reading graceling, still. i want to finish it, because i just realized emily giffin's new book is out. i'm really enjoying graceling... i just find myself having less & less time to sit down & do one of my favorite things... read.
writing reflectively. something i've missed about having lots of time to blog, are my more thoughtful posts. lately i feel like i'm going through the motions, without putting as much thought & feeling into it than i'd like. i'm about to change that, though.
listening to not nearly enough music. i'm about to start making playlists & listening religiously. to me, life is better when there's a soundtrack. and recently, there hasn't really been one.
thinking about the weekend to come, & all its festivities. jenny is getting married! and my to-do list before my departure with anna claire tomorrow morning seems miles long.
smelling like coconut lime breeze. one of my bath & body works favorites.
wishing for some stress-free days. and they are on the horizon next week, i think. [and i can't wait].
hoping today - & all of its responsibilities - goes off without a hitch.
wearing scrubs. and i love it.
loving working for my dad.
wanting pizza. mountain dew. sushi. pasta. but right now, those things are off-limits. well, except for sushi, that is.
needing to get on top of everything in the next couple of weeks. i need to get a solid routine down from then until the wedding in october.
feeling overwhelmed, but invigorated. stress either makes me crazy or makes me motivated. right now, i'm motivated, & i hope i stay that way.
clicking nothing at all, it seems. and it makes me sad. my blogging rhythm has been off since i arrived in shreveport, despite my efforts to get back on track. like everything else i've gone on & on about above, i plan to get it together in my next two weeks of stress-free bliss.


Cocunut lime is one of my favorites as well. :) I still love your blog even if you think you're "not in the groove."
Nicole said…
I feel the same way about stress...either makes me crazy or I thrive on it! I love when you do your Currently I know what I'm blogging about today!
Stephanie said…
I would love some sushi tonight!
Rima said…
i really love this list!! now i'm inspired to do one :)
Chelsea Coleen said…
this is such a fun post - i love it!

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