the beauty of early-morning wake-ups.

it's no secret: i am not a morning person by nature. i am relatively zombie-like any time before 10 o'clock, & one of the only things that helps to counteract this phenomenon shouldn't come as a surprise. (it's coffee).

but - as of late - when i've risen before even the hour of six has struck & met with jessica for a run at betty virginia park, i've noticed a marked difference in the way i feel later in the day. and hint: it's not exhaustion. it's rejuvenation & peace that i'm feeling on these early rise days.

and you know, i think a lot of it has to do with porch dates with mollie jean. because on days wheni get up early & run with jessica, once i'm home,i can make a cup of coffee & sit outside for a while, during the time when the world is still quiet & still. i may even choose that time to catch up on social media or news, since i'm finding i have less & less time for that recently (which makes me unvelievably sad).

as i sat on the porch for just such a morning yesterday, i thought to myself - for a fleeting moment - how much happier & centered i'd be if i were to rise before that six o'clock mark every day. i call the thought fleeting, even though it wasn't. i'm still thinking about it now. and maybe - just maybe - that will mean i'm ready to commit to a change.

i've tried it approximately one thousand times before, without success.

but change has to start somewhere, doesn't it? if we try long enough, eventually we'll succeed, right?

photo: porch date with mollie jean \ instagram


Melissa said…
I think if you're already thinking that you're feeling better, then you're on the right track to getting up early every morning. I just love this post, as I feel the same way whenever I attend fitness classes. XO!
I so wish I was an early rise (and a runner...). What a lovely way to start the day! I hope you can keep it up Lauren :)

Chris said…
I've longed all my life to be a morning person, but I think my body enjoys the nights!

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