.
but coming together.
in one grand,
overwhelming gesture.
and in that moment,
i know how lucky
i really am.
thank you.

friday's fancies #26: flower power.

it's flower power week over on {long distance loving}! {av} has chosen a floral frenzy for this round of friday's fancies.
at first, i was going to go for a more subdued look, but the more i thought about flower power, the more i realized that this week - if any - was the week to go all out. sure, the shoes may be a bit much... sure, the bag paired with the necklace and the floral dress is a little obnoxious. but... i've found, sometimes wearing lots of bold pieces can take your day from meh to bring it on! friday's fancies #26: flower power. by siddathornton featuring wedge heels

without a doubt, this dorothy perkins vintage floral dress would feel right at home in my closet. classic lines, playful details... it is the stuff of legends, i tell you. and honestly, who can really say they don't wish for a valentino bag, & more specifically, this red, floral beauty? to be quite frank, the mai tai of day wedges have been sitting in my saved items of polyvore for a w…

a photo for your thursday.

today's wish: to know all the presidents, in order, by heart.

photo: iphone