twenty-five: a year in review.

WITH TWENTY-SIX on today's horizon, i thought it'd be fun to look back on this past year & all that has happened... i was just about to turn twenty-five when i started this blog, & now i'm turning twenty-six. a year ago, i wasn't engaged, & now i am. i had lived in louisiana my entire life at this time one year ago, & now i have lived in kinston, north carolina, & after i get married, i will live in wilmington, north carolina. my sister left the country [well, at least for a little while]. the day finally came when i brought myself to read another classic. in my twenty-fifth year, my friend jenny got engaged & married, my friend lindsey got engaged, & my cousin geoff got married. travels upon travels were documented, both of the land & air varieties. my blog child turned one. i finally, FINALLY got to see taylor swift in concert.oh, & we absolutely cannot forget that luke wilson made me cry. boy, has it been a year!

perhaps you remember this post?
read on for the official results.

1. choose my career path & pursue it.
if you read my blog, it may not necessarily come as a shock to you that this one is not crossed off. what can i say, i have a lot of interests.
2. write a children's book & get it published.
if you make it all the way to the end of this post, you'll find this goal - in two parts - in my new list for the coming year.
3. take the GRE.
4. see taylor swift in concert.
5. clean out my closet & donate my clothes.
6. construct a budget & stick to it.
if only you knew how crazy this year has been.
7. visit kara at millsaps.
8. become a morning person.
i'm getting better at this, but not good enough for me to feel okay about crossing it off.
9. send a postsecret.
there are so many secrets i want to send off. i need to just do it.
10. go to a movie by myself.
i still haven't done this. and in light of recent events, i'm kind of scared to now.
11. knit a scarf.
12. run a 10k.
yet another goal you'll find in my new list, alongside loftier ones.
13. lose the weight & keep it off.
'the' isn't crossed off just yet, because i'm not finished losing the weight. but i have lost weight, & i couldn't be more thrilled about it. i'm really starting to like my body again, which is such a great, rewarding thing. now, for the keeping it off.
14. read at least 20 books.
while i'm fairly certain i have indeed achieved this goal, i can't be sure because i didn't really keep a record of it. in the twenty-sixth year of my life, i plan to critique each & every book i read. not only will this give me an accurate count when it comes time for year twenty-seven, but i will also be able to contribute a lot to my critique cache feature.
15. visit a place i've never been to before.
16. make this bracelet.
it's a shame that the website that housed 'this bracelet' no longer exists. it's also a shame that i'm cheating & telling you that i accomplished this task, when really, my coworkers accomplished it for me, then gifted me with the precious results.
17. sew something all by myself.
i have to admit, i've spent exactly zero time seated at the sewing machine in the past year.
18. watch breakfast at tiffany's in its entirety.
it's ridiculous that i haven't been able to find time in the past year to watch this movie. i promise you that i will this year.
19. go out of the country.
i may not have done this in the past year, but kara has.
20. create a workout routine & stick to it.
21. learn to play a song on the guitar to kara & i can sing a duet.
another one i just... straight up neglected to carry out.
22. never go to bed without brushing my teeth.
i can't cross this one off, but i can tell you that i did a REALLY good job... just not a PERFECT job.
23. pick a laundry day & stick to it.
i can't - in good conscience - cross this one off, when a pile of laundry is staring at me from across the room as i type this.
24. complete my four art projects.
oh, how i am behind in my art work!  
25. live for the moment.

eleven victories out of twenty-five possible?
come on, lauren, you can do better than that. and maybe you will...

1. get married.
2. visit boston, massachusetts & portland, maine.
3. go on a cruise.
4. move to wilmington, north carolina.
5. have a dinner date with my husband.
6. go out of the country.
7. complete all the projects on my arts & crafts board on pinterest.
8. buy a devotion book.
9. journal every single day. even if it's just one word.
10. decorate our first christmas tree together.
11. pitch my children's book to some publishers.
12. oh, & before that happens, i should probably get the book on paper. and illustrate it.
13. watch my dear friend lindsey get married.
14. have siddathornton redesigned, by a professional.
15. take a web design course.
16. complete a triathlon.
17. run a 5k.
18. run a 10k.
19. run a half marathon.
20. work toward becoming a renaissance woman.
21. resume reading the bible. and make some serious headway.
22. keep a record of all the books i read. and write a critique of each one.
23. keep the weight off & live as healthy a lifestyle as possible.
24. get more pedicures.
25. get involved in my community.
26. visit new york city.

yes, some of the items listed above could be considered a 'given,' considering the [quickly-approaching] events that lie before me in the remainder of this year. but humor me, will ya? it is my birthday after all.

photo: birthday morning sky \ instagram


Jordan said…
Fantastic list. I need to remember to do this for my next birthday!
Suze said…
I think making goals is really important and I do not think 11/25 is a bad "score." Things change, priorities change, life get sin the way. :)

Good luck with 26. Sounds like 25 was a great year, hope 26 is even better!

Happy birthday!
Zoe and Matthew said…
Happy Birthday, Lauren! Have a lovely day and a fantastic year ahead! I'm new to your blog, it's so charming, your writing is so warm and inviting! :)
I love this! I'm turning 22 on Friday + and I'm posting a similar list to my blog tomorrow :) Happy Birthday, to you! xoxo! eliza
Happy Birthday to you! Great ideas on your list!
Happy Birthday!!! Both lists are wonderful and inspiring!
Sara Brown said…
Happy birthday! I love ya blog! I live in Boston so anytime you want to visit, you have a place to stay
Lauren said…
Take the time to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's! It's one of my favorite movies and one that I always put in if I'm not sure what I want to watch.

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