birthday snapshot.

after experiencing my 25th birthday yesterday, i have found that new earrings & perfume are the recipe for a perfect birthday. but being with family, friends, & loved ones doesn't hurt, either.

birthday dinner's restaurant of choice was bistro byronz, a favorite of mine, as well as among practically everyone i know.

we have a ritual in our family: on birthday mornings, the person of honor is woken up to find cards & gifts in front of them, as well as the whole family to wish them happy birthday & watch as they unwrap their pressies. & thanks to my sweet parents, my 25th birthday kept to that tradition. the rest of my day was spent receiving thoughtful messages from friends & family, reminding me how lucky & blessed i am to have such great people in my life. if that weren't enough, justin picked me up & treated me to a birthday lunch at tokyo - another of my favorites! 

and then, on friday of last week i walked into the front office, & this is what followed:

i write this as a huge thank you to everyone who made me feel special as i turned 25 this year. y'all made something that could have been a bit scary & depressing (i mean, come on - i am now a quarter-century old!) into a birthday i will never forget. i only wish that kara could have been there!

(photos: top two, my point & shoot; bottom two, lindsey's iphone)

* let's not forget that turning 25 comes with new responsibilities - check out my list here.


Julie said…
Happy birthday! So glad to hear it was a good one :)
Leah said…
Aww you look so happy! Happy Birthday!

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