twenty-sixth birthday snapshot.

I HAVE to say: twenty-six had a pretty perfect start.

messages from my favorite people all day long.
dinner with a few close friends at sushi gen.
galavanting at both superior steakhouse & stray cat.

the only thing i can think of that would have made my day better - i am sure you can guess what i'm about to say - is the presence of absolutely all the people i love.
[yes, especially you, justin].

but mostly, i just feel both lucky & grateful that i've managed to collect some of the best people in the world over the years, & call them friends. friends that are there to celebrate with, to traverse rough terrain with, & really, to just experience life with.

thank you to all who helped start off this twenty-sixth year of life with absoutely nothing but pure joy. i owe it all to y'all.

and now i'm looking forward to family birthday brunch, coming this weekend!

here's to twenty-six. 

photo: stray cat shenanigans \ instagram


Happy Birthday! (if somewhat belatedly) So glad you had a great day!
Happy belated birthday my dear! I'm glad to hear you had a happy day, and I'm sure you'll have everyone you love in one place very soon :)


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