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friday's fancies #52 + friday's letters.

when {av} first announced this week's friday's fancies theme, i immediately had visions of sparkly party dresses dancing in my head. but when i sat down to put my look together, i felt drawn to creating a rather comfy ensemble. since my family will be in wilmington to celebrate with us next week, i can't think of anything i'd rather wear than the look below, while running around shopping, eating, & taking in the sights. 

friday's fancies #52: holiday best.sweater | earrings | shoes | jeans

dear today, i really hope you're not the end of the world. dear history channel, i really don't give you enough credit or watch you enough. i think i really may be a history buff at heart [justin would laugh at that, considering my C in louisiana history in college... not my finest hour]. dear job market, i certainly do hope everyone is right & that you perk up after the holidays. dear 2013, don't worry, i'll be writing you a long letter soon, but i have high hopes for you & your clean start. dear christmas tree, i just love you & your blue & silver ornaments. and your simple white lights. dear family, i can't wait to see you in just a couple more days.

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You're going to have so much fun with your fam :) And I totally dress comfortable as well. This is a great look!
LOVE that Wildfox jumper! I seriously need to get one of those for myself. :) Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!!

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings
Marie said…
Love those shoes! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!!
wish i was wearing that outfit right now!
Anonymous said…
I couldn't agree more! Comfy sweaters and little touches of glam in accessories will be more likely for my Christmas!

so anthro said…
Oh this is so adorable! My family definitely goes comfy and casual for Christmas day, so this is great inspiration! May have to break out my leopard loafers now... have a great holiday love! xx
Love this sweater!! I would totally wear this on Christmas day... we are always casual! Have a Merry Christmas!
tiara said…
I keep lusting for a pair of loafers like those. Happy Holidays.

Unknown said…
You are so cute - I'm loving your letter today! I am also happy that the world doesn't appear like it's ending.

Also, don't lose hope for a job, the perfect one will come your way soon!

his little lady said…
Love this post! That outfit idea looks perfect! And I definitely have high hopes for 2013!! Can't wait for the new year ;)
xo TJ
i'm totally drawn to the cozy looks for the holiday season that wildfox sweatshirt. btw loving your blog and i'm a new follower! ox
jamie-lee said…
The loafers are so cute! And I hope you have a great time when you see all your fam on Christmas day xx

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