carolina summer, day five: columbus, georgia.

day five of my carolina summer didn't have much to do with the carolinas at all.

justin & i woke early that monday morning, & after scooping up some coffee & chicken biscuits from dunkin' donuts, we were on our way to columbus, georgia.

i snapped this quick photo while we were on the winding downtown roads of atlanta.

those who know me will tell you - i am a terrible city driver and passenger. my palms get sweaty, i get jumpy, & i am quick to lay on criticism, consisting of any combination of the following:

you're driving too fast.
you're driving too slow.
you're driving too close to the car in front of us.
stop weaving in & out of traffic.

add the crazy curves of the atlanta interstate, & you've got the perfect recipe for a riled-up lauren.

but i do like to think that on this particular drive, i was rather calm & collected. on this particular drive, i was zoned in on capturing a sufficient photo of the skyline, as it morphed & grew larger as we wound our way through the city. and, unfortunately, this is the best photo i managed to get (and you can see the reflection of a door hanger that was lying on justin's dash... oh well).

after our arrival in columbus, the afternoon was filled with tours & interviews. we were so busy, in fact, that, around four o'clock, we had a hotel feast of candy & diet coke (i know... healthy...) - but we had to save room for the delicious dinner we attended later on at ben's chophouse. cheesy seafood risotto, tangy-seasoned seared tuna, and fried mushrooms were among our favorites of the cuisine we sampled that night, alongside a delicious red wine.

as we were chauffeured home that evening,  a georgia thunderstorm raged outside, alleviating us of the sweltering heat & humidity. in addition, i was simply happy, as i love a good thunderstorm!

and as i fell peacefully asleep, i felt thankful for the vibrant, exciting trip we had had so far.

(photo: my dear iphone)


Holly said…
South Georgia is really pretty, but it feels like a different world than metro Atlanta, where I am from.

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