love lists: august.

read on to discover the items that brought a smile to my face in the eighth month of 2012.

1. clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel. this is seriously the best moisturizer i've ever discovered for my skin type. my skin tends to get oily, but it isn't always - i guess that would make me a 'normal to oily' type of person. the gel - rather than the lotion they also offer - is so, so light weight & moisturizes without clogging my pores or making me overly-hydrated. i will continue to re-purchase this for as long as they continue to make it.

2. l'oreal voluminous carbon black mascara. i heard all the raves over this product, but i was still hesitant to pick up a tube of it [i don't know why - it's only $5.99 in my local drug stores]. but the other day, i decided i was ready to take the plunge. i'm SO glad i did. this mascara is exactly the kind of mascara i like: makes lashes thick, a bit on the clumpy side [yep, i'm one of those], & extremely dark. this is another product i will continue to re-purchase. it's a great value, & it layers well with my other go-to mascaras.

3. revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in honey. i finally - finally - got my hands on the one shade i was determined would be my first of this line. i absolutely love it. the balm wears off after about an hour, but the color stays for at least four. as a follow-up to all the hype these products have been getting, i'm impressed. my mom got a really beautiful shade as well - i can't remember what it's called, but it has more of a purple tint to it.

4. this girl's youtube channel. she's always been one of my favorites, but lately, i have really been loving her videos. i trust her opinion 100%, & i continue to believe that she is an excellent role model for all her viewers, no matter their ages.

5. our new girl. she has really come out of her shell in the past few days. pound puppies are the way to go, y'all.

6. estee lauder double wear light foundation. here's another product that has been on my radar due to all the hype surrounding it. in my search for the perfect wedding day foundation, i have to admit - this one was a front-runner. and the other day, when my mom & i were in dillards [coincidentally to purchase number one on this list], i trekked over to the estee lauder counter & asked if i could sample a few shades of the double wear. the girl gave me three sample tubes, which i used over the course of the following week. not to mention, when i asked her what foundation she was wearing [because it looked absolutely beautiful on the skin], she told me she was wearing the very foundation she was sending home with me. i was almost sold then & there. i chose the 'light' option because it is photo-friendly, whereas the original version is not. i'm so excited to finally have a tube of it in my makeup collection!

7. wearing mac painterly paint pot alone on the lid, paired with big, black lashes. i love eye makeup. i really do. but with my 8 a.m. arrival time for work - & my tendency to sleep in - i've had to modify my makeup routine a bit. painterly works perfectly to hide any imperfections on the eyelid, especially veining. it also gives a nice, finished look to the eye, & when paired with big, black lashes, i am left looking fresh, awake, & on time for work.

8. my 26 in year 26 list. i thrive off of goals & new beginnings. and that's exactly what this list is.

9. my friends. plain & simple. i'm so blessed to be surrounded by people who are so unconditionally supportive & accepting. and i'm thankful.

10. pantene hair products. you know, i go back & forth between shampoos & conditioners, because i've been told that's what you're supposed to do to keep your hair looking its best. and that's what i'll continue to do. but i know one thing: my hair always looks its absolute best when i've switched back to pantene.

do you miss the vlogs?
i do. hopefully soon i will have the set-up to record videos again.
i am a little impressed with myself, though - i haven't missed a month's love list yet! 

see other favorites here.


lizdrex~ said…
Love reading your blog so much grl~~~ once I had painterly and it got all dry and crackly so fast. Is yours?

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