on dancing like crazy.

IF YOU ever get a chance, sit down & try really hard to think about how short life really is. i'll be honest, the last time i remember really & truly being able to grasp this particular sentiment, i wrote this post. and during that time, i feel that my appreciation of the fleeting beauty that is life, was tangible. something i could see, in the people i love. something i could feel, both in my heart & with my hands. something i smelled in a field full of freshly-cut grass.

and while i have to admit to the sad truth that i cannot always be present in that mind-set, i've found there are little ways to remind myself - little bright points i can use in my life that seem to take me by pleasant surprise & whoosh me into gratitude.

and as my family & i danced both friday and saturday night away at my cousin geoff's wedding, i had flashes of that feeling, that gratitude.

i guess that's just bound to happen when you're dancing like crazy. you let go, you forget, you let your body do what it wants to do, in the moment. you don't have to try. you just have to appreciate & celebrate the freedom of life. and, you know, i think it's something we should all do, if only once in a great while.

photos: we are the dancing queens \ instagram


Annie said…
Looks like you had an AWESOME time...love the dancing pics!

The Other Side of Gray
Yes, yes, yes to everything in this post. :)
So, so, so very true. Those are the best moments.
You guys look like you're having a blast!

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