the sunday currently, volume 12.

reading les liasons dangereuses, & loving it. 
writing a business plan. book proposal ideas. inspired to-do lists, rather than just everyday drudgery.
listening to a quiet household. i think justin is still sleeping.
thinking fondly on our christmas-tree-buying experience yesterday. we walked into the tent, determined which size range we'd need, walked over to the correct section, & i immediately saw the one. it was simple & exciting. our first christmas tree, purchased! and the smell inside that tent? heavenly.
smelling christmas tree smell. [you had to see that one coming, right?]
wishing i was a morning person, as discussed here + here. not much progress has been made, really. for instance, i got up early this morning, & i feel absoutely horrible. maybe a little trip to the coffee maker could provide an improvement or two...
hoping for a run every single day this week. getting back into gear with exercising makes me feel exponentially better. also hoping for some returns on all the job applications i've been submitting.
wearing one of my most favorite forever21 purchases - a blue & white, striped, long-sleeved shirt. it is unthinkably soft & comfortable. also, navy polo pajama pants. rarely am i ever dressed for the day when i write these. 
loving the gifts we're going to put together for justin's office. it gives me a little cooking/crafting project to do for tomorrow. i'm actually really excited about it.
wanting coffee. really badly. i decided to write out my post before heading to the coffee pot, after waking at 7:30 a.m. which is why i'm laid up on the couch with my laptop propped on a pillow, trying futilely to keep my eyes open for longer than a couple of seconds. 
needing to make a blogging calendar. i was beginning to feel oppressed by my last one, but i think some scheduling of posts just plain makes sense, as well as offers up a bit of routine & normalcy. i should keep in mind that i can change things around if i want. for some reason, i feel as if, since the schedule has been made, it must be followed rigidly. not the case.
feeling exhausted & achy. but on a happier note, also feeling so excited that my family will be here in less than two weeks! yay, visitors! i can't wait for them to see wilmington.
clicking my in-real-life friend jenny's blog, because she's recently revived it. also, this article on how to boost productivity, because i need all the help i can get. favorite secrets this week? this one + this one.

photo: our first married christmas tree \ instagram


Tina Byland said…
blue and white stripes are my FAVORITE! and this makes me laugh because I make a promise to myself to start my day off before I blog. I've found that if I don't, I will just blog all day long. i make a blogging calendar, too. keeps me on schedule and gives me a business-like feel. so that I can tell my husband "I have to blog. I have a post that has to go up tomorrow." excuses, excuses. haha!
Ashley said…
I really wish I was a morning person... but I'm not either. I've found that if I stay up past 11pm that I'm basically ruined for the week and won't ever wake up early. ;)

I've got to get myself a more structured calendar for blogging... but like you said, also not too rigid of a calendar. I just need a jumping off point.

I'm smelling Christmas tree smell too... but mine's not a real tree smell hehe.
Val Fox said…
Lovely tree! We got ours up last week and I'm loving the pine smell as well. :)
Gabrielle said…
We have always done a fake tree for Christmas :( So I don't really know the REAL Christmas Tree smell!! I actually done a family session at a family run Christmas Tree farm yesterday and was so impressed! I live in Tennessee and it was the cutest thing!!

Maybe one day, my husband and I will do a real tree :)

Stephanie said…
I love the blue ornaments on your tree!!! Good luck with running everyday this week! That's way more than I could do! :)
Ash said…
Decided to link up with this post!! such a fun idea, always love reading your 'currently's!!'
You cant beat the smell of a real christmas tree, thanks for the productivity list, i DEF need this in my life
Ash xx
omg, i'm SO not a morning person either (saying this as i write this post at 4:30 AM...) i CANNOT get to sleep at night nor wake up early! i hate it!
I am so with you on the waking up early thing, and the coffee thing. I'm trying so hard to get better too!

And I definitely encourage using a blog calendar, but don't think of it as boxing you in :) Mine is more of a guide, and it makes life so much easier sometimes! I try to be flexible though, and change things as needed. When I plan a few weeks in advance, my life is definitely less stressful :)


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