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the sunday currently, advance edition. [volume 15].

by the time you are reading this, my friend laura will know that i have flown in to shreveport to surprise her, & she will have some brand new exciting news! and since justin & i will have been traveling on saturday & loading up a moving truck with the rest of our in-shreveport possessions & shoving off for wilmington, that is why this the sunday currently post is an advance edition. readingthe hobbit, especially since we have a 15-hour [plus!] road trip in a moving truck ahead of us. i'll be critiquing this book on january 9th, when i revive my critique cache feature here on siddathornton. if you've read the book, please come link up with a review post! writing in my brand new maybooks planner! justin surprised me with a special christmas eve delivery - the exact one i had on my wish list. this is my first maybooks experience, & i have to say, i'm impressed & already want more. i'll be sharing what it looks like soon [i'm sure, via instagram]…

friday's fancies #53: hello 2013!

another year is on the horizon - & of course that means resolutions are on the mind. but also? parties! while i, personally, will not be attending a gathering to ring in the new year, that didn't stop me from dreaming up a chic, glamorous look. top | pants | earrings | lipstick | shoes
dear 2013, i think you should be the year that i write a one-sentence-per-day journal. dear 2013, i think you should be the year i open my own business. dear 2013, i think you should be the year i settle into consistency with myself. dear 2013, i think you should be the year i write a book. dear 2013, i'm excited to meet you. dear 2012, thank you so much for being such a year of excitement - a year of moving, of getting married... a year that is a beginning. dear dad, mom, & kara, thank you so much for coming to wilmington & staying for christmas. it was so great to have people to run around town with & keep my day busy. i'm so glad we got to explore the battleship north caroli…

christmas eve: a day at the beach.

the sunday currently, volume 14.

readingthe hobbit. the reading bug has bitten me again, & with perfect timing: critique cache will be back next month, & this is the book i'll be writing about. if you happen to be reading it too, make sure to come link up with your review on january 9th! writing basically nothing. i haven't even been writing in my planner, which is seriously a sad state of affairs. i'm excited about writing in a one-sentence-per-day journal for 2013.  listening to my christmas 2012 spotify playlist, which was finally compiled on friday. think the shins, she & him, the ravonettes, etc.  thinking that this is probably about as redesigned as my blog is going to get for a while. i've switched up the color palette a bit, to include one of my favorite colors, navy. i had a grand redesign scheduled to go live at the beginning of the new year, but i just can't part with what i have now. i think i've grown attached. i was talking to justin about it the other night, & he th…

friday's fancies #52 + friday's letters.

when {av} first announced this week's friday's fancies theme, i immediately had visions of sparkly party dresses dancing in my head. but when i sat down to put my look together, i felt drawn to creating a rather comfy ensemble. since my family will be in wilmington to celebrate with us next week, i can't think of anything i'd rather wear than the look below, while running around shopping, eating, & taking in the sights. 
sweater | earrings | shoes | jeans

dear today, i really hope you're not the end of the world. dear history channel, i really don't give you enough credit or watch you enough. i think i really may be a history buff at heart [justin would laugh at that, considering my C in louisiana history in college... not my finest hour]. dear job market, i certainly do hope everyone is right & that you perk up after the holidays. dear 2013, don't worry, i'll be writing you a long letter soon, but i have high hopes for you & your clean start.…