Wednesday, April 25, 2012

mid-week currents: sales, travels, & stress.


reading may's instyle
though i am saving most of it for my flights on friday. 

writing the chronicle of my career. you can see the first installment here.

listening to a mix of artists 
some of my dearest friends suggested. they include james morrison, ed sheeran, 
jj grey and mofro, lionel richie, walk the moon (really love tightrope), a silent film, & james vincent mcmorrow 
(really love if i had a boat & breaking hearts).

thinking about everything i need to do today. it's quite a list, i'll tell ya that much. 
but my run is going to come first. exercise has been my priority as of late.

smelling my coconut oil infused hair. i've been using coconut oil as a moisturizer 
in both my hair & skin about once a week, for about a month now. a shout out goes to nikki phillippi on youtube for that recommendation. thank you! [watch this video]

wishing for safe travels in a couple days as we head to our hometown. so excited to see everyone!

hoping everything in the remaining year works out. i'm hopeful, but a bit stressed at times.

wearing my favorite comfortable pants, from target. these are seriously some of the best pants 
i've ever bought. find them here. also, an sae jersey. you know, my uniform... 

loving the awesome sale i caught at walgreens yesterday. thanks to that, i will be trying 
got2b's fat-tastic instant collagen infusion mega-lift root-bootsting spray, 
as well as suave's dry shampoo (which i've heard rave reviews on)... all for $6.

wanting this weight to fall right on off. i've been working hard. i'm seeing results, 
but ready to see it translated to the scale as well. know what i mean?

needing to really get started on my to-do list. there is quite a lot to accomplish today, 
ranging from exercise, to cooking dinner (which i'm really excited about, as i'm making 
stuffed bell peppers - one of my favorites!), as well as applying for some jobs. 
like i said, a full plate today. all things i want to do, though, so that definitely softens the blow.

feeling sore, sore, sore. but that's a good thing. right? yes. it is.

photo: the beautiful road to southport, north carolina; taken with iphone


Stephanie said...

I know what you mean about wanting to see results on the scale. I've been too lazy lately and today I decided it's time to take charge of my body again and I'm getting back in shape. We can do this! :)

Side note...I'm flying on Friday too and I've been saving all of the magazines I've gotten lately for my flight.

April said...

I love stumbling on sales! Sounds like you got some great stuff!

the sunday currently, volume 125.

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