Wednesday, April 4, 2012

april wish list.

april wishlist.

since spring is now upon us in full force, i'm feeling inspired by bright hues. 

that's why so many of my wish list items for this month pack a colorful punch.

here are the things i'm wishing for in april...

1. sunglasses.
right now i am wearing a poor, battered pair of black shades. spring is the perfect time to amp it up, both in color & fun-factor! i love these teal elvissa c shades - not to mention, they're quite inexpensive.

2. cream blush.
i've been eyeing the nyx cream blushes for what feels like ages. i'll go into ulta, pick one up, mull over the purchase, then put it back down. i plan to change that this month. i've also become intrigued by some blushes of the cream variety on two ends of the expense spectrum: i'd be equally happy with either a top shop cream blush or a kevyn aucoin cream blush. decisions, decisions.

3. scarves, bright & floral.
i am something of a scarf fiend. my collection enjoys residence in an entire drawer of my wardrobe. but... i feel some bright & floral friends should join the party. i love this kate spade sailor stripe yellow scarf, as well as this pastel floral h&m scarf.

4. a good neon accessory.
everyone knows neon is all the rage right now, & i am craving it in accessory form. this river island neon strap satchel or this asos perspex clutch would certainly do the trick.

5. an established routine.
things have been a bit up in the air - shall we say - since i moved here. i'm ready for some normalcy, some security, & really, just some good ole fashioned routine.

6. healthy workout & eating habits.
you may not know this about me, but my workout & eating habits range from look how well you're treating your body, to stop eating the crap that is taco bell as if it is the ultimate in dining fare. with parties & weddings (and, ahem, SUMMER) right around the corner, it's time to re-invent myself. and this time, well... it sure would be nice if the good habits stuck.

7. loafers, especially of the animal print variety.
i've been eyeing animal print loafers with a ferocity unmatched in the animal kingdom. ok, well, maybe not that extreme, but i dare say, close. i'd also love a good, solid pair of penny loafers. i'm just in total love with loafers right now. while these charles philip shanghai sheila loafers in leopard satin may currently be out of my reach, i feel certain i could find some acceptable, more affordable, dupes.

8. revlon lip butter in the shade strawberry shortcake.
it seems as though many people i know have this shade, & while i was apprehensive at first about its lightness washing out my fair skin, i feel certain now that i want to try it. the problem? every time i set foot in a drug store (preferably walgreens), it is sold out, along with sweet tart, another shade i'm eyeing.

9. essie's turquoise & caicos.
this has been on my wish list for many, many months. i certainly am hoping to make it a reality this april.

10. make up for ever hd foundation.
after purchasing this in 2010, i was amazed at the results. i'm thinking about this for wedding day makeup. plus, it'd be nice to see it sitting on my makeup counter again, for daily use.

what are you wishing for in the fourth month of two thousand twelve?


Unknown said...

Loving all of these picks! Especially those fabulous sunglasses, too cute! And those leopard loafers are just adorable. Hope you get at least a few of these items on your list :)


Unknown said...

Those sunglasses are perrrfect for spring and summer!! Also, I have turquoise and caicos and love it. You should definitely make it happen in April :) xoxo, morgan

Unknown said...

Such a great list - I could get into all of these things!

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