starbucks sunday: weekend snapshot.

it's true: i have been diligently contemplating when to write & post my first entry on this little ole blog. as i thought, i tried to determine which of the features or subjects of my last blog, pickle's progress, were my favorite. and the more i contemplated, the more the answer became clear.

so without further explanation, let the new-blog blogging begin with an old familiar favorite:

starbucks sunday.

tall non-fat caramel macchiato. 

there are many drinks that i like to rotate through when ordering at my very favorite coffee shop, starbucks. i'm aware that proclaiming starbucks as my favorite coffee shop makes me seem like a bit of a sell-out, but i have to tell you the truth. and the truth is, i love it.

lately, even though it's been positively sweltering outside due to the louisiana summer heat & humidity, i've been reaching for the benchmark staple in my starbucks routine. yes, it's hot. yes, it's heavy. yes, it's summer & i should probably be ordering a frapuccino or a tazo tea or something like that (an iced coffee, at least)... but my beloved caramel macchiato has definitely been winning the 'what should i order' battle, for the past month or so.

anyway, moving on.

this weekend has been one of turning points, & not only due to the events i'll discuss below, either. friday also marked the 30th birthday of one of our dear friends. we were so happy to be able to rush over to his surprise party after the event we attended friday night. we are blessed & lucky to have such a wonderful & true friend in our lives. happy birthday!

friday. white coat ceremony.

this day began like any other: working 8:30 to 5:30. looking forward to the weekend for a much-needed break.

but this friday was different. this friday marked the beginning of a turning point in justin's career. this friday was his white coat ceremony.

as we sat - front & center - in the banquet room of the officer's club on barksdale air force base, i felt extremely excited, having waited for this day for what feels like forever.

we had drinks, ate dinner, heard speeches, & saw awards given. i looked on (& snapped photos) as justin & his classmates took off their short white coats & were given long ones. but the whole time, in the back of my head, i was secretly looking forward to what was to come on saturday morning.

saturday. graduation.

need i say more? look at the joy on our faces.

as most anyone who has been through it will tell you, physician assistant school is extremely hard. it is fast-paced, intensive, & unforgiving. it is taxing on the student emotionally, which can lead to a lot of excess stress. and this stress can lead to rifts in relationships, no matter what stage those relationships may be in at the time.

i still remember vividly when justin started pa school. it was the summer of 2009, roughly 27 months ago.

and when i think of the journey he has been through, the journey i've been though, and the journey we've been through together, they are all different.

but i think the underlying theme is consistent: we are positively ecstatic that he has finished. that he has graduated. that he will go on to take his boards & become certified. that he will now be able to carry out his dream as a health care provider.

and the fact that we were able to make it to this point together, through all the sleepless nights, stress, seemingly endless study sessions, stents of being in a long-distance relationship, and all the other interesting occurrences & challenges that his program brought - well, i think that feat is truly extraordinary.

no matter how many times i repeat this simple sentence, it will never communicate the enormity of this accomplishment: i am so proud.

(photos: my sweet iphone & my point & shoot)


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