Sunday, April 1, 2012

starbucks sunday: currents + a new 'ing.'

on this, the first starbucks sunday of april, two thousand twelve, no starbucks of the from-an-actual-free-standing-starbucks variety was had. though, a close second, a bottled frappuccino in the flavor coffee was devoured promptly following a sunday evening workout, after the above photo was taken, as well as after a little pop into walgreens to purchase said drink & pick up tower heist from red box.


reading my april real simple.

writing birthday cards to be put into the mail.

listening to justin put together a bookcase upstairs. about to go help, too.

thinking working only tuesday & thursday will be fun while it lasts.

smelling that clean-house smell.

wishing on a star?

hoping i will work out every single day this week. no excuses.

wearing gym clothes. a stolen borrowed shirt & some yoga pants.

loving the fact that i have some free time to really write tomorrow.

wanting something delicious for dinner tonight.

needing to find a full time job.

*feeling sore from working out a lot. and loving it.

photo: iphone

*the new 'ing'!

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