getting ready for 2013.

the thrill of a new beginning never ceases to excite me.

with a new year just around the corner, & lots of time to myself during the day, i've been loosely daydreaming about goals & resolutions for the coming 365 days. of course, 2012 was packed with things like getting married & moving to a different state - but i'd like 2013 to be filled with just as much progress & movement.

so, i guess the biggest portion of my resolve this coming year will manifest itself in a push to be more proactive in all areas of my life - which i'll admit, is quite a generalization. but i feel it may be the key to opening up portions of my life i've been holding back, squelching even. and i shouldn't be.

more to come as the new year creeps closer - in the meantime, i'll be soaking up all the holiday glory i can. it passes by so fast - i'll be gripping onto each last second from this point forward.

photo: on the road \ iphone


Amen, sister! I wholeheartedly agree.
PS- I can't believe that photo was taken with your iPhone - it's beautiful! ;)
CoverGirl + Converse
Ashley said…
I'd say being proactive in life is a good goal to have... it's something I need to work on too.

Enjoy every last drop of the holidays... because, boy, they are approaching quickly! Happy Wednesday. (:

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