a little golf date.

back when we were still in college, as well as when we were still living in shreveport,
a favorite pastime of justin's was to hit the course for a round of golf.
when he wasn't going to meet up with his friends, i would often accompany him.
now, don't be fooled: my golfing skills could definitely use some work.
mostly, my involvement out on the course includes
indulging in my current read, cheering on the good shots, & encouraging on the not-so-good ones.

i'm happy to say that nothing has changed.
last sunday, for the first time since our move to kinston, we hit the course
at falling creek country club for an afternoon of sunshine, reading, and, well.. of course, golf.

not only did justin get to brush up on his skills in preparation 
for the sae golf tournament he'll be playing in next weekend, 
but we also got to spend some quality time together [and i got to read harry potter]. 
it was the perfect little lazy sunday afternoon, & i can't wait to go back.

photos: iphone


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