the sunday currently, volume 11.

reading les liasons dangereuses, by choderlos de laclos.
writing business plan branstormings & rough drafts. it has begun.
listening to sirius xm radio in my new car lately! as a music enthusiast, this is a big deal. i've wanted xm for a few years now. alt nation is my favorite station, by far!
thinking about posting part one of our honeymoon on here this week - i've got to get some pictures off of justin's phone & edit them, though. i'm excited to share some photo-heavy posts of our time up north.
smelling the smell of a relatively clean apartment. kind of excited to smell freshly cleaned laundry later - since i've been keeping tabs on the laundry, it hasn't gotten out of hand. this is practically a miracle for me. and i'm really excited for next weekend, because then, i'll be smelling christmas tree smell in our apartment.
wishing i didn't feel so exhausted. i stayed up way too late last night. first, we saw the breaking dawn movie & got home around midnight, then we finished up school ties. then, we started yet another movie, but i fell asleep during it. my body is aching from not getting enough sleep. it's early to bed tonight.
hoping other people were disappointed in the breaking dawn, part two movie as well. justin & i saw it last night, & i just... i don't know. i am a big-time crier, & i didn't cry once in the movie. i just didn't feel connected to it, & i'm not sure why.
wearing pjs, obviously. today, they consist of an old, stretchy, comfortable old navy sweater & some sleep shorts that i actually won in one of eliza's giveaways [i wear them alllllll the time!]
loving our brand new ride. and feeling thankful.
wanting to have an even more productive week this go round, than last week. i did a lot better this past week, but i could still stand to improve. and i will!
needing to get out & do some christmas shopping for all of my favorite people. and also, to send out our christmas cards. we went the traditional route this year, but for the next, i'm hoping to design our cards & have them printed up on nice card stock. then, they'll be more personal!
feeling like i'm in a really rambly mood today. you can always tell when i'm having a rambly day on these currently posts... the blocks of text are always significantly bigger. also, feeling great about how much i've been running this week. excited to keep it up in the coming week.
clicking tanesha marie's christmas party outfits [especially this one + this one]. these gorgeous photos of one of my favorite writers. and more beautiful photos here.

above - my new car \ iphone
below - me & the birthday girl at my bachelorette party \ iphone



Ashley said…
New, clean car smell... clean laundry... and a clean apartment... those are all good things! (:

I'm going to see Breaking Dawn part2 this week... I'm a little worried I won't like it. Uh oh.

Happy Sunday! Hope you have a lovely week.
Tina Byland said…
New car smell. The best.
And satellite radio is the best, too. Alex's free trial just ended so I'm getting a year for him for Christmas. I love Coffee House and Spectrum. They are my two faves.

Have a great day!
Wendy said…
Playing along tonight. :)
I think everything sounds better in a new car! Enjoy it!!! Also, I would love to see your honeymoon photos, I bet they're beautiful. I have yet to see any of the Twilight movies... Never found an interest in them despite loving chick flicks.

Thank you for hosting such a cool link up!
Jayme and Mendi said…
Congrats on your new car! That's so exciting! Early to bed for us tonight too!! :-)

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings
Business plan brianstorming.....whaaaaa? I'm so excited to hear about this! Also, congrats on the new car - you look adorable in it!

Business plan brianstorming.....whaaaaa? I'm so excited to hear about this! Also, congrats on the new car - you look adorable in it!


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